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Dr Marco A. Aquino Lopez

Dr Marco A. Aquino Lopez

Research Associate



  • Aug 2022 – Present: Postdoctoral Researcher (Improving probabilistic models for automated alignment of Palaeoclimate records). University of Cambridge. Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Oct 2021 – Aug 2022: Research professor (Lecturer), UMAR (Universidad del Mar) Huatulco. Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Oct 2020 – Sep 2021:Postdoctoral Researcher (Bayesian analysis for the improvement of palaeoclimate and environmental change studies). CIMAT. Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • Jul 2019 – Sep 2020: Postdoctoral Researcher (Statistical Linguistics Methods for the ERC funded Chronologicon Hibernicum project). Maynooth University. Maynooth, Ireland.
  • Apr 2019 – Jul 2019: Research Assistant (Statistical Linguistics Methods for the ERC funded Chronologicon Hibernicum project). Maynooth University. Maynooth, Ireland.
  • Jan 2018 – Dec 2018: Data assistant for the Swan project. The School of Natural and Build Environment, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom.
  • Jan 2015 – Jul 2015: Member of COTECORA (Technical Committee for the Design and Implementation of the quick counting for 2015 Guanajuato Elections). Instituto Electoral del Estado de Guanajuato, Guanajuato Mexico.
  • Aug 2014 – Aug 2015: Statistical Consultant. Guanajuato University, Guanajuato, México.
  • Jan 2014 – Jul 2014: Teacher’s assistant. CIMAT. Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • Jan 2011 – Jul 2011: Tutor for the tutoring program in ESFM-IPN. Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico.


  • 2015 – 2019 PhD, Queen’s University Belfast, School of Natural and Built Environment, Belfast, United Kingdom.
    PhD Thesis: Bayesian Improvements to 210Pb age-depth models”
  • 2012 – 2014 MSc in Probability and Statistics, Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico.
    MSc Thesis: “F14C Bayesian Calibration: Approach and Open Problems
  • 2008 – 2011 BSc Mathematical Engineering, Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas del Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico.
    Graduated using Master’s credits


  • National Researcher Candidate by CONACyT, Mexico 2022-2025
  • The Soulby Research Fund Prize 2017
  • The Soulby Research Fund Prize 2016
  • Santander Mobility Scholarships 2015-16


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