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Dr Matthew Adeleye PhD

Assistant Professor in Physical Geography

Landscape and conservation paleoecology, island biogeography, and Quaternary environments



  • 2023-till date: Assistant Professor of Physical Geography, University of Cambridge
  • 2021-2023: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Australian National University


  • PhD, Archaeology & Natural History (Paleoecology)-Australia
  • MSc, Biology (Forest ecology and Palaeoecology)-Canada
  • PMP-project management professional-Nigeria
  • BSc, Botany (Environment and paleobotany)-Nigeria


  • Isaac Newton Trust Research Grant 2024
  • Bob Anderson Award, Australian Systematic Botany Society, Australia-2021
  • Australian Government Research Training Program Award, Australia-2019
  • Kutzschan Graduate Scholarship in Forest Biology, Canada-2018
  • King-Platt Memorial Award, Canada-2018, 2016
  • Sinclair Farris Award, Canada-2018, 2016
  • The Lewis J. Clarke Memorial Fellowship, Canada-2017


My research focuses on the use of fossil proxies (e.g., pollen, charcoal, non-pollen palynomorphs) to understand long-term interactions between terrestrial ecosystems, climate and human land use over centuries to millennia, and how this deep-time knowledge can assist in addressing contemporary ecological/biodiversity issues. I am also interested in integrating Indigenous or local perspectives to paleoecological data in order to better understand past cultural interactions with ecosystems and to improve ecosystem management in the current anthropogenic world. I have worked on sites in Africa, Canada and Australia, and my current work is focused on Tasmania, southeast Australia.


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External activities

Research affiliation: Australian National University, Canberra, Australia