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Bill Adams MA MSc PhD

Bill Adams MA MSc PhD

Moran Professor of Conservation and Development and Fellow of Downing College.

Bill Adams approaches questions of environmental development and conservation from perspectives of political ecology and environmental history.



  • 1984-present: Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.


  • B.A. in Geography
  • M.Sc in Conservation, University of London
  • PhD Geography, University of Cambridge.


Bill Adams is a member of the Political Ecology group, on whose website details of research projects are available.

His current interests include:

  1. The role of technology in conservation thought and practice (particularly rackiong and genetic technologies)
  2. The political ecology of landscape-scale conservation
  3. The role of metaphors (ecosystems services, ecological restoration etc) in shaping biodiversity conservation strategy
  4. Sustainability in theory and practice



Recent papers

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  • Apostolopoulou, E. and Adams, W.M., 2014. Neoliberal Capitalism and Conservation in the Post-crisis Era: The Dialectics of "Green" and "Un-green" Grabbing in Greece and the UK. Antipode.
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