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Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

Click & Collect enables current members of the University to request books to be retrieved from the Geography Library’s collections.

Your requests will be available to collect from the pick-up point, which is the Library Helpdesk during our opening hours. The Library is on the first floor of the building. It is well signposted – please use the wooden door to enter the building and follow the stone stairwell up one floor, before turning left.

We hope this service will allow you to access the books you need as quickly and safely as possible.

Who is eligible to use Click & Collect?

Priority for this service is given to current members of the Department of Geography, as the Geography Library primarily supports teaching for Geography courses, and the service operates using space within the Departmental building for which access is restricted to non-members outside of the normal opening hours of the Geography General Office (Reception).

Members of the wider university can apply to use this service if the book they would like to request is only available in the Geography Library. Please email us in advance of using the online request form so that we can identify your request and send special collection instructions, which involves a member of library staff arranging to bring your requested book(s) down to the General Office (Reception) for you to collect there, or to you outside of the building entrance if you prefer.

If there is an issue with your account, library staff will contact you to advise.

How does the service work?

  • Start by searching iDiscover for the item you need, perhaps limiting by library, to ensure you’re focusing on books held in the Geography Library. There’s help on using iDiscover here.
  • Once you’ve identified the book you want, use this form to submit your request. The form lets you request up to 5 books at a time.
  • Library staff will contact you by email to confirm when your books are ready to collect, or if there is a problem with your request.
  • Your book will be held at our collection point (Library Helpdesk) for you to collect within 5 days of our notification that they are ready for you.

How are you ensuring my safety and the safety of library staff?

The safety of library users and library staff is paramount, and at the heart of all of our recovery planning.

  • We are minimising handling of books and all other materials.
  • We hope this service will allow you to enter and leave the library quickly.
  • We welcome the wearing of face masks for the duration of your visit to the library to collect your book(s).
  • We request that you do not use anti-bacterial wipes on any library books as this may cause damage, but encourage you to wash your hands regularly since library books are a shared resource.

How soon can I collect my books after submitting my request?

To assist with staffing this service collection times will be between 09:00-16:00 Monday-Friday in term, and according to our vacation opening hours outside of term. You must have had a confirmation email from the Library that the items you have ordered are ready for collection before you visit the Geography building.

We will aim to have your books ready for collection as soon as possible, but there may be factors that delay this:

  • your book may already be on loan to another reader. If this is the case, you will need to request that book in iDiscover by finding the catalogue record which has Geography Library as a location holding a copy of the book. Clicking on Geography Library in that catalogue record brings up further options, such as ‘Request’ if there is no other copy available from our library. By submitting a request, you will enter a queue for that book which operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The person with the book on loan will be emailed and asked to return their copy within 3 working days.
  • you may have exceeded your total number of loans. You will need to return some of your books before you can borrow new books.
  • Demand for the service may be high, especially at the start of term, and reduced availability of staff may cause some delay in processing requests. Requests will be honoured on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Some books may not be found on the shelf. We will notify you if any requests cannot be fulfilled.

Books will be available to collect for 5 working days, after which they will be put back into circulation for others to borrow.

Can I collect books on behalf of someone else?

Yes. The form allows you to name someone who will be collecting the books. In the event that you do not receive your books, we will contact the named person from your request form in the first instance.

If the person collecting on your behalf is not a member of the Department of Geography, they will need to contact us in advance to arrange for the books to be brought down to the nominated person collecting, during our service open hours.

Can I return books at the same time?

Please note – you can only borrow 5 books at any one time, so yes! you can return books to the drop box outside the library entrance at the same time as collecting.

You must ensure that you do not have the maximum of 5 books on loan before you put in a request form for more books. If you have already reached your borrowing limit, staff will notify you at the time you make the request for more books and ask you to return some books in order to allow you to take out the latest books you have requested.

We can only hold a requested book for you for up to 5 working days, so please do not delay in returning your books so that we can then issue your new book(s). Your books will be returned during service open hours, or at the beginning of the next working day at the latest.

Can I borrow books from other libraries?

University Library is running a Click & Collect service, and some other faculty and departmental libraries will be too, as they open up their services. You will need to be registered as a member of any other library that you wish to borrow books from, and go to that library to access the books.

Check the individual library web pages for details.

Can I request that books from other libraries are delivered to the Geography Library?

Unfortunately, this service is not currently available.