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Library tour

Library tour

Welcome to our tour of the Geography library, showing each area of the library.


The library is on the first floor of the main Geography building.

You are greeted by the library helpdesk as you enter: if you need assistance, please ask a member of library staff in the nearby office.

You may place books you wish to return on the desk counter (as signposted).

All books need to be issued manually by library staff.

Entrance Entrance

Reading room

This is the main study area of the library, with many desks available.

The tables to the sides of the room have power sockets, and are ideal for study using laptops and tablets.

The slips for requesting reading access to past dissertations can be found on the first two pillars as you enter the room. Complete these and hand them to staff to be given access., remembering to return the dissertation back to the helpdesk when finished.

Reading room Reading room

Latest acquisitions

This area contains latest new acquisitions to the library.

You can view a complete list of the library's acquisitions, from 2010 to present day, online.

acquisitions acquisitions

Information suite

This area contains our reference and reports print stock, and confortable low chairs ideally for quick browsing.

There are four networked University PCs, a dedicated catalogue search terminal and an electronic legal deposit terminal for viewing restricted access items online.

Our latest exhibition is on display here too.

exhibition exhibition

electronic legal deposit terminal

Periodicals room

Another area for quiet study, this area contains many desks for use, surrounded by periodicals.

This room is occasionally booked for events, talks and meetings so please check access and availability with the library staff.

periodicals periodicals

Images by Rachel Marsh for libraries@cambridge, except photos of the Information suite area.