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Department of Geography


Other regulations

The Library is a quiet working area:

  • Food and drink are permitted in the Library, but we ask that you do not bring in anything that is hot, smelly and likely to cause a mess, or which could be distracting to other library users. We anticipate that all library users will clear up after themselves, and recycle as much at they possibly can using the bins provided. Should this not be the case, the Library and Information Manager may review the regulations on food and drink in the Library.
  • Personal devices, such as smart phones, laptops and tablets, may be used if completely inaudible to others.
  • Laptop computers may be used in the Reading Room. Sockets have been provided for this. They may be used in the Periodicals Room providing they do not disturb other library users.
  • Any personal items brought into the library, and which are left unattended, are at the risk of the owner. Library staff cannot look after valuable items as they cannot guarantee to be available over the entire duration of the Library’s opening hours.
  • Readers should report lost books immediately. We will stop the fine and charge the replacement cost of the book plus £5.00 administration charge.
  • Anyone writing in, marking or damaging library material will be charged the replacement cost plus a £5.00 administration charge and may face sanctions decided by the Library and Information Manager. Payment does not entitle the reader to keep the damaged item(s). Where out-of-print books cannot be immediately replaced, a flat rate of £100.00 will be charged. Please note that all books are checked on return.
  • Readers may borrow if they have overdue items or unpaid fines up to a certain point, but we advise that you settle any outstanding charges on your library account as soon as you can.
  • Books should be re-shelved after use in the library and all ‘Apply Librarian’ items should be returned to a member of staff.
  • Dissertations are unpublished pieces of research, with copyright persisting with the author: these therefore cannot be copied nor can they leave the library. Please fill in a request form from one of the two pillars in the Reading Room and ask library staff to fetch these for you. Please return these to the Helpdesk before you leave the Library.