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Other regulations

Other regulations

Bags, other than small handbags, and coats must not be brought into the Library. They must be left on the shelves outside the Library. Do not leave them on the floor as this is dangerous. Valuable items may be left with library staff at their discretion.

All published material that is photocopied must be recorded in the photocopy book. Under British copyright law you are only allowed to copy up to one chapter of any book or one article from any single journal issue for research or private study.

The Library is a quiet working area:

  • Drinks (tea and coffee) are now permitted in the low-intensity area on the right as you enter the library.
  • The use of mobile phones is forbidden throughout the geography building (but mobile devices may be used for consulting the catalogue and other library-related activities.
  • Personal stereos etc may be used if completely inaudible to others.
  • Laptop computers may be used in the Reading Room. Sockets have been provided for this. They may be used in the Periodicals Room providing they do not disturb other library users.
  • Bottled water only is allowed in the library (except in low-intensity area).
  • Readers should report lost books immediately. We will stop the fine and charge the replacement cost of the book plus £5.00 administration charge.
  • Anyone writing in, marking or damaging library material will be charged the replacement cost plus a £5.00 administration charge and may face sanctions decided by the librarian. Payment does not entitle the reader to keep the damaged item(s). Where out-of-print books cannot be immediately replaced, a flat rate of £100.00 will be charged. Please note that all books are checked on return.
  • Readers may not borrow if they have overdue items or unpaid fines.
  • Books should be re-shelved after use in the library and all 'Apply Librarian' items should be returned to a member of staff.