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Department of Geography


Out of Hours Access

The Geography Library is not open outside of our core opening hours, which mirrors the wider Department. Access to the library outside of these hours is not permissible without the prior agreement of the Library and Information Manager, which may be granted for exceptional reasons such as meetings or events. Please contact to make enquiries.

Here are some other libraries you may wish to visit when the Geography Library is not open:

University Library – all current students are pre-registered to use the main library. Use your University ID card to access the library. If you change or extend your course of study, contact Reader Registration.

Betty and Gordon Moore Library: 24 hour access. Visit the library in person, with your University ID card, to sign-up.

Other departmental/faculty libraries in Cambridge: Current students and staff are not automatically registered at other libraries, always check their website to find out how to register. You may need to register at least 30 minutes before their advertised closing time.

College libraries: Current students also have access to their college library: other college libraries are not accessible.

Borrowing limits (number of items and loan length) will vary according to each library.

Spacefinder is a helpful tool to find other places to study, not just libraries.