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2019-20 Accessions

2019-20 Accessions

Please check this list of eBooks, which are either:

  1. purchased for permanent use as new or which have had existing access upgraded during the current academic year.
  2. temporary access through iDiscover until 30 June 2020.
  3. temporary access through Kortext Free Student ETextbook Programme (FSTP) until 30 June 2020.

They are listed in chronological order of acquisition. Contact the library by e-mail [] if you wish to make a request. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all titles are available in eBook format. To search easily for a particular book on this page (hold Ctrl and F) and search in the pop-up field that appears in the top right of your browser.

Geography eBooks

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Author and title

Access through Date added
Caballero, C., and Aspinall, P.J., 2018. Mixed race Britain in the twentieth century. iDiscover (permanently) 04/10/19
Benn, D.I., and, Evans, D.J.A., 2010. Glaciers and glaciation. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 17/10/19
Cohen, E.F., and Ghosh, C., 2019. Citizenship. iDiscover (permanently) 17/10/19
Powell, R.C., and Dodds, K. (eds.), 2014. Polar geopolitics?: knowledges, resources and legal regimes iDiscover (permanently) 29/10/19
Woodroffe, C.D., 2002. Coasts : form, process, and evolution. iDiscover until 31/05/20 19/03/20
MacKenzie, J.M., 2017. The empire of nature : hunting, conservation and British imperialism. iDiscover (permanently) 19/03/20
Cuffey, K.M., and Paterson, W.S.B., 2010. The physics of glaciers and glaciation. 4th ed. iDiscover (permanently) 19/03/20
Rogers, R.R., and Yau, M.K., 1996. A short course in cloud physics. 3rd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 19/03/20
Perillo, G.M.E., et al (eds.), 2009. Coastal wetlands : an integrated ecosystem approach. iDiscover (permanently) 19/03/20
Wolanski, E., and Elliott, M., 2014. Estuarine ecohydrology. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 19/03/20
Lynch, A.H., and Cassano, J.J., 2006. Applied atmospheric dynamics. iDiscover (permanently) 23/03/20
Ahrens, C.D. et al, 2019. Meteorology today : an introduction to weather, climate and the environment. 12th ed. iDiscover (permanently) 25/03/20
Sigurdsson, H. et al (eds.), 2015. The encyclopedia of volcanoes iDiscover (permanently) 26/03/20
Eriksen, C., and Ballard, S., 2020. Alliances in the Anthropocene : fire, plants and people. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Abram, S., and Lund, K.A. (eds.), 2016. Green ice : tourism ecologies in the European high north. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Stone, M.T., Lenao, M., and Moswete, N. (eds.), 2019. Natural resources, tourism and community livelihoods in southern Africa : challenges of sustainable development. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Spenceley, A. (ed), 2012. Responsible tourism : critical issues for conservation and development. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Davoudi, S., Cowell, R., White, I., and Blanco, H. (eds.), 2019. The Routledge companion to environmental planning. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Howard, P., Thompson, I., Waterton, E., and Atha, M. (eds.), 2018. The Routledge companion to landscape studies. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Kent, A.J., and Vujakovic, P. (eds.), The Routledge handbook of mapping and cartography. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Nuttall, M., Christensen, T.R., and Siegert, M. (eds.), 2018. The Routledge handbook of the polar regions. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Hall, C.M., and Saarinen, J., 2010. Tourism and change in polar regions : climate, environments and experiences. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Mowforth, M., and Munt, I., 2015. Tourism and sustainability : development, globalisation and new tourism in the third world. 4th ed. iDiscover (permanently) 08/04/20
Harvey, D., 2005. A brief history of neoliberalism. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Holden, J., 2012. An introduction to physical geography and the environment. 3rd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Ingold, T., 2011. Being alive : essays on movement, knowledge and description. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Slaymaker, O., Spencer, T., and Embleton-Hamann, C. (eds.), 2009. Geomorphology and global environmental change. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Dicken, P., 2007. Global shift : mapping the changing contours of the world economy. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Adams, W.M., 2008. Green development : environment and sustainability in a developing world. 3rd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Ahrens, C.D., and Henson, R., 2019. Meteorology today : an introduction to weather, climate and the environment. 12th ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Robinson, J., 2006. Ordinary cities : between modernity and development. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Grotzinger, J., and Jordan, T.H., 2010. Understanding earth. 6th ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Guha, R., and Alier, J.M., 1997. Varieties of environmentalism : essays North and South. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Hulme, M., 2009. Why we disagree about climate change : understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity. Kortext until 30/06/20 23/04/20
Allen, K., and O'Boyle, B., 2013. Austerity Ireland : the failure of Irish capitalism.

iDiscover until 30/06/20

Diamond, J., 2013. Guns, germs and steel : a short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years. iDiscover (permanently) 24/04/20
Masselink, G., Hughes, M.G., and Knight, C., 2011. Introduction to coastal processes & geomorphology. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Sismondo, S., 2004. An introduction to science and technology studies. 2nd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Blyth, M. 2013. Austerity : the history of a dangerous idea. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Coutard, O., and Rutherford, J. (eds.), 2015. Beyond the networked city : infrastructure reconfigurations and urban change in the North and South. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Cox, C.B., Ladle, R., and Moore, P.D., 2016. Biogeography : an ecological and evolutionary approach. 9th ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Lomolino, M.V., Riddle, B., and Whittaker, R.J., 2016. Biogeography : biological diversity across space and time. 5th ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Sassen, S. 1994. Cities in a world economy. 4th ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Yarwood, R., 2013. Citizenship (Key ideas in geography). Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
IPCC, 2014. Climate change 2013 : the physical science basis : working group 1 contribution to the fifth assessment report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Shue, H., 2014. Climate justice : vulnerability and protection. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Masselink, G., and Gehrels, W.R. (eds.), 2014. Coastal environments and global change. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Newing, H., 2011. Conducting research in conservation : social science methods and practice. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Adams, W.M., and Mulligan, M., 2003. Decolonizing nature : strategies for conservation in a post-colonial era. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Tuhiwai Smith, L., 2012. Decolonizing methodologies : research and indigenous peoples. 2nd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Crang, M., and Cook, I., 2007. Doing ethnographies. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Escobar, A., 1995. Encountering development : the making and unmaking of the Third World. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Turnhout, E., Tuinstra, W., and Halffman, W. (eds.), 2019. Environmental expertise : connecting science, policy and society. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Smith, K., 2003. Environmental hazards : assessing risk and reducing disaster. 6th ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Whitehead, M., 2014. Environmental transformations : a geography of the Anthropocene. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Wolanski, E., and Elliott, M., 2015. Estaurine ecohydrology : an introduction. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Mawdsley, E., 2012. From recipients to donors : emerging powers and the changing development landscape. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Lees, L., Slater, T., and Wyly, E., 2008. Gentrification. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Nayak, A., and Jeffrey, A., 2011. Geographical thought : an introduction to ideas in human geography. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Sharp, J.P., 2008. Geographies of post-colonialism : spaces of power and representation. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Christopherson, R.W., and Birkeland, G.H., 2015. Geosystems : an introduction to physical geography. 9th ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Wills, J., et al., 2010. Global cities at work : new migrant divisions of labour. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Anderson, D.E., Goudie, A., and Parker, A., 2013. Global environments through the quaternary : exploring environmental change. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Steger, M., 2017. Globalization : a very short introduction. 4th ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Wisner, B., Gaillard, J.C., and Kelman, I. (eds.), 2012. The Routledge handbook of hazards, disaster risk reduction and management. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Simone, A.M, 2018. Improvised lives : rhythms of endurance in an urban South. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Graham, S., and McFarlane, C. (eds.), 2015. Infrastructural lives : urban infrastructure in context. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Cloke, P., Crang, P., and Goodwin, M. (eds.), 2005. Introducing human geographies. 2nd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Clifford, N.J., Cope, M., Gillespie, T.W., and French, S. (eds.), 2016. Key methods in geography. 3rd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Owens, S.E., 2015. Knowledge, policy and expertise : the UK Royal Commission on environmental pollution 1970-2011. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Duncan, J.S., and Duncan, N.G., 2004. Landscapes of privilege : aesthetics and affluence in an American suburb. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Grove, J.M., 2004. Little ice ages : ancient and modern. 2nd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Agnew, J., and Corbridge, S., 1995. Mastering space : hegemony, territory and international political economy. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Flowerdew, R., and Martin, D., 2005. Methods in human geography : a guide for students doing a research project. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Open University, 2001. Ocean circulation / prepared by Angela Colling for the oceanography course team. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Shacher, A., et al (eds.), 2017. The Oxford handbook of citizenship. iDiscover permanently 04/05/20
Bradley, R.S., 2014. Paleoclimatology : reconstructing climates of the quaternary. 3rd ed. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Robbins, P., 2012. Political ecology : a critical introduction. 2nd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Jackson, T., 2009. Prosperity without growth : economics for a finite planet. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Lowe, J.J., and Walker, M.J.C., 2015. Reconstructing quaternary environments. 3rd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Satterthwaite, D., and Mitlin, D., 2014. Reducing urban poverty in the global South. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Power, M., 2003. Rethinking development geographies. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Renn, O., 2008. Risk governance : coping with uncertainty in a complex world. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Parnell, S., and Oldfield, S. (eds.), 2014. The Routledge handbook on cities of the global South. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Pugh, D., and Woodworth, P., 2014. Sea-level science : understanding tides, surges, tsunamis and mean sea-level changes. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Amin, A., and Thrift, N., 2016. Seeing like a city. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Graham, S., and Marvin, S., 2001. Splintering urbanism : networked infrastructures, technological mobilities and the urban condition. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Jasanoff, S. (ed.), 2006. States of knowledge : the co-production of science and the social order. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Shilliam, R., 2015. The black pacific : anti-colonial struggles and oceanic connections. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Desai, V., and Potter, R.B. (eds.), 2014. The companion to development studies. 3rd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Pomeranz, K., 2000. The great divergence : China, Europe, and the making of the modern world economy. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Broecker, W.S., 2010. The great ocean conveyor : discovering the trigger for abrupt climate change. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Campbell, B.M.S., 2016. The great transition : climate, disease and society in the late medieval world. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Woodward, J.C., 2013. The ice age : a very short introduction. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Pettorelli, N., 2013. The normalized difference vegetation index. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Slovic, P., 2016. The perception of risk. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Grundmann, R., and Stehr, N., 2012. The power of scientific knowledge : from research to public policy. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Thomas, N., 2016. The return of curiosity : what museums are good for in the 21st century. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Perreault, T.A., Bridge, G., and McCarthy, J.P. (eds.), 2015. The Routledge handbook of political ecology. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Wilkinson, R., and Pickett, K., 2010. The spirit level : why equality is better for everyone. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Alley, R.B., 2000. The two mile time machine : ice cores, abrupt climate change, and our future. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Willis, K., 2011. Theories and practices of development. 2nd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Porter, T.M., 1996. Trust in numbers : the pursuit of objectivity in science and public life. iDiscover (permanently) 04/05/20
Mitlin, D., and Satterthwaite, D., 2013. Urban poverty in the global South : scale and nature. iDiscover until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Jayne, M., and Ward, K. (eds.), 2017. Urban theory : new critical perspectives. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Pryke, M., Rose, G., and Whatmore, S. (eds.), 2003. Using social theory : thinking through research. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Mitsch, W.J., and Gosselink, J.G., 2015. Wetlands. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Dorling, D., and Gietel-Basten, S., 2018. Why demography matters. Kortext until 30/06/20 04/05/20
Blaikie, P.M, and Brookfield, H.C, 1987. Land degradation and society. iDiscover (permanently) 05/05/20
Mawdsley, E., Fourie, E., and Nauta, W., 2019. Researching South-South development cooperation : the politics of knowledge production. iDiscover (permanently) 05/05/20
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Rees, G., 2013. Physical principles of remote sensing. 3rd ed. Kortext until 30/06/20 12/05/20
Pellikka, P., and Rees, G. (eds.), 2010. Remote sensing of glaciers. Kortext until 30/06/20 12/05/20
Sejersen, F., 2015. Rethinking Greenland and the Arctic in the era of climate change. Kortext until 30/06/20 12/05/20
Rowe, E.W. (ed.), 2009. Russia and the North. Kortext until 30/06/20 12/05/20
Körber, L-A., MacKenzie, S., and Westerståhl Stenport, A., 2017. Arctic environmental modernities : from the age of polar exploration to the era of the Anthropocene. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Cosgrove, D., and Della Dora, V. (eds.), 2009. High places : cultural geographies of mountains, ice and science. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Huggan, G., and Jensen, L. (eds.), 2016. Postcolonial perspectives on the European High North : unscrambling the Arctic. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Krupnik, I. et al (eds.), 2010. SIKU : knowing our ice. Documenting Inuit sea ice knowledge and use. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Urry, J., and Larsen, J., 2011. The tourist gaze 3.0. 3rd ed. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Dodds, K., and Nuttall, M., 2019. The arctic : what everyone need to know. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Fondahl, G., and Wilson, G.N. (eds.), 2017. Northern sustainabilities : understanding and addressing climate change in the circumpolar world. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Wormbs, N. (ed.), 2018. Competing arctic futures : historical and contemporary perspectives. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
Depledge, D., 2018. Britain and the arctic. iDiscover (permanently) 12/05/20
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