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Accessions 2018/19

Accessions 2018/19


Anderson, D. et al. Global environments through the Quaternary; 2nd ed.

Bambra, C. Health divides: where you live can kill you.

Bell, M. et al. Late Quaternary environmental change.

Brewer, C.A. Designing better maps: a guide for GIS users.

Cloke, P. et al. Practising human geography.

Colling, A. Ocean circulation.

Fainstein, S.S. The just city.

Millington, A.C. The Sage Handbook of Biogeography.

Moran, D. Carceral geography: spaces and practices of incarceration.


Ideas and geographical history

A-100 Burkett, P. Marx and nature.

AA-4(2) Agnew, J.A. et akl. The power of place.

AB-133(2) Whatmore, S. Hybrid geographies.

AB-196 Douglas, M. Purity and danger.

AB-197 Abrahamsson, C. Topoi/Graphien

AB-198 Brown, M.B. Science in democracy.

AB-199 Turney, C. Bones, rocks and stars.

AB-200 Byrne, S. et al. Unpacking the collection.

AB-201 Ash, J. et al. (eds) Digital geographies.

AB-202 Felt, U. et al. (eds). The handbook of science and technology series; 4th ed.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

C-102 Duff, D. Holmes' principles of physical geology' 4th ed.

C-103 Press, F. et al. Earth: 4th ed.

DH-150 Gornitz, V. Rising seas: past, present, future.

EC-107 Colling, A. (ed). Ocean circulation; 2nd ed.

Climate, soil science and biogeography

F-90 Palmer, P.I. The atmosphere: a very short introduction.

F-91 Seinfeld, J.H. et al. Atmospheric chemistry and physics; 3rd edition.

FA-116 Maslin, M. Climate: a very short introduction.

FA-117 Dunlop, S. Weather: a very short introduction.

FA-118 Maslin, M. Climate change: a very short introduction.

FA-119 Boucher, O. Atmospheric aerosols.

H-107(2) Lomolino, M.V. et al. Biogeography. 5th edition.

H-108 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. State of the world's fungi, 2018.

HF-224 Volk, T. CO2 rising.

HF-224(2) As above

HF-225 Keith, D. A case for climate engineering.

HF-226 Hastrup, K. et al. (eds). Climate change and human mobility.

HF-227 Robinson, M. Climate justice.

HG-134 Waring, R.H. et al. Forest ecosystems: analysis at multiple scales; 3rd ed.

HJ-182 Baxter, B. A theory of ecological justice.

HJ-183 Canadell, J.G. et al. (eds) Terrestrial ecosystems in a changing world.

HL-455 Creed, Irena F. et al. (eds) Forest and water on a changing planet: vulnerability, adaptation and governance opportunities.

General human geography

JD-102Bambra, C. Health divides.

K/a-33 Clark, N. Inhuman nature

K/c-102 Lejano, R. et al. The power of narrative in environmental networks.

K/c-103 Bulkeley, H. et al. An urban politics of climate change.

K/c-104 Turnhout, E. et al. Environmental expertise: connecting science, policy and society.

K/d-50(2) Parenti, C. Tropic of chaos.

K/d-62 Power, M. The risk management of everything.

K/d-63 Douglas, M. et al. Risk and culture.

KE-52 Mitchell, K. et al. (eds) Handbook on critical geographies of migration.

KF-51 Thieme, T. et al. Camps2Cities: refugee migrant asylum-seeker citizen.

Social geography

L-69(2) Lefebvre, H. The production of space.

L-254(2) hay, I. (ed). Qualitative research methods in human geography.

L-285 Wilcox, S. et al. (eds). Historical animal geographies.

L-286 Wischermann, C. et al. (eds). Animal history in the modern city.

L-287 Kean, H. et al. (eds). The Routledge Companion to animal-human history.

L-288 Corbey, R. et al. (eds) The politics of species.

L-289 Rees, Tobias. After Ethnos.

L-290 Apostolopoulou, E. et al. (eds). The right to nature: social movements, environmental justice and neoliberal natures.

L-291 Braverman, I. ed. Animals, biopolitics, law: lively legalities.

L-292 Braidotti, R. et al. (eds). Posthuman ecologies: complexity and process after Deleuze.

L-293 Eyles, J. (ed). Research in human geography.

L-294 Kirk, J. et al. Reliability and validity in qualitative research.

LA-234 Hansen, R. Citizenship and immigration in postwar Britain.

LA-235 Hampshire, J. Citizenship and belonging.

LA-236 Karatani, R. Defining British citizenship.

LA-237 McEwan, C. Postcolonialism, decoloniality and development; 2nd edition.

LA-238 Mignolo, W.D. On decoloniality.

LA-239 Jazeel, T. Postcolonialism.

LA-240 Kragelund, P. South-south development.

LA-241 Fredericks, R. Garbage citizenship.

LA-242 Lemanski, C. (ed). Citizenship and infrastructure.

LA-243 Mawdsley, E. et al. (eds). Researching south-south development cooperation.

LB-130 Martinelli, F. et al. (eds). Social services disrupted.

LB-131 Wilkinson, R. et al. The inner level.

LB-132 Fischer, A.M. Poverty as ideology.

LC-208(2) Valverde, M. Law's dream of a common knowledge.

LC-344 Federici, S. Caliban and the witch.

LC-344(2) As above

LC-345 Brunnee, J. et al. Legitimacy and legality in international law.

LC-345(2) As above

LC-346 Hyde, A. Bodies of law.

LC-347 Galligan, D.J. Law in modern society.

LC-348 Hunt, A. et al. Foucault and law: towards a sociology of law and governance.

LC-349 Valverde, M. Chronotopes of law.

LC-350 Dayan, C. the law is a white dog.

LC-351 Hart, H.L.A. The concept of law; 3rd edition.

LC-352 Holder, J. et al, (eds) Law and geography: current legal issues, volume 5.

LC-353 Braverman, I et al (eds).The expanding spaces of law.

LC-353(2) As above

LC-354 Latour, B. The making of law.

LC-355 Shapiro, S. Legality.

LC-356 Garland, D. (ed). Mass imprisonment: social causes and consequences.

LC-357 Gilmore, L.W. Golden gulag: prisons, surplus, crisis, and opposition in globalizing California.LC-358 Morin, K.M. et al. (eds).

LC-358 Morin, K.M. et al. (eds). Historical geographies of prisons: unlocking the usable carceral past.

LC-359 Moran, D. et al. Carceral spaces: mobility and agency in imprisonment and migrant detention.

LC-360 Fassin, D. Prison worlds an ethnography of the carceral condition.

LC-361 Moran, D. Carceral geography: spaces and practices of incarceration.

LC-362 Brown, L.A. Contested spaces: abortion clinics, women's shelters and hospitals.

LC-363 Benda- Beckmann, F. von et al. (eds). Rules of law and laws of ruling.

LC-364 Warf, B. (ed) Handbook on the geographies of corruption.

LC-364(2) As above

LC-365 Chant, S. Gender, generation and poverty.

LC-366 Parpart, J.L. et al. (eds). Rethinking empowerment: gender and development in a global/local world.

LC-367 Wener, R.E. The environmental psychology of prisons and jails.

LC-368 Hanson, R. et el. Harassed: gender, bodies and ethnographic research.

LD-46 Matera, M. Black LOndon: the imperial metropolis and decolonization in the 20th century.

LD-47 Ramdin, R. The making of the black working class in Britain.

LD-48 Paul, K. Whitewashing Britain: race and citizenship in the postwar era.

LD-49 Razack, S. (ed). Race, space and the law.

LD-50 Brown, J. N. Dropping anchor, setting sail: geographies of race in black Liverpool.

LD-51 London is the place for me.

LF-57(2) Crang, M. Cultural geography.

LF/a-72 Orgad, S. Media representation and the global imagination.

LF/b-85 Mulcahy, L. Legal architecture.

LF/g-43 Fay, J. Inhospitable world.

LP-156 Murray, M.J. The urbanism of exception.

LP/a-71 Bhan, G. et al. (eds) The Routledge companion to planning in the Global South.

LP/a-72 Pinch, S. Cities and services.

LP/a-73 Fainstein, S.S. The just city.

LP/d-116 Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, A. (ed). Law and the city.

LP/d-117 Falahat, S. Cities and metaphors: beyond imaginaries of Islamic urban space.

LP/d-118 Falahat, S. Re-imaging the city: a new conceptualisation of the urban logic of the 'Islamic city'.

LP/d-119 Dobraszczyk, P. et al. Global undergrounds

LP/f-65 Simone, A-M. For the city yet to come.

Economic and political geography

M-304(2) Nolan, A. ed. Economic and social rights after the global financial crisis.

M-319 Rakopoulos, T. (ed). The global life of austerity.

M-320 Hill, C.W.L. et al. International business: competing in the global marketplace; 12th edition.

M-321 Dumeni, G. et al. The crisis of neoliberalism.

M-322 Harvey, D. Seventeen contradictions and the end of capitalism.

MB-156 Patel, R. et al. A history of the world in seven cheap things.

MB-157 Neoliberal environments.

MB-158 Saad-Filho, A. et al. (eds) Neoliberalism: a critical reader.

MB-159 D'Alisa, G. et al. (eds)Degrowth: a vocabulary for a new era.

MB-160 Chomsky, N. Profit over people.

MB-161 Clift, B. The IMF and the politics of austerity.

MB-162 Capello, R. et al. (eds). Territorial patterns of innovation.

MB-163 Karlsson, C. et al. (eds). Entrepreneurial knowledge, technology and the transformation of regions.

MB-164 Cooke, P. et al. (eds). The economic geography of the IT industry in the Asia Pacific region.

MB-165 Hall, S.M. Everyday life in austerity: family, friends and intimate relations.

MC-86(2) Major, A. Architects of austerity

MD-58 Mies, M. et al. The subsistence perspective.

MG-352 Dogra, N. Representations of global poverty.

MG-353 Hanlon, J. et al. Just give money to the poor.

MG-354 Brockington, D. Celebrity advocacy and international development.

MG-354 Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. et al. Routledge handbook of south-south relations.

MG-355 Brockington, D. Celebrity advocacy and international development.

MG-356 Anand, A. et al. (eds). The promise of infrastructure.

MH-62 Christophers, B. The new enclosure: the appropriation of public land in neoliberal Britain.

MH-63 Krishnan, A. War as business.

MM-141(2) Bohstedt, J. The politics of provisions.

MM-148 Struffler, S. Chicken: the dangerous transformation of America's favorite food.

MM-149 Piatti-Farnell, L. Beef: a global history.

MM-150 Rogers, K.M.Pork: a global history

MM-151 Sharma, S.K. The WTO and food security.

MM-152 McKeon, N. Food security governance.

MQ-30 Carroll, N. et al. (eds). Conservation and biodiversity banking.

N-124 Abrahamsen, R. et al. Security beyond the state.

NA-72 Sharma, A. et al. (eds). The anthropology of the state: a reader.

NA-72(2) As above

NB-36(2) Dodds, K. et al. Geopolitical traditions.

NB-49 Dorling, D. et al. Rule Britannia: Brexit and the end of the empire.

NB-50 Wehrmann, D. Critical geopolitics of the Polar regions.

NC-103 James, P. Globalism, nationalism, tribalism.

NC-104 Margetts, H. et al. Political turbulence.

NC-105 Sloterdijk, P. Terror from the air.

NG-12 Yuval-Davis, N. et al. Bordering.

Historical Geography

P-130(2) Hobson, J.M. The eastern origins of western civilisation.

P-213 Wood, E.M. The origin of capitalism.

P-214 Linebaugh, P. Stop, thief! The commons, enclosures and resistance.

P-215 Linebaugh, P. The Magna Carta manifesto.

P-216 Warde, P. The invention of sustainability.

P-217 Jennings, J. Globalizations and the ancient world.


P-219 North, D.C. et al. The rise of the western world.

P.24 -11 Phillips, W.D. et al. A concise history of Spain; 2nd ed.

P.36-10 Blitz, B.K. War and change in the Balkans.

P.51-1 Von Glahn, R. The economic history of China.

PB-32 Pascoe, B. Dark Emu: aboriginal Australia and the birth of agriculture.

Regional geography

R.15-52 Lichtyenstein, R. Estuary: out from London to the sea.

R.15-53 Ackroyd, P. Thames: sacred river.

R.32-7 Oslund, K. Iceland imagined.

R.47-C.62 Roy, R.D. Malarial subjects.

R.47-D.125 Kapur, R. Erotic justice.

R.47-D.126 Kabeer, N. The power to choose.

R.47-G.84 Shah, A. Nightmarch: among India's revolutionary guerillas.

R.47-H.24 Bhagwat, S. (ed) Conservation and development in India.

R.51-41 Abbas, A. Hong Kong

R.53-79 Milne, S. et al. (eds). Conservation and development in Cambodia.

R.53-81 Biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia.

R.55-120 Thomas, N. Entangled objects: exchange, material culture, and colonialism in the Pacific.

R.6-128 Toulmin, C. Climate change in Africa.

R.6-129 Resnick, D. Urban poverty and party populism in African democracies.

R.662-16 Sandbrook, C. et al. (eds). Conservation and development in Uganda.

R.662-17 Porter, H. After rape.

R.681-39 Bickford-Smith, V. The emergence of the South African metropolis.

R.7 - B.57 Monkkonen, E.H. The local state.

R.7-B.58 Shefter, M. Political crisis fiscal crisis.

R.7-E.45 Jackson, K.T. Crabgrass frontier.

R.7-E.46 Gioielli, R.R. Environmental activism and the urban crisis.

R.7-E.47 Cresswell, T. Maxwell Street: writing and thinking place.

R.7-G.29 Loyd, J.M. et al. Boats, borders and bases.

R.71-36 Hulan, R. Northern exposure and the myths of Canadian culture.

R.8-E.4 Zeiderman, A. Endangered city: the politics of security and risk in Bogota.

R.884-54 Cookson, T.P. Unjust conditions.

R.91-96 Huggan, G. et al. (Eds). Postcolonial prespectives on the European high north.

R.92-29 Dowdeswell, J. et al. The continent of Antarctica.

R.92-30 Spufford, F. I may be some time.

Techniques, GIS

T-171 Ramsey A.E. et al. (eds) Working in the archives.

T-170 Gardener, M. Statistics for ecologists using R and excel.

TJ-125 Brewer, C.A. Designing better maps: a guide for GIS users; 2nd edition.

TJ-126 Toms, S. et al. ArcPy and ArcGIS; 2nd ed.

Reference section

4-77 Ginzburg, C. Clues, myths and the historical method.

4-78 Mertes, T. (ed) A moement of movements: is another world really possible?

4-79 Forensis: the architecture of public truth.

4-80 Inda, J.X. et al. (eds) The anthropology of globalization; 2nd edition.

4-81 Klein, N. Fences and windows.

4-82 Stocking, G.W. (ed). Objects and others.

4-83 Olwig, K.R. The meanings pf landscape.

13-59 Springgay, S. et al. Walking methodologies in a more-than-human world: WalkingLab.



DVD-22 Loach, K. I, Daniel Blake

DVD-23 Gandy, M. The 'Brachen' of Berlin.

Study guides


HAK3-34 Byrne, A. (ed). Hakluyt Society, Series 3 Volume 34.

15-14 World Development Report 2019. The changing nature of work.