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Accessions - 2017/18

Accessions - 2017/18


Berry, D.A. et al. Governing the north American Arctic.

Cocks, H. Nameless offences: homosexual desire in the 19th century

De Waal, A./The real politics of the Horn of Africa.

Desbiens, C. Power from the north.

Emel, J. et al. Political ecologies of meat.

Hughes, J.E. Animal Kingdoms.

Laite, J. Common prostitutes and ordinary citizens.

Lewis, M. Inventing global ecology'

Melieres, A-M. et al. Climate change: past, present and future.

Nagar, D./Africa and the world.

Powell, R.C. et al. Polar geopolitics.

Sandlos, J Hunters at the margin.

Stern, P. et al./Critical Inuit studies


Ideas and geographical history

A-80(2) Geography matters! A reader/Massey, D. et al. (eds).

AB-191 Milton Santos: a pioneer in critical geography from the global south/MelgaÇo, Lucas et al.

AB-192 Toward an other globalization: from the single thought to universal conscience/Santos, M.

AB-193 Lucius Burckhardt writings/Fezer, J. et al. (eds)

AB-194 Political Matter/Braun, B. et al. (eds).

AB-195 Morality and power/Berry, M.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

CA-4 Earth history and palaeogeography/Torsvik, T.H. et al.

D-200 Earth system science/Jacobson, M.C. et al.

DD-196 Quaternary environmental change in Southern Africa/Knight, J. et al. (eds)

DH-149 Saltmarsh/\chatters, C.

ED-148 Marine and coastal resource management/Green, D.R. et al. (eds).

ED-149 Swimming upstream/Sabatier, P.A. et al. (eds)

Climate, soil science and biogeography

FA-113 Global biogeochemical cycles in the climate system/Schulze, E-D. et al. (eds)

FA-114 Essentials of the earth's climate system/Barry, R.G. et al.

FE-26 Climate change in human history/Lieberman, B. et al.

FE-27 Climate change: past, present and future/Melieres, M-A. et al.

General human geography

H-37(2) Tree rings and climate/Fritts, H.C.

H-95(2) Fundamentals of tree ring research/Speer, J.H.

H-106 Revolutions that made earth/Lenton, T. et al.

H-107 Biogeography: biological diversity across space and time/Lomolino, M.V. et al.

HF-219(2) End game/Barnosky, A.D. et al.

HF-221 Can science fix climate change?/Hulme, M.

HF-221(2) As above

HF-222 Weathered: cultures of climate/Hulme, M.

HF-223 Introduction to modern climate change; 2nd edition/Dessler, A.

HG-133 The evolution of plants; 2nd ed./Willis, K.J. et al.

HJ-179 Messages from islands/Hanski, I.

HJ-180 Spatializing the history of ecology/de Bont, R. et al. (eds)

HJ-181 Plant ecology/Schulze, E.-D. et al.

HL-448 The future of nature/Robin, L. et al. (eds)

HL-449 The nature of spectacle/Igoe, J.

HL-450The anthropology of conservation NGOs/Larsen, P.B. et al. (eds)

HL-451 The big conservation lie/Mbaria, J, et al.

HL-452 Forest preservation in a changing climate/Jodoin, S.

HL-453 Environmental DNA/Taberlet, P. et al.

HM-77 North Sea Surge; 2nd ed./Pollard, M.

HN-46 The end of desertification?/Behnke, R.H. et al. (eds)

JB-23 Instinctive behavior: the development of a modern concept/Schiller, C. H. (ed).

JD-101 Health and medical geography; 4th edition/Emch, M. et al.

KB-29 Decolonizing nature/Demos, T.J.

KB-30 Against the Anthropocene/Demos, T.J.

KE-61 Mass starvation: the history and future of famine/de Waal, A.

KF-50 Geographies of mobilities: practices, spaces, subjects/Cresswell, T. et al.

K/a-32 Systemic crises of global climate change/Godfrey, P. et al. (eds).

K/b-78 The sixth extinction/Kolbert, E.

K/b-79 After nature/Purdy, J.

K/b-80 Spaceship Earth in the environmental age, 1960-1990/Hoehler, S.

K/c-101 The Routledge handbook of environmental justice/Holifield, R. et al. (eds)

K/d-60 The end of nature/McKibben, Bill.

K/d-61 Eaarth: making life on a tough new planet/McKibben, Bill.

Social geography

L-272 How did we get into this mess?/Monbiot, G.

L-273 Siegfried Kracauer: an introduction/Koch, G.

L-274 The fall of public man/Sennett, R.

L-275 Eco-Republic/Lane, M.

L-276 The Eskimoes/Birket-Smith, K.

L-277 Sovereignty in exile/Wilson, A.

L-278 Precarious life/Butler, J.

L-279 Animals and agency/McFarland, S.E. et al. (eds).

L-280 Totemism/Levi-Strauss, H.

L-281 The animals reader/Kalof, L. et al. (eds).

L-282 When species meet/Haraway, D.J.

L-283 The science of qualitative research; 2nd edition/Packer, M.J.

L-284 What is posthumanism?/Wolfe, C.

LA-231 Locating localism/Wills, J.

LA-232 Transnationalizing the public sphere/Fraser, N. et al.

LA-233 Whiteness and postcolonialism in the Nordic region/Loftsdottir, K. et al. (eds).

LB-125 Global poverty; 2nd edition/Hulme, D.

LB-126 Slums: the history of a global injustice/Mayne, A.

LB-126(2) As above

LB-127 Revolting subjects/Tyler, I.

LB-128 Fat activism/Cooper, C.

LB-129 WEighing in/Guthman, J.

LC-150 The sexual citizen/Bell, D. et al.

LC-336 Big capital: who is London for?/Minton, A.

LC-337 Representing women/Nochlin, L.

LC-338 Feminist spaces/Oberhauser, A.M. et al.

LC-339 Primate visions/Haraway, D.

LC-340 Dominance and affection/Tuan, Y-F.

LC-341 Punishing the poor/Wacquant, L.

LC-342 The cultural politics of emotion/Ahmed, S.

LC-343 Routledge handbook of queer development studies/Mason, C.L. 9ed)

LE-3 The givers/Callahan, D.

LF/a-67 Greater perfections: the practice of garden theory/Hunt, J.D.

LF/a-68 The idea of landscape and the sense of place 1730-1840/Barrell, J.

LF/a-69 Denatured visions: landscape and culture in the twentieth century/Wrede, S. et a. (eds)

LF/a-70 The Japanese garden/Walker, S.

LF/a-71 Landscape/Wylie, J.

LF/b-81 Present pasts/Huyssen, A.

LF/b-82 Structures of memory/Jordan, J.A.

LF/b-83 The urban politics of squatters' movements/Martinez-LOpez, M-A.

LF/b-84 Spaces of uncertainty/Cupers, K. et al.

LF/f-34 Documentary across disciplines/Balsom, E. et al. (eds)

LF/f-35 Paris Hollywood: writings on film/Wollen, P.

LF/f-36 Landscape and film/Lefebvre, M. (ed)

LF/g-40 The dark side of the landscape/Barrell, J.

LF/g-41 Landscapes: John Berger on art/Berger, J.

LF/g-42 Wasteland: a history/Di Palma, V.

LG-99 Pedagogy of the oppressed/Freire, P.

LP-151 Urban forests, trees and green space/Sandberg, L.A. et al.

LP-152 Urban biodiversity and design/Mueller, N., et al. (eds)

LP-153 The politics of the encounter/Merrifield, A.

LP-154 Contesting neoliberalism: urban frontiers/Leitner, H. et al. (eds).

LP-155 Urban sociology: a global introduction/Abrahamson, M.

LP/a-70 Cities for people, not for profit/Brenner, N. et al. (eds)

LP/d-114 Cities and social movements/Nicholls, W.J. et al.

LP/d-115 The urban revolution/Lefebvre, H.

LP/e-69 Urban theory: new critical perspectives/Jayne, M. et al. (eds)

LP/e-70 The rise aand fall of urban economies/Storper, M. et al.

LP/e-71 Cities under austerity/Davidson, M. et al. (eds).

Economic and political geography

M-316 Doughnut economics/Raworth, K.

M-317 A centiry of fiscal squeeze politics/Hood, C. et al.

M-318 The body economic/Stuckler, D. et al.

M.1-78 The UK regional-national economic problem/McCann, P.

MB-148(2) The age of sustainable development/Sachs, J.D.

MB-155 The environmentalism of the poor.

MG-346 Of limits and growth/Macekura, S.J.

MG-347 A global green new deal/Barbier, E.B.

MG-348 The great convergence/Baldwin, R.

MG-349 Dealing with industrialization/Cowell, M.

MG-350 Should rich nations help the poor?/Hulme, D.

MG-351 Why we lie about aid/ Yanguas, P.

MK-56 Local and regional development; 2nd edition/Pike, A. et al.

MM-146 Hungry Britain: the rise of food charity/Lambie-Mumford, H.

MM-147 Slaughterhouse/Pacyga, D.A.

MQ-29 Post-industrial landscape scars/Storm, A.

NC-101 Fast policy/Peck, J. et al.

NC-102 Dismembered/Toynbee, P. et al.

ND-113 Globalizing democracy and human rights/Gould, C.C.

ND-114 After defeat: how the east learned to live with the west/Zarakol, A.

NG-11 The borders of 'Europe'/ de Genova, N. (ed)

Historical geography

P-147(2) Kicking away the ladder/Chang, H-J.

P-208(2) Museums: a visual anthropology/Bouquet, M.

P-209 Rewriting the self/Porter, R. (ed)

P-210 Where the stress falls/Sontag, S.

P-211 What is global history?/Conrad, S.

P-212 The return of curiosity/Thomas, N.

P-212(2) As above

P.1d-159 Farming, famine and plague/Pribyl, K.

P.36-9 Inventing Ruritania/Goldsworthy, V.

Q-40 Writing Arctic disaster/Cracuin, A.

QB-33 Finding Franklin/Potter, R.A.

QB-34 Lines in the ice/Hatfield, P.J.

QB-35 The coldest crucible/Robinson, M.F.

Regional geography

R.36-34 The Balkans and the West/Hammond, A.

R.36-35 Bosnia remade/Toal, G. et al.

R.36-36 Imagining the Balkans/Todorova, M.

R.38-D.23 Russia and the north/Rowe, E.W. (ed)

R.47-C.61 Animal kingdoms/Hughes, J.E.

R.47-D.51 The new geography of jobs/Moretti, E.

R.47-H.19 A new moral economy for India's forests?/Jeffery, R. et al. (eds).

R.47-H.20 India's wildlife history: an introduction/Rangarajan, M.

R.47-H.21 Branching out: joint forest management in India/Sundar, N. et al.

R.47-H.22 Inventing global ecology/Lewis, M.

R.47-H.23 making conservation work/Shahabuddin, G. et al. (eds).

R.6-125 Africa's media image in the 21st century/Bunce, M. et al. (eds)

R.6-126 Africa and the world: bilateral and mulitlateral international diplomacy/Nagar, D. et al. (eds)

R.620-4 The real politics of the Horn of Africa/de Waal, A.

R.7-C.122 Civic discipline: geography in America, 1860-1890/Morin, K.M.

R.7-D.50 Private wealth and public life/Sealander, J.

R.7-D.51 The new geography of jobs/Moretti, E.

R.71-35 Power from the North/Desbiens, C.

R.71-D.15 Hunters at the margin/Sandlos, J.

R.8-D.55 Territories in resistance/Zibechi, R.

R.8-G.16 The politics of autonomy in Latin America/Dinerstein, A.C.

R.841-24 Barrio rising/Velasco, A.

R.845-25 Vivir bien as an alternative to neoliberal globalization/Ranta, E.

R.860-80 Bootstrapping democracy/Baiocchi, G. et al.

R.873-22 Everyday revolutions/Sitrin, M.A.

R.873-23 The poor's struggle for political incorporation/Rossi, F.M.

R.91-81 Life besdie itself/Stevenson, L.

R.91-82 Mining and communities in northern Canada/Keeling, A. et al. (eds)

R.91-83 Critical Inuit studies/Stern, P. et al. (eds)

R.91-84 Critical norths/Ray, S.J. et al. (eds)

R.91-85 The industrial transformation of subarctic Canada/Piper, L.

R.91-86 Early Inuit studies/Krupnik, I.

R.91-87 Northern frontier northern homeland: Revised edition/Berger, T.R.

R.91-88 Far off metal river/Cameron, E.

R.91-89 Media and the politics of Arctic climate change/Christensen, M. et al. (eds)

R.91-90 Rethinking Greenland/Sejersen, F.

R.91-91 Histories from the north; 2nd edition/Ziker, J.P.(ed)

R.91-92 Northscapes/Jorgensen, D. et al. (eds)

R.91-94 Studying Arctic fields/Powell, R.C. et al.

R.91-95 Colonialism in Greenland/Rud, S.

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SC-60(2) Apollo's eye/Cosgrove, D.

Reference Section

1-36.1/2/3 The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication/Nisbet, M.C. (ed).

4-73 The Routledge companion to landscape studies/Howard, P. et al. (eds)

4-74 Ruins of modernity/Hell, J. et al.

4-75 The world the text and the critic/Said, Edward W.

4-76 Being alive: essays on movement, knowledge and description/Ingold, T.


XDH-55 North Norfolk Coast/Bridges, E.M.


Study guides

None as yet.


Geographers Biobibliographical Studies. Volume 36.

HAK3-32 Hakluyt Society. Series 3, Volume 32. A walk across Africa: J.A. Grant's account of the NIle expedition of 1860-1863.

United Nations Demographic Yearbook. 67th Issue, 2016.

World Development Report 2018.