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Accessions 2016-17

Accessions 2016-17


The new Berlin/Till, K.

Wildlife in the Anthropocene/Lorimer, J.

Introduction to remote sensing; 5th edition/Campbell, J. et al.

Vegetation description and analysis; 2nd edition/Kent, M.

Reducing urban poverty in the global south/Satterthwaite, D. et al.

The shock of the anthropocene/Bonneuil, C. et al.

Shadow cities/Neuwirth, R.

Atmospheric science: an introductory survey/Wallace, J.M. et al.

The ironic spectator/Chouliaraki, L.

Governing health and consumption/Herrick, C.

Geography and memory/Jones, O.

Coastal storms/Ciavola, P. et al.

Biogeography; 9th edition/Cox, B. et al.

Migration in world history/Manning, P.

Planet of slums/Davis, M.

Can NGOs make a difference?/Bebbington, A.

New scramble for Africa/Carmody, P.


Ideas and geographical history

AB-134(2) For space/Massey, D.

AB-179 Ancient natural history/French, R.

AB-180 Releasing the commons/Amkin, A. et al. (eds)

AB-181 The shock of the Anthropocene/Bonneuil, C. et al.

AB-182 The idea of the north/Davidson, P.

AB-183 The lagoon/Leroi, A.M.

AB-184 The invention of nature/Wulf, A. (Paperback)

AB-184(2) As above (hardback)

AB-185 Changing order/Collins, H.M.

AB-186 Facing the planetary/Connolly, W.E.

AB-187 An introduction to science and technology studies; 2nd edition/Sismondo, S.

AB-188 Cryopolitics: frozen life in a melting world/Radin, J. et al. (eds)

AB-189 The power of scientific knowledge/Grundmann, R. et al.

Ab-190 Are we all scientific experts now?/Collins, H.

B-12 The peripatetic astronomer/Bruck, H.A. et al.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

CF-54 Los volcanes de las Islas Canarias: Vol. 1 - Tenerife/Arana, V. et al.

CF-55 Melting the earth: the history of ideas on volcanic eruptions/Sigurdsson, H.

DD-195 Global environments through the Quaternary; 2nd edition/Anderson, D.E. et al.

DH-148 Coastal storms/Ciavola, P. et al. (eds)

Climate, soil sciences and biogeography

FD-35 Paleoclimatology; 3rd edition/Bradley, R.S.

FE-19(2) Climate since A.D. 1500/Bradley, R.S. et al. (eds)

FE-25 Climate change and human mobility/Hastrup, K. et al. (eds)

H-100 Landscapes and labscapes/Kohler, R.E.

H-101 Biogeography 9th edition/Cox, B.C.

H-101 (2) As above

H-102 Tree-ring dating and archaeology/Baillie, M.G.L.

H-103 Climate from tree rings/Hughes, M.K. et al. (eds)

H-104 An introduction to tree-ring dating/Stokes, M.A. et al.

H-104(2) As above

H-105 Dendroclimatic changes in semiarid America/Schulman, E.

HE-5 Pests in the city/Biehler, D.D.

HF-49.26 The urban environment/Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.

HG-132 The waving plants of the river/Haslam, S.M.

HG-133 The naming of names/Pavord, A.

HH-35 Wild life: the institutionof nature/Braverman, I.

HH-36 Zooland: the institution of captivity/Braverman, I.

HL-176(2) Nature reserves/Shafer, C.L.

HL-335(2) The trade in wildlife/Oldfield, S. (ed)

HL-420(2) Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation/Roe, D. et al. (eds)

HL-420(2) As above

HL-444(2) The violence of the green revolution/Shiva, V.

HL-445 Political ecology and tourism/Nepal, S. et al. (eds)

HL-446 Useless arithmetric/Pilkey, O.H. et al.

HL-447 Just conservation/Martin, A.

HM-73 Geomorphological hazards and disaster prevention/Alcantara-Ayala, I. et al. (eds)

HM-74 The political biography of an earthquake/Simpson, E.

HM-75 Cultures of disaster/bankoff, G.

HM-76 Natural hazards and peoples in the Indian Ocean world/Bankoff, G. et al. (eds)

General human geography

J-11 Human biogeography/Harcourt, A.H.

JA-2 Height, health and history/Floud, R. et al.

JB-22 Contested bodies/Holliday, R. et al. (eds)

JD-98 Practicing qualitative methods in health geographies/Fenton, N.E. et al. (eds)

JD-99 Bioinsecurities/Ahuja, N.

JD-100 Design for health/Tsekleves, E. et al.

K-97 Envisioning landscapes, making worlds/Daniels, S. et al. (eds)

K/b-77 Governing climate change; 2nd edition/Bulkeley, H. et al.

K/c-99 Slow violence and the environmentalism of the poor/Nixon, R.

K/c-99(2) As above

K/c-100 Ecologies of comparison/Choy, T.

K/d-58 Climate trauma/Kaplan, E.A.

K/d-59 Risk governance/Renn, O.

KE-55 The new worlds of Robert Thomas Malthus/Bashford, J. et al.

KE-56 An introduction to English historical demography/Wrigley, E.A. et al.

KE-57 Anthropological demography: toward a new synthesis/Kertzer, D.I. et al. (eds)

KE-58 The population bomb/Ehrlich, P.R.

KE-59 Hidden hunger/Kimura, A.H.

L-225(2) Conducting research in conservation/Newing, H. et al.

L-225(3) As above

L-256 The ecological hoofprint/Weis, Tony.

L-257 The war against animals/Wadiwel, D.J.

L-258 Political ecologies of meat/Emel, J. et al. (eds)

L-259 Common ground/Gilbert, J.

L-260 Before the law/Wolfe, C.

L-261 Aboriginal rights claims and the making and remaking of history/Ray, A.J.

L-262 Memory, history, forgetting/Ricoeur, P.

L-263 The black swan/Taleb, N.N.

L-264 Research methods for memory studies/Keightly, E. et al. (eds)

L-265 Geography and memory/Jones, O. et al. (eds).

L-266 The Sage handbook of qualitative geography/DeLyser, D. et al.

L-267 Species of spaces and other pieces/Perec, G.

L-268 A sociology of globalization/Sassen, S.

L-269 Methodological approaches (Geographies of young people, volume 2)/Evans, R. et al. (eds)

L-270 Constructing authorities/O'Neill. O.

L-271 An introduction to fully integrated mixed methods research/Creamer, E.G.

LA-101(2) We have never been modern/Latour, B.

LA-178(4) Geographies of postcolonialism/Sharp, J.

LA-217(2) Foucault, the family and politics/Duschinsky, R. et al. (eds)

LA-227 Citizens without frontiers/Isin, E.F.

LA-228 Governing health and consumption/Herrick, C.

LA-229 Global civil society 2007/8/Albrow, M. et al. (eds)

LA-230 Cosmopolitan anxieties: Turkish challenges to citizenship and belongin g in Germany/Mandel, R.

LB-120 Inequality and the 1%/Dorling, D.

LB-121 Stuart: a life backwards/Masters, A.

LB-122 Down and out in Paris and London/Orwell, G.

LB-123 The movement for housing reform in Germany and France 1840-1914/Bullock, N. et al.

LB-124 Landscapes of despair/Dear, M.J. et al.

LC-334 Expanding the gaze/ van der Meulen, E. et al. (eds)

Lc-335 Ain't no trust/Levine, J.A.

LD-45 Critique of black reason/Dubois, L.

LF-60 Visual methodologies/Rose, G.

LF-61 The audible past/Sterne, J.

LF/a-66 Heritage. memory and the politics of identity/Moore, N. et al.

LF/b-75 Atlas: geography, architecture and change/Tyszczuk, R. et al. (eds)

LF/b-76 Occupying political science/Welty, E. et al. (eds)

LF/b-77 Greening Berlin/Lachmund, J.

LF/b-78 The Berlin reader: a compendium on urban change and activism/Bernt, M. et al. (eds)

LF/b-79 Berlin: divided city, 1945-1989/Broadbent, P. et al. (eds)

LF/b-80 Life among the ruins: cityscape and sexuality in Cold War Berlin/Evans, J.V.

LF/f-30 Popular representations of development/Lewis, D. et al. (eds)

LF/f-31 Representation; 2nd edition/Hall, S. et al. (eds)

LF/f-32 Berlin replayed: cinema and urban nostalgia in the postwall era/Wagner, B.B.

LF/f-33 Projected cities: cinema and urban space/Barber, S.

LF/g-36 Landscape and power/; 2nd edition/Mitchell, W.T.J. (ed)

LF/g-37 The place of music/Leyshon, A. et al. (eds)

LF/g-38 Feminine endings: music, gender and sexuality/McClary, S.

LF/g-39 Inuit art/Hessel, I.

LF/h-19 Slumming it/Frenzel, F.

LG-98 The spectatorship of suffering/Chouliaraki, L.

LH-37 Talk on the Wilde side/Cohen, E.

LH-38 Turkish Berlin/Hinze, A.M.

LH-39 First peoples first contacts/King, J.C.H.

LP-150 Urban cosmopolitics/Blok, A. et al. (eds).

LP/a-68 Where we want to live/Gravel, R.

LP/a-69 Architecture, politics and identity in divided Berlin/Pugh, E.

LP/b-35 Suburban constellations/Keil, R. (ed)

LP/b-36 In defense of housing/Madden, D. et al.

LP'b-37 Evicted: poverty and profit in the American city/Desmond, M.

LP/d-50(3) Concrete and clay/Gandy, M.

LP/d-111 Urban assemblages/Farias, I. et al.

LP/d-112 Seeing like a city/Amin, A. et al.

LP/d-113 Vertical: the city from satellites to bunkers/Graham, S.

Economic & Political geography

M-309 The financialization of housing/Aalbers, M.B.

M-310 The political economy of natural resources and development/Haslam, P.A. et al. (eds)

M-311 The Great Crash 1929/Galbraith, J.K.

M-312 Manias, panics, and crashes/Kindleberger, C.P.

M-313 The world in depression 1929-1939/Kindleberger, C.P.

M-314 Rethinking the economics of land and housing/Ryan-Collins, J. et al.

M-315 Handbook of the geographies of money and finance/Martin, R. et al. (eds)

M-315(2) As above.

M.2-61 The European Union: a citizen's guide/Bickerton, C.

MB-151 The handbook of neoliberalism/Springer, S. et al. (eds)

MB-152 Ecological economics/Costanza, R. (ed)

MB-153 An extraordinary time/Levinson, M.

MC-88 The new north: the world in 2050/Smith, L.

MG-345 The ethics of invention/Jasanoff, S.

MM-133 A history of food/Toussaint-Samat, M.

MM-134 The food wars/Bello, W.

MM-135 Food and development/Abraham, J.

MM-136 A movable feast/Kiple, K.F.

MM-136(2) As above

MM-137 Sugar changed the world/Aronson, M. et al.

MM-138 Agriculture and food in crisis/Magdoff, F. et al.

MM-139 Sugar: a bittersweet history/Abbott, E.

MM-140 Sweet negotiations/Menard, R.R.

MM-141 The politics of provisions/Bohstedt, J.

MM-142 Hunger pains: life inside foodbank Britain/Gerthwaite, K.

MM-143 Every farm a factory/Fitzgerald, D.

MM-144 The omnivore's dilemma/Pollan, M.

MM-145 Fascist pigs/Saraiva, T.

N-123 Politics in the developing world/Burnell, P. et al. (eds)

NA-63(2) The least of all possible evils/Weizman, E.

NA-81 The signal and the noise/Silver, N.

NB-44(2) Geopolitics: an introductory reader/Dittmer, J. et al. (eds)

NB-47 The scramble for the Poles/Dodds, K. et al.

NB-48 Protest camps in international context/Brown, G. et al. (eds)

NC-100 Power in movement/Tarrow, S.G.

ND-108 Diplomatic cultures and international politics/Dittmer, J. et al. (eds)

ND-109 The Polar regions and the development of international law/Rothwell, D.R.

ND-110 Pink ice: Britain and the South Atlantic empire/Dodds, K.

ND-111 Justice across boundaries: whose obligations?/O'Neill, O.

ND-112 South-south cooperation beyond the myths/Bergamaschi, I. et al. (eds)

NG-10 Violent borders: refugees and the right to move/ Jones, R.

P-200 The Atlantic in world history/Kupperman, K.O.

P-201 The public history reader/Kean, H, et al. (eds)

P-202 Archive stories: facts, fictions and the writing of history/Burton, A. (ed)

P-203 Museums and communities/Karp, I. et al. (eds)

P-204 Making representations; revised edition/Simpson, M.G.

P-205 Reinventing Africa/Coombes, A.E.

P-206 The new museology/Vergo, P. (ed)

P-207 Exhibiting cultures/Karp, I. et al. (eds)

P-208 Museums: a visual anthropology/Bouquet, M.

P.1-212 A history of drink and the English, 1500-2000/Jennings, Paul

P.1-213 The new politics of British local governance/Stoker, G. (ed)

P.1g-100 The Cambridge economic history of modern Britain; vol. 1, 1700-1870/Floud, R. et al. (eds)

P.1h-259 The rise and fall of Liberal Government in Victorian Britain/Parry, J.

P.1h-260 Democracy and the vote in British politics, 1848-1867/Saunders, R.

P.1h-261 London labour and the London poor/Mayhew, H.

P.1h-262 Sex, politics and society: the regulation of sexuality since 1800/Weeks, J.

P.1h-263 Policing morals: the Metropolitan Police and the HOme Office 1870-1914/Petrow, S.

P.1h-264 The trials of Oscar Wilde/Foldy, M.S.

P.1h-265 The licensed city/Beckingham, D.

P.1j-3 Capital affairs/Mort, F.

P.2-88 Hitler's empire/Mazower, M.

P.2-89 Europe after empire/Buettner, E.

P.2b-13 The Cambridge companion to Ancient Rome/Erdkamp, P. (ed)

P.28-14 The demon of politics/Herwig, H.H.

P.28-15 Weimar surfaces/Ward, J.

P.621a-1 Our inheritance in the Great Pyramid/Smyth, P.

Historical geography

Regional geography

R.18-65 Ireland: a history/Bartlett, T.

R.18-66 Dublin through space and time/Brady, J. et al. (eds)

R.2-99 The other heading: reflections on today's Europe/Derrida, J.

R.26-106 Roissy express/Maspero. F.

R.47-E.12 Hydraulic city/Anand, N.

R.47-G.53(2) In the shadows of the state/Shah, A.

R.47-G.83 Everyday peace?/Williams, P.

R.47-H.18 River dialogues/Drew, G.

R.53-80 Challenging southeast Asian development/Rigg, J.

R.55-19 The survival of Easter Island/Boersema, J.J.

R.6-124 African studies in social movements and democracy/Mamdani, M. et al. (eds)

R.6-D.21 Remembering Nayeche and the Grey Bull Engiro/Mirzeler, M.K.

R.670-4 Biodiversity: ecology and conservation of littoral ecosystems in southeastern Madagsacar, Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin)/Ganzhorn, J.U. et al. (eds).

R.7-C.121 Soldier dead/Sledge, M.

R.7-D.49 Strangers in their own land/Hochschild, A.

R.77-26(2) The lie of the land/Mitchell, D.

R.77-28 They saved the crops/Mitchell, D.

R.8-D.50(2) Environment and citizenship in Latin America/Latta, A. et al. (eds)

R.860-79 City of walls: crime, segregation and citizenship in Sao Paulo/Caldeira, T.P.R.

R.91-68 Community adaptation and vulnerability in Arctic Regions/Hovelsrud, G.K. et al. (eds)

R.91-69 Knowing places: the Inuinnait, landscapes and the environment/Collignon, B.

R.91-70 Governing the north American Arctic/Berry, D.A. et al. (eds)

R.91-71 Eskimo places/Carpenter, E.

R.91-72 The Arctic: environment, people, policy/Nuttall, M. et al. (eds)

R.91-73 Northern governments in transition/Cameron, K. et al.

R.91-74 Canada and the idea of the north/Grace, S.E.

R.91-75 Canadian nordicity/Hamelin, L-E.

R.91-76 Made in Nunavut/Hicks, J. et al.

R.91-77 Siku: knowing our ice/Krupnik, I. et al. (eds)

R.91-78 Contesting the Arctic/Steinberg, P. E. et al.

R.91-79 Unfreezing the Arctic/Stuhl, A.

R.91-80 White horizon: the Arctic in 19th century British imagination/Hill, J.

R.92-27 The emerging politics of Antarctica/Brady, A-M. (ed)

R.92-28 Antarctic security in 21st century/Hemmings, A.D. et al. (eds)

R.92-29 Class and colonialism in Antarctic exploration, 1750-1920/Maddison, B.

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SC-62 Maps and memes/Eades, G.L.

SF-103 Earth observation of wildland fires in Mediterranean ecosystems/Chuvieco, E. (ed)

SF-104 Remote sensing and GIS for ecologists/Wegmann, M. et al. (eds)

TD-12 Microscopice preparation techniques for plant stem analysis/Gartner, H. et al.

1-34 The encyclopedia of volcanoes; 2nd edition/Sigurdsson, H. et al. (eds)

1-35 The Sage handbook of social anthropology; 2 volumes/ Fardon, R. et al. (eds).

10-15 Atlas of submarine glacial landforms/Dowdeswell, J.A. et al. (eds)

!0-16 The geology of Svalbard/Harland, W.B.

10-17 Atlas of woody plant stems/Schweingruber, F.H. et al.


XAB-20 Empires of physics: a guide to the exhibition/Bennett, J. et al.

XHF-54 Culture and climate change: narratives/Bell, A. et al.

XHF-55 Culture and climate change: recordings/Arends, B.

XL-17 An attempt at exhausting a place in Paris/Perec, G.

XM-50 The gospel of wealth/Carnegie, A.


This changes everything/Avi Lewis (Director)

Study guides


Demographic Yearbook. 2015, 66th issue.

HAK3-31 Hakluyt Society. Series 3 Volume 31. The struggle for the South Atlantic: the armada of the strait, 1581-1584.