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Accessions 2015-16

Accessions 2015-16


A history of world agriculture/Mazoyer, M. et al.

At the margins of Victorian Britain/Grube, D.

Citizenship in Britain/Heater, D.

Global change in the Holocene/Mackay, A. (ed).

The earth system/Kump, L.R. et al.

The globalization reader/Lechner, F.J. et al.

The international handbook of political ecology./Bryant, R.L. (ed).

The lie of the land/Mitchell, D.

The Routledge Handbook on cities of the global south/Pernell, S. et al.

The Routledge Handbook of Political Ecology/Perreault, T. et al.

Transport, mobility and the production of open space/Cidell, J. et al.


Ideas and geographical history

A-88(2) Feminism and geography/Rose, G.

AA-7 The new production of knowledge/Gibbons, M. et al.

AB-167 Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies/Bostrum, N.

AB-168 The honest broker/Pielke, R.A.

AB-168(2) As above

AB-169 The paradox of scientific authority/Bijker, W.E. et al.

AB-170 Science and public reason/Jasanoff, S.

AB-171 The merger of knowledge with power/Ravetz, J.R.

AB-172 Expert Group on Science and Governance.

AB-173 Reframing rights/Jasanoff, S. (ed).

AB-174 Modernity and technology/Misa, T.J. et al. (eds)

AB-175 LIstening and voice/Ihde, D.

AB-176 Air: nature and culture/Adey, P.

AB-177 Re-thinking science/Nowotny, H. et al.

AB-178 Science on stage/Hilgartner, S.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

D-198 Geomorphological mapping/Smith, M.J. et al.

D-199 Mediterranean mountain environments/Vogiatzakis, I.N. (ed).

DD-193 The Ice Age/Ehlers, J. et al.

DD-194 Antarctic subglacial aquatic environments/Siegert, M.J. et al.

DH-147 Estuarine hydrology: an introduction; 2nd ed./Wolanski, E.

Climate, soil science and biogeography

F-89 Atmospheric science: an introductory survey/Wallace, J.M. et al.

FE-21(2) The Little Ice Age/Fagan, B.

General human geography

H-99 Parallax of growth/Bjerg, O.

HF-219 End game/Barnosky, A.D. et al.

HF-220 Big world small planet/Rockstrom, J. et al.

HG-130 Grazing ecology and forest history/Vera, F.W.M.

HH-34 Moth/Gandy, M.

HJ-178 Principles of terrestrial ecosystme ecology: 2nd ed/Chapin, F.S. Jnr. et al.

HL-442 What works in conservation/Sutherland, W.J. et al. (eds).

HL-443 Nature's spectacle/Sheail, J.

HL-444 The violence of the green revolution/Shiva, V.

HL-445 Nature reserves: island theory and conservation practice/Shafer, C.L.

HM-72 Resilience to extreme weather/The Royal Society

JB-21 Encountering affect: capacilies, apparatuses, conditions/Anderson, B.

JD-95 Death in Hamburg/Evans, R.J.

JD-96 Naples in the time of cholera, 1884-1911/Snowden, F.M.

JD-97 Imperial medicine and indigenous societies/Arnold, D. (ed).

K-95 Introducing human geographies; 3rd edition/Cloke, P. et al. (eds).

K-96 Post-structuralist geography/Murdoch, J.

K/a-18(2) Environmental change, climate and health/Martens, P. et al.

K/a-30 Routledge international handbook of sustainable development/Redclift, M. et al. (eds).

K/a-31 The ecological modernisation reader/Mol, A.P.J. et al. (eds).

K/c-91 Knowledge, policy and expertise/Owens, S.

K/c-91(2) As above

K/c-92 The international handbook of political ecology/Bryant, R.L. (ed)

K/c-93 The Routledge handbook of political ecology/Perreault, T. et al. (eds).

K/c-94 The politics of green transformations/Scoones, I. et al. (eds).

K/c-95 Accomplishing climate governance/Bulkeley, H.

K/c-96 Punctuated equilibrium and the dynamics of the U.S. environmental policy/Repetto, R. (ed).

K/c-97 Biopiracy/Shiva, V.

K/c-98 Earth democracy/Shiva, V.

K/d-56 Hazardous future/Capeloa Gil, I. et al. (eds).

K/d-57 Understanding the risk society/Mythen, G.

KD-109 Demography: the study of human population/Kundquist, J.L. et al.

KD-110 The European experience of declining fertility: a quiet revolution 1850-1970/Gillis, J.R. et al. (eds).

KF-47 Reframing pilgrimage/Coleman, S. et al.

KF-48 Cultures in contact/Hoerder, D.

KF-49 What is migration history?/Harzig, C. et al.

Social geography

L-250 The writer of modern life/Benjamin, W.

L-251 One-way street/Benjamin, W.

L-252 Red stamps and gold stars/Turner, S. (ed).

L-253 Quakitative research; 3rd edition/Silverman, D. (ed).

L-254 Qualitative research methods in human geography; 4th edition/Hay, I. et al.

L-255 Animal capital:rendering life in biopolitical times/Shukin, N.

LA-221 Gender, justice, citizenship, development/Mukhopadhyay, M. et al. (eds).

LA-222 Imperial subjects/Mooers, C.

LA-223 Deleuze and the postcolonial/Bignall, S. et al. (eds).

LA-224 The Guattari reader/Genosko, G. (ed).

LA-225 Networks of outrage and hope/Castells, M.

LA-226 The invention of the passport/Torpey, J.

LB-113 Why we can't afford the rich/Sayer, A.

LB-114 Heat wave; 2nd edition/Klinenberg, E.

LB-115 Hobos, hustlers and backsliders/Gowan, T.

LB-116 Can the welfare state survive?/Gamble, A.

LB-117 Flip-flop/Knowles, C.

LB-118 Social policy in a cold climte/Lupton, R. et al. (eds).

LB-119 Rethinking life at the margins/Lancione, M. (ed).

LC-314 Families apart/Pratt, G.

LC-315 The securitization of society/Schuilenburg, M.

LC-316 Men of the world/Hearn, Jeff.

LC-317 Losing our cool/Cox, S.

LC-318 Bargaining for women's rights/Kang, A.J.

LC-319 Who will mind the baby?/England, K. (ed).

LC-320 Women of a lesser cost/Chant, S. et al.


LC-322 Democracy, citizenship and the global city/Isin, E.F. (ed).

LC-323 Precarious worlds/Meehan, K. et al. (eds).

LC-324 Thai women in the global labor force/Mills, M.B.

LC-325 Of woman born/Rich, A.

LC-326 Politics of piety/Mahmood, S.

LC-327 The biopolitics of gender/Repo, J.

LC-328 Globalizing motherhood/Moghadam, V.M.

LC-329 Organizing women workers in the informal economy/ Kabeer, N. et al. (eds)

LC-330 Women's activism and globalization/Naples, N.A. et al. (eds)

LC-331 Regulating womanhood/Smart, C. (ed).

LC-332 The female body in medicine and literature/Mangham, A. et al. (eds)

LC-333 How societies remember/Connerton, P.

LD-44 Drawing the global colour line/Lake, M. et al.

LF-56 Cultural geography in practice/Blunt, A. et al. (eds).

LF-57 Cultural geography/Crang, M.

LF-58 Critical geographies of cycling/Norcliffe, G.

LF-59 Cycling and society/Horton, D. et al. (eds).

LF/a-63 The soundscape/Schaffer, R.M.

LF/a-64 Music, sound and space/Born, G. (ed).

LF/a-65 The art of public space/Gurney, K.

LF/b-66 Sonic experience/Augoyard, J-F. et al. (ed).

LF/b-67 Sick building syndrome and the problem of uncertainty/Murphy, M.

LF/b-68 The soundscape of modernity/Thompson, E.

LF/b-69 Urban constellations/Gandy, M. (ed).

LF/b-70 The architecture of the city/Rossi, A.

LF/b-71 Warped space/Vidler, A.

LF/b-72 Atlas of emotion/Bruno, G.

LF/b-73 Metropolitan preoccupations/Vasudevan, A.

LF/b-74 Designing the modern interior/Sparke, P. et al. (eds).

LF/g-32 Background noise; 2nd edition/LaBelle, B.

LF/g-33 Noise water meat/Kahn, D.

LF/g-34 Noise: the political economy of music/Attali, J.

LF/g-35 Creative Britain/Smith, C.

LG-96 Together/Sennett, R.

LG-97 New ethnicities and urban culture/Back, L.

LP-146 Implosions/explosions: towards a study of planetary urbanization/Brenner, N. (ed).

LP-147 Urban theory/Harding, A. et al.

LP-148 Urbanism in the preindustrial world/Storey, G.R. (ed).

LP-149 The gentrification reader/Lees, L. et al. (eds).

LP/a-65 Of planting and planning/Home, R.

LP/a-66 Planning and diversity in the city/Fincher, R. et al.

LP/a-67 Dreaming the rational city/Boyer, M.C.

LP/d-105 The Blackwell city reader; 2nd edition/Bridge, G. et al. (eds).

LP/d-106 Unruly cities?/Pile, S. et al. (eds).

LP/d-107 The new Blackwell companion to the city/Bridge, G. et al. (eds).

LP/d-108 Unsettling cities/Allen, J. et al. (eds).

Lp/d-109 International handbook of globalization and world cities/Derudder, B. et al. (eds).

LP/d-110 Industrial cities: history and future/Zimmermann, C. (ed).

LP/e-66 The fabric of space/Gandy, M.

LP/e-67 The acoustic city/Gandy, M. et al.

LP/e-67(2) As above

LP/e-68 Manhattan atmospheres/Gissen, D.

LP/f-63 Urban theory beyond the west/Edensor, T. et al. (eds).

LP/f-64 Cities: small guides to big issues/Seabrook, J.

LQ-77 Disenchanted night/Schivelbusch, W.

LQ-78 Postmetropolis/Soja, E.W.

Economic and political geography

M-305(2) Financial innovation: too much or too little?/Haliossos, M. (ed).

M-307 Postcapitalism: a guide to our future/Mason, P.

M-308 Finance as wardare/Hudson, M.

MA-114 Value shift/Paine, L.S.

MB-147 Natural capital: valuing the planet/Helm, D.

MB-148 The age of sustainable development/Sachs, J.D.

MB-149 Globalizing capital; 2nd edition/Eichengreen, B.

MB-150 The affluent society revisited/Berry, M.

MC-86 Architects of austerity/Major, A.

MC-87 Getting better/Kenny, C.

MD-56 Chronicles on our troubled times/Piketty, T.

MF-72 Transport, mobility and the production of urban space/CIdell, J. et al. (eds).

MF-72(2) As above

MG-342 New Europe's new development aid/Szent-Ivanyi, B. et al.

MG-343 Global finance and development/Hudson, D.

MG-344 The governance of large technical systems/Coutard, O. (ed).

MH-61 The deadly life of logistics/Cowen, D.

MM-132 Golden arches east/Watson, J.L. (ed).

MP-6 Forests and food/Vira, B. et al. (eds).

NA-74 The politics of scientific advice/Lentsch, J. et al. (eds).

NA-75 Ontopower: war, powers and thwe state of perception/Massumi, B.

NA-76 Geographies of peace/McConnell, F. et al. (eds).

NA-77 The nature of the state/Whitehead, M. et al.

NA-78 Marxism and the interpretation of culture/Nelson, C. et al. (eds).

NA-79 Globalization, social movements & the new internationalists/Waterman, P.

NA/79(2) As above

NA-80 The rise of the global imaginary/Waterman, P.

NB-44 Geopolitics: an introduction/Dittmer, J. et al. (eds).

NB-45 Sexual violence as a weapon of war?/Baaz, M.E. et al.

NB-46 Tabloid terror: war, culture, and politics/Debrix, F.

NC-93 Modern social movements in Britain and Swedne/Heclo, H.

NC-94 The politics of expert advice/Barker, A. et al. (eds).

NC-95 The policy process in the modern capitalist state; 2nd edition/Ham, C. et al.

NC-96 Policy networks in British government/Marsh, D. et al. (eds).

NC-97 Advising west European givernments/Peters, B.G. et al. (eds)

NC-98 Governing under pressure/Richardson, J.J. et al.

NC-99 Politics in the age of austerity/Schaefer, A. et al. (eds).

Historical geography

P-194 Vanishing for the vote/Liddington, J.

P-195 Legacies of empire/Halperin, S. et al. (eds).

P-196 The local: a history of the English pub/Jennings, Paul.

P-197 Population, welfare and economic change in Britain 1290-1834/Briggs, C. et al. (eds).

P-198 Ghosts of war in Vietnam/Kwon, H.

P-199 Ceremonies of possession in Europe's conquest of the New World 1492-1640/Seed, P.

P.1-211 Beer and Britannia: an inebriated history of Britain/Haydon, P.

P.1h-249(2) At home and astray/Howell, P.M.R.

P.1h-251 Distant strangers: how Britain became modern/Vernon, J.

P.1h-252 A cultural history of the British census/Levitan, K.

P.1h-253 Crime in England 1815-1880/Johnston, H.

P.1h-254 Crime in England 1880-1945/Godfrey, B.

P.1h-255 Juvenile nation/Olsen, S.

P.1h-256 Labour & love: women's experience of home and family 1850-1940/Lewis, J. (ed).

P.1h-257 Women in England 1870-1950/Lewis, J.

P.1h-258 Dangerous motherhood: insanity and childbirth in Victorian Britain/Marland, H.

P.1i-10 Women drinking out in Britain since the early 20th century/Gutzke, D.W.

P.26-74 The conquest of water/Goubert, J-P.

P.36-8 Balkan as metaphor/Bjelic, D.I. (ed).

P.53-1.1 Southeast Asia in the age of commerce 1450-1680; Volume 1/Reid, A.

P.53-1.2 Southeast Asia in the age of commerce 1450-1680; Volume 2/Reid, A.

Regional geography

R.17-44 Scottish crofters: a historical ethnography of a Celtic village; 2nd ed/Parman, S.

R.18-64 Reflecting 1916: photography and the Easter Rising/Gibbons, L. et al.

R.38-125 Socio-economic geography in Russia/Baklanov, P.Ya.

R.47-C.60 Women in the Indian National Movement/Thapar-Bjorkert, S.

R.47-D.123 Subaltern movements in India/Desai, M.

R.47-D.124 Routledge handbook of contemporary India/Jacobsen, K. (ed).

R.47-E.11 The illegal city/Datta, A.

R.48-2 Rehearsing the state/McConnell, F.

R.54-62 Conservation is our government/West, P.

R.6-121 African engagements: Africa negotiating an emerging multipolar world/Dietz, T. et al. (eds).

R.6-122 Women and power in postconflict Africa/Tripp, A.M.

R.6-123 The African food crisis/Djurfeldt, G. et al. (eds)

R.6-B.64 Africa's turn.Miguel, E.

R.6-B.65 The emerging middle class in Africa/Ncube, M. et al. (eds).

R.6-B.66 Africa: why economists get it wrong/Jerven, M.

R.6-B.67 Africa rising? BRICS - diversifying dependency/Taylor, I.

R.6-B.68 Poor numbers/Jerven, M.

R.6-C.29 The scattering time: Turkana responses to colonial rule/Lamphear, J.

R.6-C.30 Imperial frontier/Barber, J.

R.6-C.31 Democracy in Africa/Cheeseman, N.

R.668-2(2) Peace without profit/Hanlon, J.

R.7-D.44 American apartheid/Massey, D.S. et al.

R.7-D.45 Boomburbs: the rise of America's accidental cities/Lang, R.E. et al.

R.7-D.46 When America became suburban/Beauregard, R.A.

R.7-D.47 The suburb reader/Nicolaides, B.M. et al.

R.7-D.48 Manhood in America: a cultural history/Kimmel, M.

R.7-G.28 Agendas, alternatives and public policies; new edition/KIngdon, J.W.

R.71-D.14 Finding Dahshaa/Irlbacher-Fox, S.

R.8-B.57 Subterranean struggles/Bebbington, A. et al. (eds).

R.8-B.58 The new extractivism/Veltmeyer, H. et al.

R.8-D.52 Dilemmas of difference/Radcliffe, S.A.

R.8-D.53 Neoliberalism, interrupted/Goodale, M. et al. (eds).

R.8-D.54 Social movement dynamics/Rossi, F.M. et al. (eds).

R.8-G.15 New political spaces in Latin American natural resource governance/Haarstad, H. (ed).

R.845-24 From Enron to Evo/Hindery, D.

R.860-78 This land is ours now/Wolford, W.

R.91-67 The northward course of empire/Stefansson, W.

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SC-60 Apollo's eye/Cosgrove, D.

SC-61 Weaponizing maps/Bryan, J. et al.

SF-97(2) Introduction to remote sensing; 5th edition/Campbell, J.B. et al.

SF-100 Remote sensing of the environment; 2nd edition/Jensen, J.R.

SF-101 Introduction to remote sensing; 2nd edition/Cracknell, A.P. et al.

SF-102 Remote sensing and image interpretation; 7th edition/Lillesand, T.M. et al.

T-169 Discovering statistics using R/Field, A. et al.


XAB-19 See-through science/Wilsdon, J. et al.

ZMH-41 The role of trade in ending poverty/World Trade Organization.


DVD-18 Bamako/Sissako, A.

DVD-19 Even the rain/Bollain, I. (Director)

DVD-20 Liquid city/Gandy, M.

Study guides

12-22 The Oxford handbook of early modern European history: Vol. 1: People and places/Scott, H. (ed).

12-23 The Oxford handbook of transnational feminist movements/Baksh, R. et al. (eds).

13-57 Study skills for geography, earth and environmental science students; 3rd ed./Kneale, P.

13-58 A field guide to economics for conservationists/Fisher, B. et al.


Frankfurter Geographische Hefte. Band 70, 2015.

Geographers Biobibliographical Studies. Volume 34.

Hakluyt Society. Series III, Volume 28. Australia circumnavigated (Vol. I)/ Morgan K. (ed)

Hakluyt Society. Series III, Volume 29. Australia circumnavigated (Vol. II)/Morgan, K. (ed).

Hakluyt Society. Series III, Volume 30. Sir Joseph Banks, Iceland and the North Atlantic 1772-1820.

Statistical Yearbook 2013. 58th edition.

Tsukuba Geoenvironmental Sciences. Volume 11, 2015.

World Development Report 2016