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Accessions 2014-15

Accessions 2014-15


Alley, R.B. The two-mile time machine: ice cores, abruot climate change and our future.

Atkinson, D. Cultural geography: a critical dictionary of key concepts.

Benn, D.I. Glaciers and glaciation; 2nd ed.

Brockington, D. et al. Nature unbound.

Coe, N. Economic geography of UK.

Davie, T. Fundamentals of Hydrology; 2nd ed.

Elden, S. Terror and territory.

Engel, U. et al. African dynamics in a mulitpolar world.

Gill, S. (ed) Global crises and the crisis of global leadership.

Hinchliffe, S. Geographies of nature

Hoggart, K. Researching human geography

Isin, E.F. Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies.

Lowe, J. et al. Reconstructing Quaternary Environments; 3rd edition.

Masselink, G. Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology; 2nd ed.

Mitchell, D. Right to the city

Newing, H. Conducting research in conservation

Painter, J. et al. Political Geography; 2nd ed.

Roberts, N. The Holocene: 3rd ed.

Valverde, M. Everyday law on the street.

Viles, H. et al. Coastal Problems.

Whatmore, S. Hybrid geographies.

Willis, K. Theories and practices of development; 2nd ed.


Ideas and geographical history

AB-163 Future directions for scientific advice in Whitehall/Doubleday, R. et al. (eds)

AB-164 Geographies and moralities/Lee, R. et al. (eds).

AB-165 Reassembling the social/Latour, B.

AB-166 Remembering elites/Savage, M. et al. (eds).

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

CC-104 Reconstructing quaternary environments; 3rd ed./Lowe, J. et al.

CC-104(2) As above

CF-42(3) Volcanoes and the environment/Marti, J. et al.

CF-53 Volcanism and global environmental change/Schmidt, A. et al. (eds).

D-192 The Sage Handbook of geomorphology/Gregory, K.J. et al(eds).

DA.680-2 Southern African geomorphology/Holmes, P. et al.

DD-192 Quaternary research in Britain and Ireland/West, R.

DH-127(4) Coasts/Woodroffe, C.D.

DH-139(3) Introduction to coastal processes and geomorphology/Davidson-Arnott, R.

DH-145 The last beach/Pilkey, O.H. et al.DH-145 Understanding sea level rise and variability/Church, J.A. et al. (eds).

DH-146 Global coastal change/Valiela, I.

E-112 Physical hydrology/Chorley, R.J. (ed).

EA-60(2) Active tectonics and alluvial rivers/Schumm, S.A. et al.

EA-72 River discharge to the coastal ocean/Milliman, J.D. et al.

EC-99(2) The oceans and climate: 2nd edition.

EC-104 Flotsametrics and the floating world/Ebbesmeyer, C. et al.

EC-105 Sea-level science/Pugh, D. et al.

ED-142 Water security: principles, perspectives and practices/Lankford, B. et al. (eds).

ED-143 The Thames Barrier/Gilbert, S. et al.

ED-144 Water: Asia's new battleground/Chellaney, B.

ED-145 Water resources in the arid realm/Agnew, C. et al.

ED-146 Climate change, sea-level rise and development in Bangladesh/Brammer, H.

ED-147 Asian perspectives on water policy/Tortajada, C. (ed).

Climate, soil science and biogeography

F-87 An introduction to atmospheric physics; 2nd ed/Andrews, D.G.

F-88 Meteorology: understanding the atmosphere; 4th edition/Ackerman, S.A. et al.

FA-111(2) The great ocean conveyor/Broecker, W.

FA-112 Earth's climate past and future; 3rd ed./Ruddiman, W.F.

FC-9(2) Parameterization schemes/Stensrud, D.J.

FE-22(3) Climate change in prehistory/Burroughs, W.J.

FE-24 The anthropology of climate change/Dove, M.R. (ed).

General human geography

HB-18(2) Gaia: a new look at life on earth/Lovelock, J.E.

HC-20(2) An introduction to earth-life system/Cockell, C. (ed).

HF-210 Don't even think about it/Marshall, G.

HF-211 Climate change: biological and human aspects; 2nd ed./Cowie, J.

HF-212 Society and nature/Dickens, P.

HF-213 Handbook on climate change and human security/Redclift, M.R. et al.

HF-214 The Earthscan reader on adaptation to climate change/Schipper, E.L.F. et al.

HF-215 Climate change and development/Tanner, T. et al.

HF-216 Adaptation to climate change/Pelling, M.

HF-217 Climate and human migration/McLeman, R.A.

HF-218 Climate change 2014: Parts A & B/IPCC.

HG-129 The baobabs/Wickens, G.E. et al.

HH-33 Birds and climate change/Pearce-Higgins, J.W. et al.

HJ-175(2) Fire in Mediterranean ecosystems/Keeley, J.E. et al.

HJ-177 After the fires/Wallace, L.L. (ed).

HJ-178 Tropical environments/Kellman, M. et al.

HK-24 The Holocene: an environmental history;3rd ed/Roberts, N.

HL-435 Resource efficiency complexity and the Commons/Lankford, B.

HL-436 Environmental philosophy in Asian traditions of thought/Baird Callicot, J. et al. (eds).

HL-437 Bee conservation/Dicks, L.V. et al.

HL-438 Bird conservation/Williams, D.R. et al.

HL-439 Amphibian conservation/Smith, R.K. et al.

HL-440 Sustainable energy - without the hot air/MacKay, D.J.C.

HL-441 Communication skills for conservation professionals/Jacobson, Susan K.

HM-71 Extreme natural hazards, disaster risks and societal implications/Ismail-Zadeh, A. et al. (eds).

JD-94 Plagues and peoples/McNeill, W.H.

K-56(2) Introducing human geographies/Cloke, P. et al. (eds).

K-93 Theory from the South/Comaroff, J. et al.

K-94 Human geography: the basics/Jones, A.

K/a-29 Climate shock/Wagner, G. et al.

K/b-53(3) Social nature/Castree, N. et al. (eds).

K/b-74 Adventures in the Anthropocene/Vince, G.

K/b-75 Environmental transformations/Whitehead, M.

K/b-76 Wildlife in the Anthropocene/Lorimer, J.

K/c-88 This changes everything/Klein, N.

K/c-89 Reimagining political ecology/Biersack, A. et al. (eds).

K/c-90 Climate justice: vulnerability and protection/Shue, H.

K/d-54 Resilient life/Evans, B. et al.

K/d-55 The resilience dividend/Rodin, J.

K/f-32(2) Theories and practices of development; 2nd ed./Willis, K.

K/f-36 Provocations for development/Chambers, R.

K/f-37 Development theory and practice/Kothari, U. et al. (eds).

KD-104 Population and economy/Rotberg, R. et al.

KD-105 British population history/Anderson, M. (ed).

KD-106 The demography of Victorian England and Wales/Woods, R.

KD-107 Population and development: the demographic transition/Dyson, T.

KD-108 DEmographic methods/Hinde, A.

KF-45 The global economic crisis and the future of migration: issues and prospects/Ghosh, B.

KF-46 Migration in world history; 2nd edition/Manning, P.

Social geography

L-157(2) Reindeer people/Vitebsky, P.

L-216(3) Citizenship/Yarwood, R.

L-235 Returns: becoming indigenous in the 21st century/Clifford, J.

L-235(2) As above

L-236 Adam's ancestors/Livingstone, D.N.

L-237 City, street and citizen/Hall, S.

L-238 The ethnographic experiment/Hviding, E. et al. (eds).

L-239 The posthuman/Braidotti, R.

L-240 Qualitative research methods in human geography; 3rd ed./Hay, I. (ed).

L-241 After method: mess in social science research/Law, J.

L-242 Towards a critical sociology/Bauman, Z.

L-243 What is good?/Grayling, A.C.

L-244 Moral relativism/Levy, N.

L-245 Roland Barthes: structuralism and afterwards/Lavers, A.

L-246 Reinventing anthropology/Hymes, D. (ed).

L-247 Interviewing experts/Bogner, A. et al. (eds).

L-248 Using social theory: thinking through research/Pryke, M. et al. (eds)/

L-249 Research methods in anthropology; 5th edition/Bernard, H.R.

LA-42 The condition of postmodernity/Harvey, D.

LA-49(2) The practice of everyday life/de Certeau, M.

LA-178(3) Geographies of postclonialism/Sharp, J.P.

LA-216(2) Citizenship/Yarwood, R.

LA-218 Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies/Isin, E.F. et al. (eds)

LA-219 Civil society and political theory/Cohen, J.L. et al.

LA-220 How we became posthuman/Hayles, N.K.

LB-70(2) Work to welfare: how men become detached from the labour market/Alcock, P. et al.

LB-77(2) Planet of slums/Davis, M.

LB-105 Domination and the arts of resistance/Scott, J.C.

LB-106 The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid/Prahalad, C.K.

LB-107 Swept up lives?/Cloke, P. et al.

LB-108 Intoxication and society/Herring, J. et al. (eds).

LB-109 Protecting children in time/Ferguson, H.

LB-110.1 War, hunger and displacement: Vol. 1 Analysis/Nafziger, E.W. et al. (eds).

LB-110.2 War, hunger and displacement: Vol. 2 Case Studies/Nafziger, E.W. et al. (eds).

LB-111 Understanding poverty and the environment/Nunan, F.

LB-112 The Routledge companion to humanitarian action/MacGinty, R. et al. (eds).

LC-221(2) Feminist genealogies, colonial legacies, democratic futures/Alexander, M.J. et al. (eds).

LC-290 Reassessing fatherhood/Lewis, C. et al. (eds)

LC-291 Feminists doing development/Porter, M. et al.

LC-292 Feminisms, empowerment and development/Corwall, A. et al. (eds).

LC-293 Dispossession/Butler, J. et al.

LC-294 Domesticating neo-liberalism/Stenning, A. et al.

LC-295 Governing morals: a social history of moral regulation/Hunt, A.

LC-296 Crime and everyday life; 4th ed./Felson, M. et al.

LC-297 Child, nation and empire/Swain, S. et al.

LC-298 Global woman/Ehrenreich, B. et al. (eds).

LC-299 Sex at the margins/Agustin, L.M.

LC-300 Spirits of resistance and capitalist resistance/Ong, A.

LC-301 Strangers in the city/Zhang, L.

LC-302 Sex trafficking/Segrave, M. et al.

LC-303 Birthing a mother/Teman, E.

LC-304 Gender and the South China miracle/Lee, C.K.

LC-305 Infertility around the globe/Inhorn, M.C. et al. (eds).

LC-306 Reproductive technologies as global form/Knecht, M. et al. (eds).

LC-307 Rethinking trafficking in women: politics out of security/Aradau, C.

LC-308 Sex and borders/Jeffrey, L.A.

LC-309 Cosmopolitan sex workers/Chin, C.B.N.

LC-310 The political economy of violence against women/True, J.

LC-311 Outsourcing the womb/Twine, F.W.

LC-312 In service and servitude/Chin, C.B.N.

LC-313 Genders in production/Salzinger, L.

LD-43 The spirit level/Wilkinson, R. et al.

LF/a-62 The illusions of postmodernism/Eagleton, T.

LF/b-63 Explore everything: place-hacking the city/Garrett, B.L.

LF/b-64 Explore everything: place-hacking the city/Garrett, B.T.

LF/b-65 Rights of passage/Blomley, N.

LF/d-25 Understanding Islamic charities/Alterman, J.B. et al.

LF/d-26 Publics and the city/Iveson, K.

LF/f-28 Life on the screen/Turkle, S.

LF/f-29 The playful world/Pesce, M.

LF/h-18 A hospitable world?/Jordhuis-Lier, D. et al. (eds).

LG-95 Habitus of the hood/Richardson, C. et al. (eds).

LJ-22 Race and the crisis of humanism/Anderson, K.

LJ-22(2) As above

LP-144 The new urban question/Merrifield, A.

LP-145 Urban informality/Roy, A. et al. (eds).

LP/a-61 Everyday law on the street/Valverde, M.

LP/a-62 System city/Weinstock, M.

LP/a-63 Mobile urbanism: cities and policymaking in the global age/McCann, E. et al. (eds).

LP/a-64 Ground control/Minton, A.

LP/d-103 Extrastatecraft/Easterling, K.

LP/d-104 Smart cities/Townsend, A.M.

LP/e-65 The works: anatomu of a city/Ascher, K.

LP/f-55(2) Urban poverty in the global south/Mitlin, D. et al.

LP/f-57 Cities in contemporary Africa/Murray, M.J. et al. (eds).

LP/f-58 Home spaces, street styles/Bank, L.J.

LP/f-59 The Routledge handbook o cities of the global south/Parnell, S. et al. (eds).

LP/f-60 Rogue urbanism/Pieterse, E. et al. (eds).

LP/f-61 Urban informalities/McFarlane, C. et al. (eds)

LP/f-62 The city in urban poverty/Lemanski, C. et al. (eds)

LP/f-62(2) As above

Economic and political geography

M-295 Mis-measuring our lives/Stiglitz, J.E. et al.

M-295(2) As above

M-296 The BRICS and beyond/Xing, L. (ed).

M-297 Offshoring/Urry, J.

M-298 Gross Domestic Problem/Fioramonti, L.

M-299 Poor economics/Banerjee, A.V. et al.

M-300 Getting by or getting rich?/Saitta, P. et al. (eds).

M-301 The tyranny of experts/Easterly, W.

M-302 A critical rewriting of global political economy/Peterson, V.S.

M-303 Austerity: the history of a dangerous idea/Blyth, M.

M-304 Economic and social rights after the global financial crisis/Nolan, A. (ed).

M-305 Financial innovation: too much or too little?/Haliossos, M. (ed).

M-306 From poverty to power/Green, D.

M.1-67(2) The economic geography of the UK/Coe, N.M. et al. (eds).

MB-125(2) Capitalism and conservation/Brockington, D. et al.

MB-142 Capitalism at the crossroads; 3rd ed./Hart, S.L.

MB-143 The corporation/ Bakan, J.

MB-144 Experts: the knowledge and power of expertise/Stehr, et al.

MB-145 Enough is enough/Dietz, R. et al.

MB-146 Austerity bites/O'Hara, M.

MC-85 Jugaad innovation/Radjou, N. et al.

MD-54 Life on the line in contemporary manufacturing/Delbridge, R.

MD-55 Capital in the 21st century/Piketty, T.

MF-70 Aerial life/Adey, P.

MF-71 Driving spaces/Merriman, P.

MG-173 Regions in recession and resurgence/Chisholm, M.

MG-330(2) Globalizing responsibility/Barnett, C. et al.

MG-340 Private development aid in Europe/Hoebink, P. et al. (eds).

MG-341 Britain's international development policies/Ireton, B.

MH-38(2) Service industries in the world economy/Daniels, P.W.

MK-55 Reclaiming public ownership/Cumbers, A.

MM-50 The conditions of agricultural growth/Boserup, E.

N-91(3) The colonial present/Gregory, D.

N-93(2) Mapping women, making politics/Staeheli, L. A. et al. (eds).

N-107(2) Political geography; 2nd ed. Painter, J. et al.

NA-69(2) In the nmae of humanity/Feldman, I. et al. (eds).

NA-70 Democracy and civil society/Keane, J.

NA-71 The lesser evil/Ignatieff, M.

NA-72 The anthropology of the state/Sharma, A. et al. (eds).

NA-73 Everyday life and the state/Bratsis, P.

NB-43 Polar geopolitics?/Powell, R.C. et al. (eds).

NC-92 State power/Jessop, B.

ND-74(3) The global Cold War/Westad, O.A.

ND-106 The make-believe space/Navaro-Yashin, Y.

ND-107 World-systems analysis: an introduction/Wallerstein, I.

NH-1 Politics of urbanism/Magnusson, W.

Historical geography

P-124 Late Victorian holocausts/Davis, M.

P-139(4) Global lives/Ogborn, M.

P-189 Imperial citizenship/Gorman, D.

P-190 Citizenship in Britain: a history/Heater, D.

P-191 For lust of knowing/Irwin, R.

P-192 Permeable walls: historical perspectives on hospital and asylum visiting/Mooney, G. et al. (eds).

P.193 At home with the empire/Hall, C. et al. (eds).

P.1-207 Surrender: how British industry gave up the ghost 1952-2012.

P.1-208 Liberty, retrenchment and reform/Biagini, E.F.

P.1-209 The English police: a political and social history/Emsley, C.

P.1-210 English population history from family reconstitution 158-01837/Wrigley, E.A. et al.

P.1f-37 The world we have lost - further explored/Laslett, P.

P.1g-99 Illegitimacy in Britain, 1700-1920/Levene, A. et al. (eds).

P.1h-241 At the margins of Victorian Britain/Grube, D. et al.

P.1h-241(2) As above

P.1h-242 Philanthropy and the contruction of Victorian women's citizenship/Geddis Poole, A.

P.1h-243 Alcohol and moral regulation/Yeomans, H.

P.1h-244 Policing the Victorian community/Steedman, C.

P.1h-245 Cild abuse and moral reform in England 1870-1908/Behlmer, G.K.

P.1h-246 Later Victorian Britain, 1867-1900/Gourvish, T.R. et al. (eds).

P.1h-247 Private lives public spirit: a social history of Britain 1870-1914/Harris, J.

P.1h-248 Women's history: Britain, 1850-1945: an introduction/Purvis, J.

P.1h-249 At home and astray/Howell, P.

P.1h-250 Streetlife in late Victorian London: the constable and the crowd/Andersson, P.K.

P.28-13 The German genius/Watson, P.

Q-38 Mastering the Niger/Lambert, D.

Q-39 A New World: Engkland's first view of America/Sloan, K.

Regional geography

R.18-60 Spatial justice and the Irish crisis/Kearns, G. et al. (eds).

R.18-61 The romantic national tale and the question of Irelend/Ferris, I.

R.18-62 Victoria's Ireland?/Gray, P. (ed).

R.18-63 Paddy and Mr Punch/Foster, R.F.

R.21-39 Contested Mediterranean spaces/Kousis, M. et al. (eds).

R.24-44 Tenerife Canary Islands/Gill, R. et al.

R.27-10 Balancing on an Alp/Netting, R.M.

R.38-C.29 Russian America/Vinkovetsky, I.

R.38-C.30 Empire of extinction/Jones, R.T.

R.47-34 Churning the Earth: the making of global India/Shrivastava, A. et al.

R.47-B.100 Microfinance and its discontents/Karim, L.

R.47-B.101 Banker to the poor/Yunus, M.

R.47-C.38 Spaces of colonialism/Legg, S.

R.47-C.59 Mapping an empire/Edney, M.

R.47-D.118 Corporate social responsibility/Baxi, C.V. et al. (eds).

R.47-D.119 Living Islam: Muslim religious experience in Pakistan's North-West Frontier/Marsden, M.

R.47-D.120 Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, 1908/Sinha, Satish Kumar.

R.47-D.121 The Oraons of Chotanagpur/Roy, Sarat Chandra.

R.47-D.122 The Mundas and their country/Roy, Sarat Chandra.

R.47-E.10 Pirate modernity: Delhi's media urbanism/Sundaram. R.

R.47-G.81(1-4) Water resource management in South Asia/narayanan, N.C. et al. (eds)

R.47-G.82 Revolution from above: India's future and the citizen elite/Gupta, D.

R.53-78 Land's end?/Murray Li, T.

R.53-79 Conswervation and development in Cambodia/Milne, S. et al. (eds).

R.55-118 An Otago storeman in Solomon Islands/Bayliss-Smith, T. et al.

R.6-113 Decolonising the mind/Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

R.6-114 Africa's informal workers/Lindell, I. (ed).

R.6-115 Makers & breakers/Honwana, A. (ed).

R.6-116 African dynamics in a multipolar world/Engel, U. et al. (eds).

R.6-117 Managing mobility in African rangelands/Niamir-Fuller, M. (ed).

R.6-118 Africa as a living laboratory/Tilley, H.

R.6-119 Creating Africas: struggles over nature, conservation and land/Nustad, K.G.

R.6-120 Carbon conflicts and forest landscapes in Africa/Leach, M. et al. (eds).

R.623-18 Changing identifications and alliances in NE Africa: Sudan, Uganda and the Ethiopia-Sudan borderlands: Vol. 3/Schlee, G. et al. (eds).

R.624-14(2) Changing identifications and alliances in NE Africa: Ethiopia and Kenya: Vol. 2./Schlee, G. et al. (eds).

R.663-40 African underclass/Burton, A.

R.663-41 Barbershops/Weiss, B.

R.681-38 New markets, new mindsets/Ismail, T. et al.

R.7-B.66 Gangs of America/Nace, T.

R.7-C.116 American abyss/Bender, D.E.

R.7-C.117 Otter skins, Boston ships and China goods/Gibson, J.R.

R.7-C.118 Subject matter/Chaplin, J.E.

R.7-C.119 Pox Americana/Fenn, E.A.

R.7-C.120 Fur, fortune and empire/Dolin, E.J.

R.71-C.72 Try to control yourself/Malleck, D.

R.8-D.50 Environment and citizenship in Latin America/Latta, A. et al. (eds).

R.8-D.51 Rethinking Latin American social movements/Stahler-Sholk, R. et al. (eds).

R.91-53 Acts of occupation: Canada and Arctic sovereignty, 1918-25/Cavell, J. et al.

R.91-54 The frozen echo; Greenland and the exploration of North America ca A.D. 1000-1500/Seaver, K.A.

R.91-55 A history of Arctic exploration/Lainema, M. et al.

R.91-56 Silent snow/Cone, M.

R.91-57 Unknown shore/Ruby, R.

R.91-58 About the hearth/Anderson, D.G. et al. (eds).

R.91-59 Furs and frontiers in the far north/Bockstoce, J.R.

R.91-60 Encounters on the passage/Eber, D.H.

R.91-61 A history of the Arctic/McCannon, J.

R.91-62 The sea woman/Laugrand, F. et al.

R.91-63 Arctic whalers, icy seas/Ross, W.G.

R.91-64 Maps and dreams/Brody, H.

R.91-65 The last imaginary place/McGhee, R.

R.91-66 Give me my father's body/Harper, K.

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SC-58 Maps are territories: science is an atlas/Turnbull, D.

SC-59 Mapping the Victorian social body/Gilbert, P.K.

SF-93(2) Remote sensing for ecology and conservation/Horning, N. et al.

SF-99 Introductory digital image processing; 3rd ed./Jensen, J.R.

TJ-121(2) Agent-based and individual-based modeling/Railsback, S.F. et al.

Reference Section

12-20 Scottish geography: a historiography/Pacione, M.

12-21 The Oxford Handbook of UK peacekeeping operations/Koops, J.A. et al. (eds).

15-14 World Development Report 2015


XL-16 The companion species manifesto/Haraway, D.

ZEB-18 What future for Lake Turkana?/Avery, S.


Study guides

None as yet.



SER-180.16 Multiple territories in dispute/Moreyra, Alejandra.

SER-180.17 Participation, politics and technology/Cordoba, Diana.

SER-180.18 Masculinities among irrigation engineers and water professionals in Nepal/Liebrand, J.

SER-180.19 Gendered participation in water management in Nepal/Udas, Pranita Bhushan.