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Accessions 2013-14

Accessions 2013-14


Agnew, J.A. Mastering space.

Amin, A. Land of strangers.

Beck, U. World at risk; 2nd ed.

Binkley, S. et al. A Foucault for the 21st century.

Brockington, D. et al. Capitalism and conservation.

Chaturvedi, S. et al. Developing cooperation and emerging powers.

Collins, H. et al. Rethinking expertise.

Crampton, J. et al. Space, knowledge and power.

Douglas,I. Cities: an environmental history.

Duffy, R. A trip too far.

Giddens, A. Modernity and self-identity.

Harvey, D. The enigma of capital.

Harvey, D. The new imperialism.

Isin,E.F. (ed). Democracy, citizenship and the global city.

Jeffrey, A. The improvised state.

Kapoor, I. Postcolonial politics of development.

Mawdsley, E. From recipients to donors.

McDowell, L. Redundant masculinities?

McDowell, L. Working bodies: interactive service employment and workplace identities.

McDowell, L. Working lives: gender, migration and employment in Britain, 1945-2007

McGovern, P. et al. Market, class and employment.

Myers, G. African cities.

Nayak, A. et al. Geographical thought.

O'Hare, G. et al. Weather, climate and climate change.

Parsons, A.J. et al. How to do your dissertation in geography and related disciplines. 2nd ed.

Rist, G. History of development from western origins to global faith. 3rd ed.

Sassen, S. The global city; 2nd edition.

Scales, I. (ed). Conservation and environmental management in Madagascar.

Scanlan, J. On garbage.

Sharp, J.P. Geographies of postcolonialism.

Wills, J. Global cities at work.


Ideas and geographical history

AB-157 Cosmopolitanism and the geographies of freedom/Harvey, D.

AB-158 The road to serfdom/Hayek, F.A.

AB-159 Darwin's 'Origin of Species': a biography/Browne, J.

AB-160 The world until yesterday/Diamond, J.

AB-161 Charles Darwin: voyaging/Browne, J.

AB-162 Geographies of 19th century science/Livingstone, D.N. et al. (eds).

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

CF-50 Modeling volcanic processes/Fagents, S.A. et al. (eds).

CF-51 Volcanic degassing/Oppenheimer, C. et al. (eds).

CF-52 Volcanoes in human history/Zeilinga de Boer, J. et al.

DD-190 The Ice Age: a very short introduction/Woodward, J.

DD-191 Glacial geology: ice sheets and landforms; 2nd ed./Bennett, M.R. et al.

EA-70 A story of six rivers/Coates, P.

EA-71 Sediment flux to basins: causes, controls and consequences/Jones, S.J. et al. (eds).

EC-103 Climate and the oceans/Vallis, G.K.

ED-140 Water sustainability: a global perspective/Jones, J.A.A.

ED-141 Megacities and the coast/Pelling, M. et al. (eds).

Climate, soil science and biogeography

FA-111 The great ocean conveyor/Broecker, W.

H-96 Biogeography; 8th ed./Cox, C.B. et al.

H-97 The rediscovery of the wild/Kahn, P.H. JR. et al. (eds).

H-98 The Sage Handbook of biogeography/Millington, A. et al. (eds).

HC-19 The complete ice age/Fagan, B, (ed).

HC-20 An introduction to the Earth-Life system/Cockell, C. (ed).

HD-51 Invasive and introduced plants and animals/Rotherham. I.D. et al. (eds).

HF-206 The global carbon cycle/Bolin, B. et al. (eds).

HF-207 The treadmill of production/Gould, K.A. et al. (eds).

HF-208 Climate change 2013: the physical science basis/ipcc.

HF-209 Landesque capital/Hakansson, N.T. et al.

HG-127 Native flora of the Canary Islands/Cabrera Perez, M.A.

HG-128 Wild flowers of the Canary Islands/Bramwell, D. et al.

HJ-175 Fire in the Mediterranean ecosystems/Keeley, J.E. et al.

HJ-176 Ecology of world vegetation/Archibold, O.W.

HL-423 A trip too far/Duffy, R.

HL-424 The ecotourism-extraction Nexus/Buscher, B. et al. (eds).

HL-425 Parks, peace and partnership/Quinn, M.S. et al. (eds).

HL-426 Law, tropical forests and carbon/Lyster, R. et al. (eds).

HL-427 Place-based conservation/Stewart, W.P. et al. (eds).

HL-428 Natural capital/Kareiva, P. et al. (eds).

HL-429 Wild hope: on the front lines of conservation success/Balmford, A.

HL-430 Picking up/Nagle, R.

HL-431Economies of recycling/Alexander, C. et al. (eds).

HL-432 Transforming the frontier/Buscher, B.

HL-433 Forest and nature governance/Arts, B. et al. (eds).

HL-434 Requiem for nature/Terborgh, J.

General human geography

JD-93 Successful societies/Hall, P.A. et al. (eds).

K-92 Geographical thought/Nayak, N. et al.

K-92(2) As above

K/a-28 Rambunctious garden/Marris, E.

K/b-71 Authenticity in nature/Dudley, N.

K/b-72 Making sense of nature/Castree, N.

K/b-73 Knowing nature/Goldman, M.J. et al. (eds).

K/c-78(2) Global political ecology/Peet, R. et al. (eds).

K/c-86 Political ecology across spaces, scales and social groups/Paulson, S. et al. (eds).

K/c-86(2) As above

K/c-87 World guide to environmental issues and organizations/Brackley, P. (ed).

K/d-52 The politics of possibility.

K/d-53 The Norm chronicles/Blastland, M. et al.

KC-14 Toxic airs/Fleming, J.R. et al. (eds)

KD-102 10 Billion/Emmott, S.

KD-103 Peoplequake/Pearce, F.

Social geography

L-226 (2) Animism in rainforest and tundra/Brightman, M. et al. (eds).

L-229 Zoopolis: a political theory of animal rights/Donaldson, S. et al.

L-230 Cultural geography: a critical dictionary of key concepts/Atkinson, D. et al. (eds).

L-230(2) as above

L-231 Life's work: geographies of social reproduction/Mitchell, K. et al. (eds).

L-232 Power, production and social reproduction/Bakker, I. et al. (eds).

L-233 Researching the city/Ward, K. (ed).

L-234 Gramsci: space, nature, politics/Ekers, M. et al. (eds).

LA-213 Postcolonialism and development/McEwan, C.

LA-215 Another cosmopolitanism/Benhabib, S.

LA-216 Citizenship/Yarwood, R.

LA-217 Foucault, the family and politics/Duscninsky, R. et al. (eds).

LB-96(2) Disasters, relief and the media/Benthall, J.

LB-102 The end of poverty/Sachs, J.

LB-103 The new conditionality/Gould, J. (ed).

LB-104 Stealth of nations/Neuwirth, R.

LC-276 Full circles/Katz, C. et al.

LC-277 The sexual contract/Pateman, C.

LC-278 The new middle classes/Lange, H. et al. (eds).

LC-279 Social reproduction/Bezanson, K. et al. (eds).

LC-280 Meeting place/Carter, P.

LC-281 Enforcing order: an ethnography of urban policing/Fassin, D.

LC-282 Gender, the state and social reproduction/Bezanson, K.

LC-283 Crime and power: a history of criminal justice 1688-1998/Rawlings, P.

LC-284 Imprisonment in England and Wales: a concise history/Harding, C. et al.

LC-285 Crime/Wilson, J.Q. et al. (eds).

LC-286 Despatches from the dark side/Peirce, G.

LC-287 Sexual violence during war and peace/Boesten, J.

LC-288 Prosperity and violence/Bates, R.H.

LC-289 All that is solid/Dorling, D.

LF-45(3) Culture and development/Schech,S. et al.

LF-55 Tourism for development/Scheyvens, R.

LF/b-61 Sacred architecture/Humphrey, C. et al.

LF/b-62 Sentient city/Shepard, M. (ed).

LF/b-63 Smart cities + eco-warriors/Lim, C.J. et al.

LF/f-26 White on black/Pieterse, J.N.

LF/f-27 Wirelessness/Mackenzie, A.

LF/h-18 Tourism and sustainability: 3rd ed/ Mowforth, M. et al.

LG-90 Climate change in the media/Painter, James

LG-91 The ironic spectator/Chouliaraki, L.

LG-92 Reading National Geographic/Lutz, C.A. et al.

LG-92(2) As above

LG-93 Telling young lives/Jeffrey, C. et al. (eds).

LG-94 Media and development/Scott, M.

LP/d-98 Cities: an environmental history/Douglas, I.

LP/d-99 City futures/Pieterse, E.

LP/d-100 Green cities/Kahn, M.E.

LP/d-101 Tenement cities/Huchzermeyer, M.

LP/d-102 Rebel cities/Harvey, D.

LP/f-54 African cities/Myers, G.

LP/f-55 Urban poverty in the global south/Mitlin, D. et al.

LP/f-56 Disposable cities/Myers, G.A.

LQ-76 Kaleidoscope City: reflections on planning and LOndon/Manns, J. (ed).

Economic and political geography

M-290 What money can't buy/Sandel, M.J.

M-291 The social economy/Amin, A. (ed).

M-292 False dawn: the delusions of global capitalism/Gray, J.

M-293 Making globalization good/Dunnung, J.H. (ed).

M-294 Beyond states and markets/Bakker, I. et al.

M.2-58 The crisis of the European Union/Habermas, J.

M.2-59 Politicasl theory of the European Union/Neyer, J. et al. (eds).

M.2-60 Sovereignty and European integration/Weiler, M.

MB-138 The political economy of diversity/Delorme, R. et al. (eds).

MB-139 The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism/Weber, M.

MB-140 Capitalism and freedom/Friedman, M.

MB-141 New capitalism?/Doogan, K.

MD-48 Temporary work, agencies and unfree labour/Fudge, J. et al. (Eds).

MD-49 Social reproduction/Picchio, A.

MD-50 Casino women: courage in unexpected places/Chandler, S. et al.

MD-51 Grounding globalization/Webster, E. et al.

MD-52 Home economics/Sharma, N.

MD-53 Labor movement: how migration regulates labor markets/Bauder, H.

MG-273(2) Catalysing development? A debate on aid/Pronk, J.P.

MG-335 Encountering development/Escobar, A.

MG-336 Unplanned development/Rigg, J.

MG-337 Development cooperation and emerging powers/Chaturvedi, S. et al. (eds).

MG-338 Does foreign aid really work?/Riddell, R.C.

MG-339 A study of China's foreign aid: an Asian perspective/Shimomura, Y. et al. (eds).

MH-59 Banking across boundaries/Christophers, B.

MH-60 Subprime cities/Aalbers, M.B. (ed).

MM-131 Successful agricultural innovation in emerging economies/Bennett, D.J. et al. (eds).

N-91(2) The colonial present/Gregory, D.

NA-67 The communist manifesto/Marx, K. & Engels, F.

NA-68 Debating cosmopolitics/Archibugi, Daniele et al. (ed).

NA-69 In the name of humanity/FEldman, I. et al. (eds).

NB-41 Cosmopolitanism: ideals and realities/Held, D.

NB-42 Development, security and aid/Essex, J.

ND-105 Global south to the rescue/Amar, P. (ed).

NJ-57 Right-wing populism in Europe/Wodak, R. et al.

Historical geography

P-180 Unfinished empire/Darwin, J.

P-181 After Tamerlane/Darwin, J.

P-182 The darker nations/Prashad, V.

P-183 Between the devil and the deep blue sea/Rediker, M.

P-184 Gold and spices: the rise of commerce in the Middle Ages/Favier, J.

P-185 Adam Smith in Beijing/Arrighi, G.

P-186.1-6 A cultural history of animals (6 volumes)/Kalof, L. (ed).

P-186.1(2) A cultural history of animals: In Antiquity (Vol. 1) second copy.

P-187 Key concepts in historical geography/Morrissey, J. et al.

P-188 The Oxford history of the prison/Morris, N. et al. (eds).

P.1h-229 Citizenship and community/Biagini, E. (ed).

P.1h-230 The politics of gender in Victorian Britain/Griffin, B.

P.1h-231 Living liberalism/Hadley, E.

P.1h-232 Defining the Victorian nation/Hall, C. et al.

P.1h-233 SElf-help and civic culture/Rodrick, A.B.

P.1h-234 The tiger that swallowed the boy/Simons, J.

P.1h-235 Crusdae against drink in Victorian Britain/Shiman, L.L.

P.1h-236 Victorian pubs/Girouard, M.

P.1h-237 The reform of prisoners, 1830-1900/Forsythe, W.J.

P.1h-238 Reconstructing the criminal: culture, law and policy in England, 1830-1914/Wiener, M.J.

P.1h-239 Women, crime, and custody in Victorian England/Zedner, L.

P.1h-240 The self in the cell/Grass, S.

P.1i-9 Abortion in England 1900-1967/Brookes, B.

P.2-81 Integral Europe/Holmes, D.R.

P.2-82 Europe: the faltering project/Habermas, J.

P.2-83 Cosmopolitam Europe/Beck, U. et al.

P.2-84 Europe and the post_Yugoslav space/Radeljic, B. (ed).

P.2-85 Uses of other/Neumann, I.B.

P.2-86 Europe: the struggle for supremacy/Simms, B.

P.2-87 Strangers nowhere in the world/Jacob, M.C.

P.2b-12 Lovers' legends: the gay Greek myths/Calimach, A.

P.2d-28 A history of business in Medieval Europe,1200-1550/Hunt, E.S. et al.

P.2e-5 The medieval super-companies/Hunt, E.S.

P.29-11 The first modern economy/de Vries, J. et al.

PB-30 A history of agriculture/Mazoyer, M. et al.

PB-31 Europe's first farmers/Price, T.D. (ed).

Regional geography

R.18-57 Maps and texts: exploring the Irish historic towns atlas.

R.18-59 Towards commemoration: Ireland in war and revolution 1912-1923/Horne, J. et al. (eds).

R.28-26 From Germany to Germany/Grass, G.

R.28-27 The Berlin Wall Story/Hertle, H-H.

R.28-28 The Berlin Wall/Taylor, F.

R.28-29 Hitler's Berlin: abused city/Friedrich, T.

R.38-33 National deconstruction/Campbell, D.

R.47-B.98 A Shangri-La economy: exploring Buddhist Bhutan/Ansari, M.

R.47-B.99 Power, policy and protest/Jenkins, R. et al. (eds).

R.47-C.43 Becoming imperial citizens/Batterjee, S.

R.47-C.53 Sikham and Bhutan/White, J.C..

R.47-C.54 Does civil society matter? / Tandon, R. et al. (eds).

R.47-C.55 Bhutan: ways of knowing.

R.47-C.56 The history of Bhutan/Phuntsho, K.

R.47-C.57 Chaudhuri, K.N. The trading world of Asia and the English East India Company 1660-1760.

R.47-C.58 Habitations of modernity/Chakrabarty, D.

R.47-D.115 (4 volumes) Modern Indian culture and society/Jacobsen, K.A. (ed).

R.47-D.116 Slumming India/Verma, G.D.

R.47-D.117 Unbecoming citizens/Hutt, M.

R.47-F.57 Women, land and power in Asia/Kelkar, G. et al.

R.47-G.79 India in Africa and Afghanistan/Buzatto, C. (ed).

R.47-G.80 Remapping India/Tillin, L.

R.47-H.14 Dancing with the river/Lahiri-Dutt, K. et al.

R.47-H.15 Purifying the earthly body of God/Nelson, L.E. (ed).

R.47-H.16 Sacred modernity/Jazeel, T.

R.6-110 Disciplining democracy/Abrahamsen, R.

R.6-111 African anthropologies/Ntarangwi, M. et al. (eds).

R.662-15 Conservation in a crowded place/Sassen, M.

R.623-17 The new kings of crude/Patey, L.

R.665-10 Salaula: the world of secondhand clothing and Zambia/Hansen, K.T.

R.670-3 Conservation and environmental management in Magascar/Scales, I.R. et al.

R.7-C.115 Colossus/Ferguson, N.

R.7-G.27 Our daily bread/Mann, G.

R.47-H.14 Protected areas and biodiversity of Bhutan/Tharchen, L.

R.8-81 Open veins of Latin America/Galeano, E.

R.90-10 Science, geopolitics and culrure in the Polar Region'Sorlin, S. (ed).

R.91-51 Inherit my heaven: Kalaallit gender relations/Jessen Williamson, K.

R.91-52 Endangered peoples of the Arctic/Freeman, M.M.R. (ed).

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SC-57 A history of the world in twelve maps/Brotton, J.

SF-97 Introduction to remote sensing; 5th ed./Campbell, J.B. et al.

SF-98 The notmalized difference vegetation index/Pettorelli, N.

TJ-124 Simulating social complexity: a handbook/Edmonds, B. et al. (eds).

Reference Section

1-29(1-3) Encyclopedia of environmental change/Matthews, J.A. (ed).

1-30 Encyclopedia of snow, ice and glaciers/Singh, V.P. et al. (eds).

1-31 Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and ancient environments/Gornotz, V. (ed).

1-32 The ancient human occupation of Britain/Ashton, N.M. et al. (eds).

1-33 The Sage Handbook of HUman Geography/Lee, R. et al. (eds).

4-72 Linnaeus: the man and his work/Frangsmyr, T. (ed).

10-14 Historical atlas of the Arctic/Hayes, D.

13-55 How to do your dissertation in geography and related disciplines; 2nd ed./Parsons, T. et al.

13-56 Using photographs in social and historical research/Tinkler, P.

15-52 Economic growth in the 1990s/World Bank



Study guides

None as yet.


The Hakluyt Society. Series III, Vol. 26. Russian California, 1806-1860/Gibson, J.R. et al. (eds).