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Accessions: 2012-13

Accessions: 2012-13


Ideas and geographical history

AB-126(2) Charles Darwin: the man and his influence/Bowler, P.J.

AB-151 Geographical thought/Dikshit, R.D.

AB-152 Placing the enlightenment/Withers, C.W.J.

AB-153 Ancestral images/Moser, S.

AB-154 The history of development; 3rd ed./Rist, G.

AB-155 Humanitarian reason/Fassin, D.

AB-156 Empire forestry and the origins of environmentalism/Barton, G.A.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

C-101 Understanding the earth system/Cornell, S.E. et al. (eds).

CE-59 Plate tectonics/Frisch, W. et al.

D-196 Physical geography: great systems and global environments/Marsh, W.M. et al.

D-197 Geomorphology: the mechanics and chemistry of landscapes/Andreson, R.S. et al.

DD-189(2) The global cryosphere/Barry, R. et al.

DK-40 The biology of coral reefs/Sheppard, C.R.C. et al.

DH-143 Coastal systems; 2nd ed./Haslett, S.K.

DH-143(2) As above

E-3(2) Background to plaohydrology/Gregory, K.J. (ed).

F-80(3) meteorology today; 3rd ed./Ahrens, C.D.

F-85 An introduction to atmospheric radiation; 2nd ed./Liou, K.N.

F-86 Atmosphere, ocean and climate dynamics: an introductroy text/Marshall, J. et al.

FA-110 Climatic constraints and human activities/Ausubel, J. et al.

Climate, soil science and biogeography

GC-25 Soil ecology/Killham, K.

H-95 Fundamentals of tree-ring research/Speer, J.H.

HB-21 The vanishing face of Gaia/LOvelock, J.

HF-200 The climate files/Pearce, F.

HF-201 Adapting institutions to climate change.The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.

HF-202 Air pollution and global warming; 2nd ed./Jacobson, M.Z.

HF-203 A short introduction to climate change/Eggleton, Tony.

HF-204 Climate change in polar regions/Turner, J. et al.

HF-205 Climate capitalism/Newell, P. et al.

HG-125 Plant succession: an analysis of the development of vegetation (1916)/Clements, F.E. (reprint of original)

HJ-174 Marine ecology; 2nd ed./Kaiser, M.J. et al.

HL-393(3) Community rights, conservation and contested land/Nelson, F. (ed).

HL-414 Slum tourism/Frenzel, F. et al.

HL-141(2) As above

HL-415 Still counting ..../Alonso, L.E. et al. (eds).

HL-416 Rapid biological assessments of the Nakanai Mountains and ..../Richards, S.J. et al. (eds).

HL-417 Sacred ecology' 3rd ed./Berkes, F.

HL-418 Sponsoring nature/Ramutsindela, M. et al.

HL-419 Conservation and sustainable development/Davies, J. (ed).

HL-420 Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation/Roe, D. et al. (ed).

HL-421 Spiritual ecology/Sponsel, L.E.

HL-422 Evolution and innovation in wildlife conservation/Suich, H. et al. (eds).

HM-68 Evolutionary catastrophes/Courtillot, V.

HM-69 Managing the risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation/Field, C.B. et al.

HM-70 Risk and uncertainty assessment for natural hazards/Rougier, J. et al. (eds).

General human geography

JB-20 Neuromania/Legrenzi, P. et al.

JD-91 The politics of the healthy life/Rodriguez-Ocana, E.

JD-92 RethinkHIV/Lomborg, B. (ed).

JE-2 Transhunanist dreams and Dystopian nightmares/Mehlman, M.J.

K-88 key concepts in development geography/Potter, R. et al.

K-89 From recipients to donors/Mawdsley, E.

K-90 Nudge/Thaler, R.H. et al.

K-89(2) as above

K-90 Nudge/Thaler, R.H. et al.

K-91 The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Human Geography/Agnew, J.A. et al. (eds).

K/b-17(2) Liberation ecologies/Peet, r. et al. (eds).

K/c-81 China's environmental challenges/Shapiro, J.

K/c-82 The habitats directive/JOnes, G. (ed)

K/c-83 Climate adaptation futures/Palutikof, J. et al. (eds).

K/c-84 Everyday environmentalism/Loftus, A.

K/c-85 The role of ecosystems in disaster risk reduction/Renaud, F.G. et al. (eds).

K/d-12 Valuing nature/Foster, J. (ed).

K/d-47 Climate change and society/Urry, J.

K/d-48 Whose crisis, whose future?/George, S.

K/d-49 Climate wars/Welzer, H.

K/d-50 Tropic of chaos/Parenti, C.

K/d-51 Risk, trust and welfare/Taylor-Gooby, P. (ed).

K/f-34 International development studies/Sumner, A. et al.

K/f-35 Development studies/Haynes, J.

KD-101 Population 10 billion/Dorling, D.

KE-50 Faces of hunger/O'Neill, O.

KE-51 Famine and survival strategies/Rahmato, D.

KE-52 World hunger 10 myths/Lappe, F.M. et al.

KE-53 Hunger and history/Rotberg, R.I. et al.

KE-54 Famine: a man-made disaster?

Social geography

L-211 Economic anthropology/Hann, C. et al.

L-212 Stories of peoplehood/Smith, R.M.

L-213 Ethnography at the border/Vila, P. (ed).

L-214 From Max Weber: essays in sociology./Gerth, H.H. et al. (eds).

L-215 The Sami people/Lehtola, V-P.

L-216 Shamans/Hutton, R.

L-217 An introduction to Shamanism/DuBois, T.A.

L-218 Given time: 1. Counterfeit money/Derrida, J.

L-219 The writing of the disaster/Blanchot, M.

L-220 Do glaciers listen?/Cruikshank, J.

L-221 Narrating the future in Siberia/Ulturgasheva, O.

L-222 Research for development: a practical guide; 2nd ed/Laws, S. et al.

L-223 Thinking about almost everything/Amin, A. et al. (eds).

L-224 Returns to the field/Howell, S. et al. (eds).

L-225 Conducting research in conservation/Newing, H.

L-226 Animism in rainforest and tundra/Brightman, M. et al. (eds).

L-227 Placing animals/Urbanik, J.

L-228 Social resilience in the neoliberal era/Hall, P.A. et al. (eds).

LA-191(2) Society must be defended/Foucault, M.

LA-194 Politics as usual/Pogge, T.

LA-195 Mobilities/Urry, J.

LA-196 Southern theory/Connell, R.

LA-197 Acts of citizenship/Isin, E.F. et al. (eds).

LA-198 Changing citizenship/Osler, A. et al.

LA-199 Marx, Durkheim, Weber; 2nd ed./Morrison, K.

LA-200 A discourse on equality/Rousseau, J-J.

LA-201 Citizenship and social class/Marshall, T.H. et al.

LA-202 Beyond citizenship/Spiro, P.J.

LA-203 Citizenship and its exclusions/Roman, E.

LA-203(2) As above

LA-204 Postcolonialism: a very short introduction/Young, R.J.C.

LA-205 Storytelling globalization from the Chaco and beyond/Blaser, M. et al.

LA-206 Runaway world/Giddens, A.

LA-207 Globalization and its discontents/Sassen, S.

LA-208 A thousand plateaus/Deleuze, G. et al.

LA-209 Citizenship and social movements/Thompson, L. et al. (eds).

LA-210 Decolonizing methodologies; 2nd ed./Smith, L.T.

LA-211 A Foucault for the 21st century/Binkley, S. et al.

LB-97 World poverty and human rights; 2nd ed./Pogge, T.

LB-98 Challenging the injustice of poverty/Sobhan, R.

LB-99 Disaster and the politics of intervention/Lakoff, A. (ed).

LB-100 Tell them who I am/Liebow, E.

LB-101 The bottom billion/Collier, P.

LC-204(2) Playing with fire/Sangtin Writers.

LC-260 Saving for retirement/Clark, G.C. et al.

LC-261 Promised land/Rosset, P. et al. (eds).

LC-262 Feminism confronts homo economicus/Fineman, M.A. et al. (eds).

LC-263 Dead man working/Cederstrom, C. et al.

LC-264 The Oxford Handbook of criminology; 5th ed./Maguire, M. et al.

LC-265 Environmental criminology and crime analysis/Wortley, R. et al. (eds).

LC-266 The urban fabric of crime and fear/Ceccato, V. (ed).

LC-267 Gender justice, development and rights/Molyneux, M. et al. (eds).

LC-268 Home/Blunt, A. et al.

LC-269 Queer presences and absences/Taylor, Y. et al. (eds).

LC-270 Gender and sustainability/Cruz-Torres, M.L. et al. (eds).

LC-271 Precarious work, women and the new economy/Fudge, J. et al. (eds)

LC-272 Making men into fathers/Hobson, B. (ed).

LC-273 Routine activity and rational choice/Clarke, R.V. et al. (eds).

LC-274 Managing the margins/Vosko, L.F.

LC-275 Animals and sociology/Peggs, K.

LD-41 Class/Joyce, P. (ed).

LD-42 Racial subordination in Latin America/Hernandez, T.K.

LF/a-58 Making nature sacred/Gatta, J.

LF/a-59 Another way of telling/Berger, J. et al.

LF/a-60 Civil imagination/Azoulay, A.

LF/b-51(2) In the nature of cities/Heynen, N. et al. (eds).

LF/d-22 Sacred species and sites/Purgetti, G. et al.

LF/d-23 The anthropolgy of religion; 2nd ed./Bowie, F.

LF/d-24 Handbook of research on development and religion/Clarke, M. (ed).

LF/e-26 Geographies of sexualities/Browne, K. et al. (eds).

LF/e-27 Common prostitutes and ordinary citizens/Laite, J.

LF/f-24 Alone together/Turkle, S.

LF/f-25 South Pacific: paradise rewritten/Lovensheimer, J.

LG-82(2) Distant suffering/Boltanski, L.

LG-83 Media and environment/Lester, L.

LG-84 Cultural integration of immigrants in Europe/Algan, Y. et al. (eds).

LG-85 In other worlds/Spivak, G.C.

LG-86 The wretched of the earth/Fanon, F.

LG-87 The colonizer and the colonized/Memmi, A.

LG-88 The politics of everyday fear/Massumi, B. (ed).

LG-89 Psychedelic white: Goa trance and the viscosity of race/Saldanha, A.

LH-32 Welfare, exclusion and political agency/Batsleer, J. et al. (eds).

LH-33 Frontiers of justice/Nussbaum, M.C.

LH-34 Welfare, exclusion and political agency/Batsleer, J. et al. (eds).

LH-35 Immigrants and minorities in British society/Holmes, C. (ed).

LH-36 Andean lives/Valderrama Fernandez, R.

LP/a-60 Cities unlimited/Leunig, T. et al.

LP/d-95 World city/Massey, D.

LP/d-96 World city network/Taylor, P.J.

LP/d-97 Cities: reimagining the urban/Amin, A. et al.

LP/e-64 The right to the city/Mitchell, D.

LP/e-64(2) As above

LP/f-53 Coloured by history: shaped by place/Erasmus, Z. (ed).

Economic and political geography

M-215 Encountering development/Escobar, A.

M-263(2) The handbook of evolutionary economic geography/Boschma, R. et al. (eds).

M-282 Financialization of daily life/Martin, R.

M-283 The coming first world debt crisis/Pettifor, A.

M-284 The spectre of the feast/Gamble, A.

M-285 The Sage handbook of economic geography/Leyshon, A. et al. (eds).

M-286 Postcapitalist politics/Gibson-Graham, J.K.

M-287 The laws of markets/Callon, M.

M-288 The Wiley-Blackwell companion to economic geography/Barnes, T. et al.

M-289 Crash and beyond/farlow, A.

M.1-75 The British economy since 1945/Middleton,R.

M.1-76 Triumph of the south/Scott, P.

M.1-77 The divided kingdom/Osmond, J.

M.2-55 The European Union's roles in international politics/Elgstrom, O. et al. (eds).

M.2-56 Europe in the world/Bialasiewicz, L. (ed).

M.2-57 Citizens and borderwork in contemporary Europe/Rumford, C. (ed).

MB-127 The ecological rift/Foster, J.B. et al.

MB-128 Biocapital/Rajan, K.S.

MB-129 Railroading economics/Perelman, M.

MB-130 The illusion of free markets/Harcourt, B.E.

MB-131 Economy, culture and society/Smart, B.

MB-132 The myth of the market/Martinez, M.A.

MB-133 The logic of international restructuring/Ruigrok, W. et al.

MB-134 Turbo-capitalism/Luttwak, E.

MB-135 A new blueprint for a green economy/Barbier, E.B. et al.

MB-136 Common wealth/Sachs, J.

MB-137 The deepening crisis/Calhoun, C. et al. (eds).

MC-84 Handbook of regional innovation and growth/Cooke, P. et al. (eds).

MC-84(2) As above

MD-46 The precariat/Standing, G.

MD-47 Spaces of work/Castree, N. et al.

MG-323 Is China buying the world?/Nolan, P.

MG-324 The white man's burden/Easterly, W.

MG-325 The trouble with aid/Glennie, J.

MG-326 Globalization: a brief insight/Steger, M.B.

MG-327 The paternalism of partnership/Baaz, M.E.

MG-328 Give & take/Sogge, D.

MG-329 Fair trade/Raynolds, L.T. et al.

MG-329(2) As above

MG-330 Globalizing responsibility/Barnett, C. et al.

MG-330(2) As above

MG-331 Selling globalization/Veseth, M.

MG-332 What is globalization?/Beck, U.

MG-333 The zeronauts/Elkington, J.

MG-334 Aid relationships in Asia/Jerve, A.M. et al. (eds).

MH-56 Place, exclusion and mortgage markets/Aalbers, M.B.

MH-57 Material markets, MacKenzie, D.

MH-58 The borderless world/Ohmae, K.

MK-52 Debt relief for the poorest/Gautam, M.

MK-53 The geography of finance/Clark, G.L. et al.

MK-54 Managing financial risks/Clark, G.L. et al. (eds).

MM-81 Seeds of plenty, seeds of want/Pearse, A.

MM-124 The hungry world/Cullather, N.

MM-125 Food security/ McDonald, B.L.

MM-126 Food security, nutrition and sustainability/Lawrence, G. et al. (eds).

MM-127 Class dynamics of agrarian change/Bernstein, H.

MM-128 The last subsistence crisis in the western world/Post, J.D.

MM-129 The global food economy/Weis, T.

MM-130 Ethical sourcing in the global food system/Barrientos, S. et al. (eds).

MQ-28 Celebrity and the environment/Brockington, D.

N-120 Spaces of democracy/Barnett, C. et al. (eds).

N-121 Constructions of neoliberal reason/Peck, J.

N-122 The Sage handbook of political geography/Cox, K.R. et al. (eds).

NA-62 Walled states, waning sovereignty/Brown, W.

NA-63 The least of all possible evils/Weizman, E.

NA-64 A global dialogue on feminism/Moreno, L. et al.

NA-65 Federalism: an introduction.

NA-66 Narrative policy analysis/Roe, E.

NB-39 Popular culture, geopolitics and identity/Dittmer, J.

NB-40 The Ashgate research companion to critical geopolitics/Dodds, K. et al. (eds).

NC-85 Hollow land/Weizman, E.

NC-86 Israeli apartheid/White, B.

NC-87 The courageous state/Murphy, R.

NC-88 The improvised state/Jeffrey, A.

NC-89 Culture and belonging in divided societies/Ross, M.H.

NC-90 Democracy and decentralisation in South Asia and West Africa/Crook, R.C. et al.

NC-91 Arts of the political/Amin, A. et al.

ND-71(2) Globalization/anti-globalization/Held, D. et al.

ND-97 Key concepts in international relations/Diez, T. et al.

ND-98 Global crises and the crisis of global leadership/Gill, S. (ed).

ND-98(2) As above

ND-99 Globalization and the nation state/Holton, R.J.

ND-100 Globalization: a basic text/Ritzer, G.

ND-101 Readings in globalization: key concepts and major debates/Ritzer, G. et al.

ND-102 Aiding Afghanistan/Robinson, P. et al.

ND-103 International development and global politics/Williams, D.

ND-104 Trans-Continental Neighbours: a documentary history of Mongolia-UK relations; volume 1/Altangerel,B. et al. (eds).

NF-1 Conflict, security and development/Beswick, D. et al.

NJ-36 Ethnicity and nationalism/Brass, P.R.

Historical geography

P-173 The world ststem/Frank, A.G. et al. (eds).

P-174 Globalization and history/O'Rourke, K.H. et al.

P-175 What is global history?/Crossley, P.K.

P-176 Power and plenty/Findlay, R. et al.

P-177 The age of empire/Hobsbawm, E.

P-178 Provincializing Europe/Chakrabarty, D.

P-179 Fractured times/Hobsbawm, E.

P.1-204 The idea of Greater Britain/Bell, D.

P.1-205 A concise history of Britain 1707-1975/Speck, W.A.

P.1-206 In the shadow of the Abbey: Crowland/Chisholm, M.

P.1g -98 Making sense of the industrial revolution/King, S. et al.

P.1h-224 The citizen's body/Gilbert, P.K.

P.1h-224(2) As above

P.1h-225 Racial violence in Britain/Panayi, P. (ed).

P.1h-226 Postal pleasures/Thomas, K.

P.1h-227 The classic slum/Roberts, R.

P.1h-228 Actresses as working women/Davis, T.C.

P.36-4 The bridge over the Drina/Andric, I.

P.36-5 The Serbs/Judah, T.

P.36-6 Black lamb and grey falcon/West, R.

P.36-7 The Balkans: nationalism, war and the great powers 1804-2011/Glenny, M.

Regional geography

R.18-53 Reviewing Ireland/Briggs, S. et al. (eds).

R.18-54 Arctic Ireland/Dickson, D.

R.18-55 Irish migrants in Britain, 1815-1914/Swift, R. (ed).

R.18-56 Why Ireland starved/Mokyr, J.

R.18-57 Historical atlas of Dublin/Killeen, R.

R.31-17 A concise history of The Baltic States/Plakans, A.

R.38-C.28 A concise history of Russia/Bushkovitch, P.

R.47-33 The clash within/Nussbaum, M.

R.47-A.7 The physical geography of Bangladesh/Brammer, H.

R.47-B.95(2) Classical political economy and British policy in India/Ambirajan, S.

R.47-B.96 India today/Corbridge, S. et al.

R.47-B.97 India's new middle class/Fernandes, L.

R.47-C.51 A concise history of modern India; 3rd ed/Metcalf, B.D. et al.

R.47-C.52 Bombay Islam/Green, N.

R.47-D.90(2) Contemporary India/Deshpande, S.

R.47-D.106 Muslims in Indian cities/Gayer, L. et al.

R.47-D.107 A companion to the anthropology of India/Clark-Deces, I. (ed).

R.47-D.108 The context of ethnicity/Gupta, D.

R.47-D.109 Language, emotion and politics in South India/Mitchell, L.

R.47-D.110 The crisis of secularism in India/Needham, A.D. et al. (eds).

R.47-D.111 Transforming India/Frankel, F.R. et al.

R.47-D.112 Social mobility in Kerala/Osella, F. et al.

R.47-D.113 Federalism and ethnic conflict regulation in India and Pakistan/Adeney, K.

R.47-D.114 Against all odds/Bhasin, K. et al.

R.47-G.66 Kashmir: the case for freedom/Tariq Ali et al.

R.47-G.67 Kashmir: a disputed legacy 1846-1990/Lamb, A.

R.47-G.68 Territory of desire/Kabir, A.J.

R.47-G.69 Patrons of the poor/Lakshman, N.

R.47-G.70 Politics after television/Rajagopal, A.

R.47-G.71 Gujarat: the making of a tragedy/Varadarajan, S. (ed).

R.47-G.72 Kashmir in conflict/Schofield, V.

R.47-G.73 The caste question/Rao, A.

R.47-G.74 Ethnicity, security and separatism in India/Chadda, M.

R.47-G.75 Interrogating reorganisation of states/Sarangi, A. et al. (eds).

R.47-G.76 Community conflicts and the state in India.

R.47-G.77 Routledge handbook of Indian politics/Kohli, A. et al. (eds).

R.47 - G.78 The politics of sanitation in India/Chaplin, S.E.

R.48-1 Reigning the river/Rademacher, A.M.

R.6-106 Africa's moment/Severino, J-M et al.

R.6-107 African climate and climate change/Williams, C.J.R. et al. (eds).

R.6-108 Africa: diversity and development/Binns, T. et al.

R.6-109 Handbook of land and water grabs in Africa/Allan, T. et al. (eds).

R.6-B.63 Darfur: a new history of a long war/Flint, J. et al.

R.6-D.20 Pastoralism and development in Africa/Catley, A. et al.

R.642-2 The world and a very small place in Africa; 3rd ed./Wright, D.R.

R.642-3 Shady practices/Schroeder, R.A.

R.649-69 Silent violence/Watts, M.J.

R.664-11 Outcomes of post-2000 fast track land reform in Zimbabwe/Cliffe, L. et al. (eds).

R.667-3(2) The story of an African famine/Vaughan,M.

R.7-D.43 Wilderness and the American mind; 4th ed./Nash, R.F.

R.7-G.25(2) Mandarins of the future/Gilman, N.

R.8-B.56 The economic development of Latin America since independence/Bertola, L. et al.

R.8-D.40 Cultures of politics, politics of cultures/Alvarez, S.E. et al.

R.8-D.46 Black social movements in Latin America/Rahier, J.M. (ed).

R.8-D.47 Indigenous peoples in Latin America/Polanco, H.D.

R.8-D.48 The struggle for indigenous rights in Latin America/Postero, N.G. et al. (eds).

R.8-D.49 The challenge of diversity/Assies, W. et al. (eds).

R.820-107 The Mexico reader/Joseph, G.M. et al.

R.831-7 Mas que un indio/More than an Indian/Hale, C.R.

R.845-20 Now we are citizens/Postero, N.G.

R.845-21 El alto, rebel city/Lazar, S.

R.845-22 Mobilizing Bolivia's displaced/Fabricant, N.

R.845-23 A concise history of Bolivia; 2nd ed./Klein, H.S.

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SF-96 Physical principles of remote sensing; 3rd ed./Rees, W.G.

T-54 Quantitative techniques in geography/Hammond, R. et al.

T-166 Statistical methods and the geographer: 3rd ed./Gregory, S.

T-167 Social statistics: revised 2nd ed/Blalock, H.M.

T-168 Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel/Gardener, M.

TJ-122 Code/space/Kitchin, R. et al.

TJ-123 Computer modelling in atmospheric and oceanic conditiond/Mueller, P. et al.

Reference Section

1-25(1-3) Encyclopedia of global warming and climate change; 2nd ed/Philander, S.G. (ed)

1-26 Encyclopedia of international development/Forsyth, T. (ed).

1-27 Encyclopedia of globalization; vols. 1-4

1-28 Glaciotectonism/Aber, J.S. et al.

10-13 Atlas of the great Irish famine/Crowley, J. et al. (eds).

12-18 Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2009.

12-18 International Handbook of Population Aging/Uhlenberg, P. (ed).

13-52 Your undeergraduate dissertation/Walliman, N.

13-53 The Chicago Guide to writing about numbers/Miller, J.E.

13-54 Fieldwork for human geography/Phillips, R. et al.


XP.18-7 The Irish in Britain, 1815-1914/Swift, R.


DVD-6 The Andromeda Strain

DVD-7 Darwin's nightmare.

DVD-8 Life after people.

DVD - 9 Earth 2100

DVD-10 The day after tomorrow.

DVD-11 Flood! (East Anglian Film Archive).

DVD-12Understanding volcanic hazards (IAVCEI)

DVD-13 Reducing volcanic risk (IAVCEI)

DVD-14 The climate game and the world's poor.

DVD-14(2) As above.

DVD-15 The great floods: cataclysms of the Ice Age.

DVD-16 After the flood (Horizon).

Study guides

None as yet.


Geographers Biobibliographical Studies, Volume 31.

HAK3-23 The Hakluyt Society. Third series, vol. 23. Pedro Paez's History of Ethiopia, 1622. Volume 1.

HAK3-24 The Hakluyt Society. Third series, vol. 24. Pedro Paez's History of |Ethiopia, 1622. Volume 2.

HAK3-25 The Hakluyt Society. Third Series, vol. 25. Japanese travellers in sixteenth-century Europe.

SER.168-1`21 From formal employment to street vending/Franck, A.K.