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Ideas and geographical history

A-99 Traversing No Man';s Land: interdisciplinary essays in honour of Professor C.M. Madduma Bandara.

AB-142 Nature after the genome/Parry, S. et al. (eds).

AB-143 The politics of life itself/Rose, N.

AB-144 Life as surplus/Cooper, M.

AB-145 Geography and ethics/Proctor, J.D. et al. (eds).

AB-146 Moral geographies/Smith, D.M.

AB-147 The nick of time/Grosz, E.

AB-148 Handbook of Science and Technology Studies; Revised edition/Jasanoff, S. et al. (eds).

AB-149 The social shaping of technology; 2nd ed./MacKenzie, D. et al. (eds).

AB-150 Laboratory life/Latour, B. et al.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

C-99 Geological fiel;d techniques/Coe, A.L. (ed).

C-100 The history of geoconservation/Burek, C.V. et al. (eds).

CC-103 Geological history of Britain and Ireland. 2nd ed./Woodcock, N. et al.

CF-45(2) Volcanism/SChmincke, H-U.

CF-48 Eruptions that shook the world/Oppenheimer, C.

CF-48(2) As above

CF-51 Volcanic degassing/Oppenheimer, C. et al. (eds).

CG-34 Sediment cascades: an integrated approach/Burt, T. et al. (eds).

D-177(2) Introduction to geomorphology/Ahnert, F.

D-193 Geodiversity/Gray, M.

D-194 Earth surface processes/Allen, P.A.

DD-128(2) Ice age earth/Dawson, A.G.

DD-149(2) The periglaciation of Great Britain/Ballantyne, C.K. et al.

DD-161(2) Quaternary environments; 2nd ed./Williams, M. et al.

DD-189 The global cryosphere/Barry, R. et al.

DH-131(2) Coastal evolution/Carter, R.W.G. et al.

DH-142 Introduction to coastal processes and geomorphology; 2nd ed./Masselink, G. et al.

DH-127(3) Coasts: form, process and evolution/Woodroffe, C.D.

DH-142(2) As above

DJ-32 Reef evolution/Wood, R.

EA-69 Second Assessment of transboundary rivers, lakes and groundwaters/Economic Commission for Europe.

EC-102 Our affair with el nino/Philander, S.G.

ED-137 Developing groundwater/MacDonald, A. et al.

ED-138 The Venice Report: demography, tourism, financing and change of use of buildings.

ED-139 Out of the mainstream/Boelens, R. et al. (eds).

F-75(2) Principles of atmospheric science/Frederick, J.E.

F-80(2) Meteorology today; 9th ed./Ahrens, C.D.

F-81(2) Meteorology for scientists and engineers; 2nd wed./Stull, R.B.

FA-92(2) Climate system modelling/Trenberth, K.E. (ed).

FA-96(2) Climates and weather explained/LInacre, E. et al.

FD-17(2) Ice ages: solving the mystery/Imbrie, J. et al.

Climate, soil science and biogeography

H-94 Practical statistics for field biology; 2nd ed./Fowler, J. et al.

HA-13 Holocene extinctions/Turvey, S.T. (ed).

HB-20 The revenge of Gaia/Lovelock, J.

HC-18 Cultural landscapes and environmental change/Head, L.

HD-49 The biology of African savannahs/Shorrocks, B

HD-50 The biology of Alpine habitats/Nagy, L. et al.

HF-193 The oceans and rapid climate change/Seidov, D. et al.

HF-194 The politics of climate change/Giddens, A.

HF-195 Field notes from a catastrophe/Kolbert, E.

HF-196 With speed and violence/Pearce, F.

HF-197 The last generation/Pearce, F.

HF-198 The European environment: state and outlook 2010.

HF-199 Global warming; 2nd ed./Archer, D.

HG-118(2) Blamey, M. et al. Wild flowers of the Mediterranean.

HG-125 Plant ecology; 2nd ed./Crawley, M.J> (ed)

HJ-160(2) Island biogeography; 2nd ed./Whittaker, R.J. et al.

HJ-169 Key topics in landscape ecology/Wu, J. et al. (eds).

HJ-170 Terrestrial global productivity/Roy, J. et al. (eds).

HJ-171 Vegetation description and analysis; 2nd ed./Kent, M.

HJ-171(2) As above

HG-122 Flora Britannica/Mabey, R.

HG-123 British plant communities: Vol. 2. Mires and heaths/Rodwell, J.S. et al.

HG-124 British plant communities: Vol. 4. Aquatic communities, swamps and tall-herb fens/Rodwell, J.S. (ed).

HJ-171 Restoration of temperate wetlands/Wheeler, B.D. et al. (eds).

HJ-172 The production ecology of wetlands/Westlake, D.F. et al. (eds).

HL-259(3) Natural connections/Western, D. et al. (eds).

HL-411 People and forests/Gibson, C.C. et al.

HL-412 New alliances for tourism, conservation and development in eastern and southern Africa/v.d.Duim, R. et al.

HL-413 The bird of time/Moore, N.W.

HM-64 Surviving Armageddon/McGuire, B.

HM-65 Hazards, vulnerability and environmental justice/Cutter, S.L.

HM-66 Six degrees/Lynas, M.

HM-67 Rebuilding urban places after disaster/Birch, E.L. et al. (eds).

General human geography

J-10 The ethics of anthropology and Amerindian research/Chacon, R.J. et al. (eds).

JB-19 The new psychology of leadership/Haslam, S.A. et al.

JD-82(2) A companion to health and medical geography/Brown, T. et al. (eds).

JD-88 Disease mapping with WinBUGS and MLwiN/Lawson, A.B. et al.

JD-89 Networked disease/Harris Ali, S. et al. (eds).

JD-90 The republic of therapy/Nguyen, V-K.

JE-1 Debating human genetics/Plows, A.

K-87 A climate of injustice/Timmons Roberts, J. et al.

K/a-26 Climate change liability/Lord, R. et al. (eds).

K/a-27 Calculating catastrophe/Woo, G.

K/b-70 Environmentalism since 1945/Haq, G. et al.

K/c-80 Environmental issues and social welfare/Cahill, M. et al. (eds).

K/d-32 Risk and society/Denney, D.

K/d-33 Risk and blame/Douglas, M.

K/d-34 World at risk/Beck, U.

K/d-34(2) As above

K/d-35 Risk in social science/Taylor-Booby, P. et al. (eds).

K/d-36 Liquid fear/Bauman, Z.

K/d-37 Risk analysis perception management/Royal Society.

K/d-38 Risk: a sociological theory/Luhmann, N.

K/d-39 Risk and risk taking in health and social welfare/Titterton, M.

K/d-40 Organized uncertainty/Power, M.

K/d-41 Home ownership in a risk society/Ford, J. et al.

K/d-42 Risk, culture and health inequality/Harthorn, B.H. et al.

K/d-43 Risk/Lupton, D.

K/d-44 Risk and sociocultural theory/Lupton, D.

K/d-45 Risk/Skinns, L. et al. (eds).

K/d-46 Rsik and the war on terror/Amoore, L. et al. (eds).

K/f-33 The companion to development studies: 2nd ed./Desai, V. et al. (eds).

KE-25(2) Famine/Arnold, D.

KE-49 Three famines/Keneally, T.

KF-44 Tracking Europe/Verstraete, G.

Social geography

L-200 Indigenous knowledge and education/Villegas, M. et al. (eds).

L-201 Archeology of violence/Clastres, P.

L-202 The tipping point/Gladwell, M.

L-203 Violence/Zizek, S.

L-204 Injustice: why social inequality persists/Dorling, D.

L-205 Rage and time/Sloterdijk, P.

L-206 Lapps and labyrinths/Broadbent, N.D.

L-207 Researching sustainability/Franklin, A. et al. (eds).

L-208 Measuring livelihoods/Angelsen, A. et al. (eds).

L-209 From the margins/Axel, B.K. (ed).

L-210 Survey research methods; 4th ed.: Fowler, F.J. Jr.

LA-76(2) Risk society/Beck, U.

LA-165(3) Culture and development in a globalizing world/Radcliffe, S.A. (ed).

LA-188 Globalization and the future of labour law/Craig, J.D.R. et al.

LA-189 Risk and citizenship/Edwards, R. et al. (eds).

LA-190 A new politics of identity/Parekh, B.

LA-191 Society must be defended/Foucault, M.

LA-192 Being political/Isin, E.F.

LA-193 Land of styrangers/Amin, Ash.

LA-193(2) As above

LB-91 Disaster and development/Collins, A.E.

LB-92 Contemporary states of emergency/fassin, D. et al.

LB-93 Our final century/Rees, M.

LB-94 Urban outcasts/Wacquant, L.

LB-95 Global cities at work/Wills, J. et al.

LB-96 Disasters, relief and the media/Benthall, J.

LC-250 Gender & power/Connell, R.W.

LC-251 Critical transnational feminist praxis/Swarr, A.L. et al. (eds).

LC-252 Nimo's war, Emma's war/Enloe, C.

LC-253 Gender and planning: a reader/Fainstein, S.S. et al. (eds).

LC-254 Gender and empire/Levine, P. (ed).

LC-255 Smith, S.J,/Crime, space and society.

LC-256 Strathern, M.The gender of the gift.

LC-257 Housing law and policy/Cowan, D.

LC-258 Lustmord: sexual murder in Weimar Germany/Tatar, M.

LC-259 Reading humanitarian intervention/Orford, A.

LD-35 Naturally selected/Van Vugt, M. et al.

LD-36 The spirit level/Wilkinson, R. et al.

LD-37 Fruits of merchant capital/Fox-Genovese, E. et al.

LD-38 Multicultural horizons/Fortier, A-M.

LD-39 The idea of race/Bernasconi, R. et al. (eds).

LD-40 The world is a ghetto/Winant, H.

LF/a-38(2) The new Berlin/Till, K.E.

LF/a-55 The wild places/Macfarlane, Robert.

LF/a-56 Wildwood: a journey through woods/Deakin. R.

LF/b-59 The temporary city/Bishop, P. et al.

LF/b-60 Madness, architecture and the built environment/Topp, L. et al. (eds).

LF/d-21 Geography and the Ascension narrative in Acts/Sleeman, M.

LF/e-24 Cities and sexualities/Hubbard, P.

LF/e-25 Sexuality in Europe/Herzog, D.

LF/f-23 Subculture/Hebdige, D.

LG-81.1 - LG-81.5 Postcolonialism; Volumes 1-5/Brydon, D. (ed).

LG-82 Distant suffering/Boltanski, L.

LJ-14 A suitable enemy/Fekete, L.

LJ-15 The fear of barbarians/Todorov, T.

LJ-16 Race, identity and belonging/Davison, S. et al. (eds).

LJ-17 Regulating aversion/Brown, W.

LJ-18 The end of tolerance/Kundnani, A.

LJ-19 The multiculturalism backlash/Vertovec, S. et al. (eds).

LJ-20 Multicultural politics/Modood, T.

LJ-21 The problem of freedom/Holt, T.C.

LN-37(2) Recreational hunting, conservation and rural livelihoods/Dickson, B. et al. (eds).

LP-138 New forms of urbanization/Champion, A.G. et al. (eds).

LP-139 Arrival city/Saunders, D.

LP-140 Learning the city/McFarlane, C.

LP-141 Post-traumatic urbanism/Lahoud, A. (ed).

LP-142 Disrupted cities/Graham, S. (ed).

LP-143 The resilient city/Vale, L.J. et al.

LP/d-91 The time of the city/Shapiro, M.J.

LP/d-92 The endless city/Burdett, R. et al. (eds).

LP/d-93 Cities and citizenship/Holston, J. (ed).

LP/d-94 Cities and the making of modern Europe, 1750-1914/Lees, A. et al.

LP/e-50(2) Concrete and clay/Gandy, M.

LP/e-62 Emerald city: an environmental history of Seattle/Klingle, M.

LP/e-63 Great American city: Chicago and the enduring neighbourhood effect/Sampson, R.J.

LP/f-50 City life from Jakarta to Dakar/Simone, A.

LP/f-51 Worlding cities/Roy, A. et al.

LQ-72 Medieval Rome/Hetherington, P.

LQ-73 Imperial London/Port, M.H.

LQ-74 Rome: the biography of a city/Hibbert, C.

LQ-75 Eden on the Charles/Rawson, M.

LQ-75(2) As above

Economic and political geography

M-269 The handbook of economic sociology; 2nd ed./Smelser, N.J. et al. (eds).

M-270 The enigma of capital/Harvey, D.

M-270(2) As above

M-272 Key concepts in economic geography/Aoyama, Y. et al.

M-273 Economic geography: places, networks and flows/Wood, A. et al.

M-274 On competition; 2nd ed./Porter, M.E.

M-275 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism/Chang, H-J.

M-276 Global economic history: a very short introduction/Allen, R.C.

M-277 Producing places/Hudson, R.

M-278 This time is different/Reinhart, C.M. et al.

M-279The subprime solution/Shiller, R.J.

M-280 The return of depression economics/Krugman, P.

M-281 The super-rich shall inherit the earth/Armstrong, S.

M.1-71 The transformation of Britain/Ball, M. et al.

M.1-71(2) As above

M.1-72 Gloabl capitalism and national decline/Overbeek, H.

M.1-73 The emerging British underclass/Murray, C.

M.1-74 England: the state of the regions/Tomaney, J. et al. (eds).

MB-125 Capitalism and conservation/Brockington, D. et al. (eds).

MB-126 An introduction to sustainable development: the developing world/Elliott, J.A.

MG-216(2) Non-governmenatl organisations/Edwards, |M. et al. (eds).

MG-247 The spirit of regeneration/Apffel-Marglin, F.

MG-315(2) Sustainable development: an iontroductory guide/Reid, D.

MG-320 Development, geography and economic theory/Krugman, P.

MG-321 Inclusive aid/Groves, L. et al. (eds).

MG-322 Hegemony: the new shape of global power/Agnew, J.

MM-112(2) Sweetness and power/Mintz, S.W.

MM-121 Waste/Stuart, T.

MM-122 The world food economy; 2nd ed./Southgate, D. et al.

MM-123 Food: multidisciplinary perspectives/Harriss-White, B. et al. (eds).

N-75(2) Politics, geography and 'political geography'.

N-118 Hegemony and socialist strategy; 2nd ed./Laclau, E. et al.

N-119 The politics of crisis management/Boin, A. et al.

NA-56 Emergency politics/Honig, B.

NA-57 The liberal way of war/Dillon, M. et al.

NA-58 The politics of the governed/Chatterjee, P.

NA-59 Marxism and the city/Katznelson, I.

NA-60 Democracy and expertise/Fischer, F.

NA-61 Political theory in transition/O'Sullivan, N. (ed).

NB-30(2) Geopolitics and empire/Kearns, G.

NB-32(2) Violent geographies/Gregory, D. et al. (eds).

NB-36 Geopolitical traditions/Dodds, K. et al. (eds).

NB-37 Geopolitics: a very short introduction/Dodds, K.

NB-38 Geopolitics unframed/Kuus, M.

NC-83 Afflicted powers; new edition/Retort.

NC-84 The political economy of democratic decentralization/Manor, J.

NC-83(2) As above

ND-74(2) The global Cold War/Westad, O.A.

ND-90 Territory:authority:rights/Sassen, S.

ND-91 Globalism; 2nd edition/Steger, M.B.

ND-92 Old Europe New Europe Core Europe/Levy, D. et al. (eds).

ND-93 The follies of globalisation theory/Rosenberg, J.

ND-94 The future of Europe/Piris, J-C.

ND-95 Rituals of mediation/Debrix, F. et al. (eds).

ND-96 Hard choices: moral dilemmas in humanitarian intervention/Moore, J. (ed).

NG-9 Cities under siege/Graham, S.

Historical geography

P-140(2) Globalization in world history/Hopkins, A.G. (ed).

P-160(2) Empire and globalisation/Magee, G.B. et al.

P-170 Globalization in world history/Stearns, P.N.

P-171 The long twentieth century/Arrighi, G.

P-172 Along the archival grain/Stoler, A.L.

P.1h-222 Imagined orphans/Murdoch, L.

P.1h-223 The blackest streets/Wise, S.

PB-29 The emergence of agriculture/Smith, B.D.

Regional geography

R.18-48(2) Human encumbrances/Nally, D.P.

R.18-49 Dublin docklands reinvented/Moore, N.

R.18-50 Enough is enoigh/O'Toole, F.

R.18-51 Galway: history and society/Moran, G. et al. (eds).

R.18-52 Literature and the Irish famine 1845-1919/Fegan, M.

R.21-38 Mediterranean island landscapes/Vogiatzakis, I.N. et al )eds).

R.47-B.93 Understanding India's new political economy/Ruparelia, S. et al. (eds).

R.47-B.93 As above

R.47-B.94 Economy, culture and human rights/Singh, P.

R.47-B.95 Classical political economy and British policy in India/Ambirajan, S.

R.47-C.48 Empire's garden/Sharma, J.

$.47-C.49 The New Cambridge History of India; Vol. 1.2: Vijayanagara/Stein, B.

R.47-C.50 Peasants, famine and the state in colonial western India/Hall-Matthews, D.

R.47-D.72(2) Changing India: 2nd ed./Stern, R. W.

R.47-D.98 Ethnic conflict in India/Singh, G.

R.47-D.99 Ethnic conflict and secessionism in South and Southwest Asia/Ganguly, R. et al. (eds).

R.47-D.100 Tribes of India/Furer-Haimendorf, C. von.

R.47-D.101 Glimpses on tribal development/Tripathy, S.N.

R.47-D.102 Against ecological romanticism/Prasad, A.

R.47-D.103 Subalterns and sovereigns; 2nd ed./Sundar, N.

R.47-D.104 Tribal development in India/Rath, G.C. (ed).

R.47-D.105 Tribal identity and the modern world/Sharma, S.

R.47-G.56 Kashmir and Sindh/Das, S.

R.47-G.57 Decentralization and local politics/Jha, S.N. et al. (eds).

R.47-G.58 The crisis in Kashmir/Ganguly, S.

R.47-G.59 Development policy of a Communist government/Mallick, R.

R.47-G.60 Kashmir/Bose, S.

R.47-G.61 The challenge in Kashmir/Bose, S.

R.47-G.62 People's popwer and Panchayati Raj/Sebasti, L. et al.

R.47-G.63 Waterscapes/Baviskar, A. (ed).

R.47-G.64 Ethnicity and popuilar mobilization/Subramanian, N.

R.47-G.65Kashmir: ethnic conflict international dispute/Malik, I.

R.47-H.13 Hydbrid histories/Skaria, A.

R.49-1 Ending forced labour in Myanmar/Horsey, R.

R.53-77 Powers of exclusion/Hall. D. et al.

R.55-117 Islanders: the Pacific in the age of empire/Thomas, N.

R.6-104 Africa: altered states, ordinary miracles/Dowden, R.

R.6-105 The state of Africa/Meredith, M.

R.6-B.62 The dragon's gift/Brautigam, D.

R.6-B.62 As above

R.624-16 Fire from the ashes/Hammond, J.

R.624-17 Evil days: 30 years of war and famine in Ethiopia/de Waal, A.

R.660-D.5 East African hip hop/Ntarangwi, M.

R.7-C.114 A concise history of the United States of America/Grant, Susan-Mary.

R.689-7 Suffering for territory/M<oore, D.S.

R.8-B.55 Social conflict, economic development and extractive industry/Bebbington, A. (ed).

R.842-21 Black and green/Asher, K.

R.846-16 Indigenous knowledge, education and ethnic identity/Ortiz, P.R.

R.860-77 Insurgent citizenship/Holston, J.

R.91-48 The future history of the Arctic/Emmerson, C.

R.91-49 Arctic geopolitics and autonomy/Bravo, M. et al. (eds).

R.91-50 Nooksack place names/Richardson, A. et al.

R.92-26 The mapping of Antarctica/The Map House of London.

Techniques, GIS and reference works

SC-56 Maps of medieval thought/Kline, N.R.

T-162 Research tools in natural resource and environmental economics/Batabyal, A.A. et al.

T-163 Handbook of spatial statistics/Gelfand, A.E. et al.

T-164 Statistics for spatio-temporal data/Cressie, N. et al.

T-165 Experimental design for the life sciences/Ruxton, G.D. et al.

TJ-120 Local models for spatial analysis; 2nd ed./Lloyd, C.D.

TJ-121 Agent-based and individual-based modeling/Railsback. S.F. et al.

Reference Section

1-23 Quaternary glaciations - extent and chronology; a closer look/Eh;ers, J. et al. (eds).

1-24.1 UK National Ecosystem Assessment: technical report.

1-24.2 UK National Ecosystem Assessment: synthesis of key findings.

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ZM.1-92 River Cam navigation benefits assessment.

ZMC-11 The competitive economic performance of London and the core cities/Martin, R. et al.


DVD-4 When China met Africa/Francis, M. et al.

DVD-5 One day longer: the story of the Frontier Strike/Williams, Amie.

Study guides

None as yet.


HAK3-23 The Hakluyt Society. Third series, vol. 23. Pedro Paez's History of Ethiopia, 1622. Volume 1.

HAK3-24 The Hakluyt Society. Third series, vol. 24. Pedro Paez's History of |Ethiopia, 1622. Volume 2.

SER.168-1`21 From formal employment to street vending/Franck, A.K.