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Ideas and geographical history

AA-6 The Sage handbook of geographical knowledge/Agnew, J.A. et al.

AB-89(2) Nature's government/Drayton, R.

AB-118 Narrating the Arctic/Bravo, M. et al. (eds).

AB-137 Science as practice and culture/Pickering, A. (ed).

AB-138 Lines: a brief history/Ingold, T.

AB-139 Geography and sxcience in Briytain, 1831-1939/Withers, C.W.J.

AB-140 Homo sacer: sovereign power amd bare life/Agamben, G.

AB-141 State of exception/Agamben, G.

Geology, geomorphology and hydrology

CC-102 Salt weathering: hazards/Goudie, A. et al.

CE-50(3) New views on anold planet; 2nd ed./Van Andel, T.H.

CE-55 Earth's engine/Rymer, H. et al. (Open University coursebook).

CE-56 Tectonically active landscapes/Bull, W.B.

CE-57 nderstanding earth; 6th ed./Grotzinger, J. et al.

CE-58 Global tectonics//; 2nd ed./Kearey, P. et al.

CF-41(3) Volcanoes; 2nd ed./Francis, P. et al.

CF-48 Volcanoes: global perspectives/Lockwood, J.P. et al.

D-191 Fundamentals of geomorphology; 3rd ed./Huggett, J.R.

D-192 The Sage Handbook of Geomorphology/Gregory, K.J. et al.

D-193 Fundamentals of geomorphology; 2nd ed./Huggett, R.J.

DD-184 Glaciers and glaciation; 2nd edition/Benn, D.I. et al.

DD-184(2) as above.

DD-185 Global environments through the Quaternary/Anderson, D.E. et al.

DD-186 Snow sense/Fredston, J. et al.

DD-187 The avalanche handbook: 3rd ed./McClung, D. et al.

DD-187(2) As above

DD-188 The physics of glaciers; 4th ed./Cuffey, K.M. et al.

DH-141 Coastal geomorphology: an introduction; 2nd ed./Bird, E.

E-112 When t he rivers run dry/Pearce, F.

E-113 Fundamentals of hydrology: 2nd ed/Davie, T.

EA-67 Rivers: form and process in alluvial channels/Richards, K.

EA-68 River processes/Robert, A.

Climate, soil science and biogeography

F-83 Thermal physics of the atmosphere/Ambaum, M.H.P.

F-84 Atmospheric dynamics/Mak, M.

FD-34 Principles of paleoclimatology/Cronin, T.M.

FE-22(2) Climate change in prehistory/Burroughs, W.M.

G-132 Tropical forested watersheds/Hamilton, L.S. et al.

H-67(3) The terrestrial biosphere/Trudgill, S.T.

H-86 An introduction to physical geography and the environment; 2nd edition/Holden, J. (ed).

H-86(2) As above

H-87 Biomimicry: innovation inspired by nature/Benyus, J.M.

H-88 Conservation psychology/Clayton, S. et al.

H-89 Choosing and using statistics: a biologist's guide; 3rd ed/Dytham, C.

H-89(2) As above

H-90 Our ecological footprint/Wackernagel, M. et al.

H-91 Biogeography; 4th ed./Lomolino, M.V. et al.

H-92 Data analysis in vegetation ecology/Wildi, O.

H-93 Environment and empire/Beinart, W. et al.

HD-43(2) Contested nature/Brechin, S.R. et al. (eds).

HD-44(3) Ecological climatology; 2nd ed./Bonan, G.

HD-47 Island colonization/Thornton, I.

HD-48 The Mediterranean region: biological diversity in space and time: 2nd ed./Blondel, J. et al.

HF-174(2) Environmental change/Oldfield, F.

HF-191 Global warming: the complete brifeing; 3rd ed./Houghton, J.

HF-192 Climate change 2007: Mitigation of climate change.

HG-121 The British islands and their vegetation (2 volumes)/Tansley, A.G. (Sir).

HH-31 Silent spring/Carson, R.

HH-32 Who cares about wildlife?/Manfredo, M.J.

HJ-168 Aboveground-Belowgraound linkages/Berdgett, R.D. et al.

HK-22(2) Late quaternary environmental change/Bell, M. et al.

HL-334(3) Decolonizing nature/Adams, W.M. et al.

HL-377(2) Nature unbound/Brockington, D. et al.

HL-377(3) As above

HL-389 Breakfast of biodiversity; 2nd ed./Vandermeer, J. et al.

HL-390 Communities and the environment/Agrawal, A. et al. (eds).

HL-391 The idea of biodiversity/Takacs, D.

HL-392 Parks in peril/Brandon, K. et al. (eds).

HL-393 Community rights, conservation and contested land/Nelson, F. (ed).

HL-393(2) As above

HL-394 Trade-offs in conservation/ Leader-Williams, N. et al. (eds).

HL-394(2) As above

HL-395 A new conservation politics/Johns, D.

Hl-396 Managing and designing landscapes for conservation/Lindenmayer, D.B. et al. (eds).

HL-397 Governing Africa's forests in a globalizing world/German, L.A. et al. (eds).

HL-398 Ecotourism and sustainable development; 2nd ed./Honey, M.

HL-399 Getting biodiversity projects to work/McShane, T.O. et al. (eds).

HL-400 Measuring biological diversity/Magurran, A.E.

HL-401 Fundamentals of conservation biology; 3rd ed./Hunter, al.

HL-402 Nature crime/Duffy, R.

HL-403 Illegal logging/Tacconi, L. et al.

HL-404 Keepers of the forest/Poffenberger, M. et al.

HL - 405 Witness to extinction/Turvey, S.

HL - 406 The conservation handbook/Sutherland, W.J.

HL-407 Ecosystems and human well-being/Ash, N. et al. (eds).

HL-408 The drama of the commons/Ostrom, E. et al.

HL-409 Conservation/Borgerhoff Mulder, M. et al.

HL-410 Introduction to forest ecosystem science and management; 3rd ed./Young, R.A. et al.

HM-63 Natural hazards and environmental change/McGuire, B. et al.

General human geography

JD-80(2) Last served? Gendering the HIV pandemic/Patton, C.

JD-86 The monster at our door/Davis, M.

JD-87 AIDS, behavior and culture/Green, E.C. et al.

K-71(2) Introducing human geographies; 2nd ed./Cloke, P. et al. (eds).

K-7493) Geographies of globalization/Murray, W.E.

K-82 An introduction to human geography: 3rd edition/Daniels, P. et al. (eds).

K-83 Down to the wire/Orr, D.W.

K-84 International environmental law; 2nd ed./Kiss, A. et al.

K-85 Development theory; 2nd ed./Pieterse, J.N.

K-86 Conflict and development/O'Gorman, E.

K/a-25 Cradle to cradle/Braungart, M. et al.

K/b-28 Varieties of environmentalism/Guha, R. et al.

K/b-42(2) The other side of Eden/Brody, H.

K/b-58(2) Liberation ecologies; 2nd ed./Peet, R. et al. (eds).

K/b-69 Nature/Castree, N.

K/b-69(2) As above

K/c-76 Democratic decentralisation through a natural resource lens/Ribot, J. et al. (eds).

K/c-77 Creating a climate for change/Moser, S.C. et al. (eds).

K/c-78 Global political ecology/Peet, R. et al. (eds).

K/c-79 From care to action/Holdgate, M.

K/d-29 Ethics and the environment: an introduction/Jamieson, D.

K/d-30 Beyond the risk society/Mythen, G. et al. (eds).

K/d-31 Social theories of risk and uncertainty/Zinn, J.O. (ed).

K/f-30(2) The post development reader/Rahnema, M. et al.

K/f-32 Theeories and practices of development: 2nd ed./Willis, K.

KC-13 People, parks and wildlife/Saberwal, V. et al.

KD-100 Infant mortality/Garrett, E. et al. (eds).

KE-26(2) Hunger and public action/Dreze, J. et al.

KE-43(2) Hunger: a modern history/Vernon, J.

KE-45 Malthus/Winch, D.

KE-46 How the other half dies/George, S.

KE-47 The new famines/Devereux, S. (ed).

KE-47(2) As above

KE-48 The right to food/Alston, P. et al. (eds).

Social geography

L-172(2) Engels, Manchester and the working class/Marcus, S.

L-191 Governmentality: power and rule in modern society/Dean, M.

L-193 A year in Lapland/Beach, H.

L-194 Living Arctic/Brody, H.

L-195 The People's Land/Brody, H.

L-196 Questionnaire design, interviewing and attitude measurement (new ed)/Oppenheim, A.N.

L-197 The presentation of self in everyday life/Goffman, E.

L-198 Why things matter to people/sayer, A.

L-199 An introduction to qualitative research; 2nd ed/Flick, U.

LA-181 The world is flat/Friedman, T.L.

LA-182 Colonialism and postcolonial development/Mahoney, J.

LA-183 Globalization; 2nd ed./Waters, M

LA-184 Security, territory, population/Foucault, M.

LA-184(2) As above.

LA-185 Understanding Foucault/Danaher, G. et al.

LA-185(2) As above

LA-186 The birth of biopolitics/Foucault, M.

LA-187 Decolonization; 2nd ed./Betts, R.F.

LB-83 Compassion fatigue/Moeller, S.D.

LB-83(2) As above

LB-84 The inclusive society? 2nd ed./Levitas, R.

LB-85 Inequality and the state/Hills, J.

LB-86 Poverty, inequality and health in Britain/Smith, G.D. et al. (eds).

LB-87 The new global frontier/Martine, G. et al. (eds).

LB-88 Towards a more equal society?/Hills, J. et al. (eds).

LB-89 A paradise built in hell/Solnit, R.

LB-90 The culture of fear/Glassner, B.

LC-49(2) Off the map/Philo, C. (ed).

LC-64(2) Inventing AIDS/Patton, C.

LC-65(2) The invisible epidemic/Corea, G.

LC-186(2) Hostels, sexuality and the apartheid legacy/Elder, G.S.

LC-238 Fragile moralities and dangerous sexualities/Barton, A.

LC-239 When biology became destiny/Bridenthal, R. et al. (Eds).

LC-240 Joyless streets/Petro, P.

LC-241 Gender and environment/Buckingham-Hatfield, S.

LC-242 From the female eye/Panini, M.N. (ed).

LC-243 Out in the field/Lewin, E. et al. (eds).

LC-244 The politics of prostitution/Outshoorn, J. (ed).

LC-245 Doing gender doing geography/Raju, S. et al. (eds).

LC-246 Making sense of fatherhood/Miller, T.

LC-247 Visions of the neue Frau/Meskimmon, M. et al. (eds).

LC-248 Mainstreaming gender, democratizing the state/Rai, S,M, (ed).

LC-249 Work-lifestyle choices in the 21st century/Hakim, C.

LD-19(2) The apartheid city and beyond/Smith, D.M. (ed).

LD-29 Understanding social inequality/Butler, T. et al.

LD-30 Race, ethnicity and difference/Ratcliffe, P.

LD-31 The rise of the creative class/Florida, R.

LD-32 Who's your city?/Florida, R.

LD-33 The great reset/Florida, R.

LD-34 Orientalism and race/Ballantyne, T.

LF-53 High places/Cosgrove, D. et al. (eds).

LF-54 The cultural geography reader/Oakes, T. et al. (eds).

LF/b-56 Berlin/Large, D.C.

LF/b-57 Splintering urbanism/Graham, S. et al.

LF/b-58 Reading Berlin 1900/Fritzsche, P.

LF/e-23 The greatest taboo/Constantine-Simms, D.

LG-78 Empire, development & colonialism/Duffield, M. et al. (eds).

LG-79 Modernity at large/Appadurai, A.

LG-80 Cultural theory and populare culture; 3rd ed./Storey, J.

LH-30 The Palestinian diaspora/Lindholm Schulz, H.

LH-31 Wide open town/Boyd, N.A.

LJ-13 New geographies of race and racism/Dwyer, C. et al. (eds).

LP-136 The peri-urban interface/McGregor, D. et al. (eds).

LP-137 Readings in urban theory; 3rd ed./Fainstein, S. et al. (eds).

LP/a-58 Growing greener cities/Birch, E.L. et al. (eds).

LP/a-59 To-morrow:a peaceful path to real reform.Howard, E.

LP/d-90 Ordinary cities/Robinson, J.

LP/d-90(2) As above

LP/f-46 The master of rain/Bradby, T.

LP/f-47 The Indian metropolis/Evenson, N.

LP/f-48 Delhi through the ages/Frykenberg, R.E.

LP/f-49 Urban navigations/Anjaria, J.S. et al. (eds).

LQ-64(2) Shock cities/Platt, H.L.

LQ-69 Rome: profile of a city, 312-1308/Krautheimaer, R.

LQ-70 The ancient Roman city/Stambaugh, J.E.

LQ-71 Streets: critical perspectives on public space/Celik, Z. et al. (eds).

Economic and political geography

M-253(2) Prosperity without growth/Jackson, T.

M-259 Economic geography: past, present and future/Bagchi-Sen, S. et al. (Eds).

M-260 The political economy of competitiveness/Kitson, M. et al.

M-261 Reorienting economics/Lawson, T.

M-262 New economic geography/Henderson, J. Vernon.

M-263 The handbook of evolutionary economic geography/Boschma, R. et al. (eds).

M-264 Economic geography/Combes, P-P. et al.

M-265 New directions in economic geography/Fingleton, B. (ed).

M-266 Alternative economic spaces/Leyshon, A. et al. (Eds).

M-267 Finance, intermediaries and economic development/Engerman, S.L. et al. (Eds).

M-268 The economics of housing/Smith, S.J. et al. (eds).

M-269 Global shift; 6th ed./Dicken, P.

M.1-67 The economic geography of the UK/Coe, N.M. et al. (eds).

M.1-68 The state of working Britain/Gregg, P. et al. (Eds).

M.1-69 Understanding decline/Clarke, P. et al. (eds).

M.1-70 The national wealth: who gets what in Britain/Hobson, D.

M.2-53 The innovation policy of the European Union/Borras, S.

M.2-54 Immigration and conflict in Europe/Dancygier, R.M.

MA-110(2) Geography and trade/Krugman, P.

MB-117 The triple helix/Etkowitz, H.

MB-118 Cents and sustainability/Smith, M.H.

MB-119 The future of the capitalist state/Jessop, R.

MB-120 New economy, new myth/Gadrey, J.

MB-121 Knowing capitalism/Thrift, N.

MB-122 The origins of capitalism and the rise of the west/Mielants, E.H.

MB-123 A history of capitalism, 1500-2000/Beaud, M.

MB-124 Postcolonial economies/Pollard, J. et al.

MG-212(3) Power of development/Crush, J.

MG-215(3) Encountering development/Escobar, A.

MG-249(2) Development as freedom/Sen, A.

MG-301 Theories of development: 2nd edition/Peet, R. et al.

MG-302 Discipline and development/Davis, D.E.

MG-303 The positive deviant/Parkin, S.

MG-304 Natural capitalism/Hawken, P. et al.

MG-305 Sustainable consumption, ecology and fair trade/Zaccai, E. (ed).

MG-306 States and sovereignty in the global economy/Smith, D.A. et al. (eds).

MG-307 The imagined economies of globalization/Cameron, A. et al.

MG-308 Global capitalism/FRieden, J.A.

MG-309 Challenging the aid paradigm/Sorensen, J.S. (ed).

MG-310 japan's new local industry creation/Inaba, Y.

MG-311 Fair trade for all/Stiglitz, J.E. et al.

MG-312 The anthropology of development and globalization/Edelman, M. et al. (eds).

MG-313 Development beyond neoliberalism?/Craig, D. et al.

MG-314 The new argonauts/Saxenian, A.

MG-315 Sustainable development: an introductory guide/Reid, D.

MG-316 Globalization in historical perspective/Bordo, M.D. et al. (eds).

MG-317 Globalization: a very short introduction/Steger, M.B.

MG-318 A fate worse than debt/George, S.

MG-319 Imperial nature/Goldman, M.

MK-51 Globalization and egalitarian redistribution/Bardhan, P. et al. (eds).

MM-117 Stuffed & starved/Patel, R.

MM-118 Eating animals/Foer, J.F.

MM-119 Food politics/Nestle, M.

MM-120 Food wars/Lang, T. et al.

MQ-24(3) Governing the commons/Ostrom, E.

MR-6 The unnatural history of the sea/Roberts, C.

N-92(3) Powers of freedom/Rose, N.

N-95(2) A brief history of neoliberalism/Harvey, D.

N-111 The south in world politics/Alden, C. et al.

N-112 After the last sky: Palestinian lives/Said, E.W.

N-113 The Third Way/Giddens, A.

N-114 The Third Way and its critics/Giddens, A.

N-115 Political Geography: 3rd ed./Glassner, M. et al.

N-116 Key concepts in political geography/Gallaher, C. et al.

N-117 Acting in anuncertain world/Callon, M. et al.

NB-21(2) Global geopolitics: a critical introduction/Dodds, K.

NB-33 Cities, war and terrorism/Graham, S. (ed).

NB-33(2) As above.

NB-34 The geopolitics reader; 2nd ed.: O Tuathail, G. et al. (eds).

NB-35 Fear: critical geopolitics and everyday life/Pain, R. et al. (eds).

NC-78 The iron wall: Israel and the Arab world/Shlaim, A.

NC-79 The Palestinians/Sayigh, R.

NC-80 Israel's occupation/Gordon, N.

NC-81 Landscape of hope and despair/Peteet, J.

NC-82 Terror and territory/Elden, S.

ND-81 Globalization and international relations theory/Clark, I.

ND-82 Governing globalization/Held, D. et al. (eds).

ND-83 International relations theories/Dunne, T. et al.

ND-84 Inequality, globalization, and world politics/Hurrell, A. et al. (eds).

ND-85 The cultures of globalization/Jameson, F. et al.

ND-86 Demystifying globalization/Hay, C. et al. (Eds).

ND-87 The globalization of world politics; 5th ed/Baylis, J. et al.

ND--88 Global politics/Edkins, J. et al.

ND-89 Governing globalization/Held, D. et al. (eds).

Historical geography

P-139(2) Global lives/Ogborn, M.

P-139(3) As above

P-145(2) Regarding the pain of others/Sontag, S.

P-156 The Atlantic world/Benjamin, T.

P-156(2) As above

P-157 Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of Historical Geographers.

P-158 Atlantic history: a critical appraisal/Greene, J.P. et al. (eds).

P-159 Contours of the world economy, I-2030 AD/Maddison, A.

P-160 Empire and globalisation/Magee, G.B. et al.

P.161Why the West rules - for now/Morris, I.

P.162 Empire/Ferguson, N.

P-163 Power and profit: the merchant in medieval Europe/Spufford, P.

P-164 Industry and empire: new ed./Hobsbawm, E.

P-165 Replenishing the earth/Belich, J.

P-166 Creating a world economy/Smith, A.K.

P-167 The scandal of empire/Dirks, N.B.

P-168 Transnational lives/Deacon, D. et al.

P-169 The British Empire/Levine, P.

P.1-197(2) Geographies of England/baker, A.R.H. et al.

P.1-203 Energy and the English Industrial Revolution/Wrigley, E.A.

P.1-203(2) As above

P.1e-42 Problems and methods in the history of medicine/Porter, R. et al. (eds).

P.1g-97 The idea of poverty/Himmelfarb, G.

P.1h-43(2) Victorian cities/Briggs, A.

P.1h-81(2) The making of the English working class/Thompson, E.P.

P.1h-176(2) Visions of the people/Joyce, P.

P.1h-213(3) The British industrial revolution in global perspective/Allen, R.C.

P.1h-217 The condition of the working class in England/Engels, F.

P.1h-218 The Victorian eye/Otter, C.

P.1h-219 The politics of alcohol/Nicholls, J.

P.1h-220 Other mothers/Rosenman, E.B. et al.

P.1h-221 The politics of motherhood/Lewis, J.

P.2-79 Europe: a cultural history: 2nd ed./Rietbergen, P.

P.2-80 An historical geography of Europe 450BC-AD1330/Pounds, N.J.G.

P.2b-3 Europe after Rome/Smith, J.M.H.

P.2c-5 The myth of nations/Geary, P.J.

P.2d - 27 The medieval expansion of Europe/Phillips, J.R.S.

P.2e-11 The civilization of Europe in the Renaissance/Hale, J.

P.2g-2(3) The great divergence/Pomeranz, K.

P.22-66(3) The making of Europe/Bartlett, R.

P.28-11 Weimar culture: the outsider as insider/Gay, P.

PB-27 Growth recurring: economic change in world history/Jones, E.L.

PB-28 The wealth and poverty of nations/Landes, D.

Q-37 Trade and civilization in the Indian Ocean/Chaudhuri, K.N.

Regional geography

R.18-48 Human encumbrances/Nally, D.P.

R.38-B.75 Russia's diamond colony/Tichotsky, J.

R.38-D.15 Antler on the sea/Kerttula, A.M.

R.38-D.16 Settlers on the edge/Thompson, N.

R.38-D.17 What it means to be a herdsman/Habeck, J.O.

R.38-D.18 When the north was red/Bartels, D.A. et al.

R.38-D.19 Soul hunters/Willerslev, R.

R.38-D.20 Russian settlement in the north/Armstrong, T.

R.38-D.21 A history of the peoples of Siberia/Forsyth, J.

R.38-D.22 Red tied and residential schools/Bloch, A.

R.38-F.1 Forty thousand against the Arctic/Smolka, H.P.

R.47-B.91 India - the political economy of grwoth, stagnation and the state, 1951-2007/McCartney, M.

R.47-B.92 Development, democracy and the state/Raman, K.R. (ed).

R.47-C.46 Community-based natural resource management/Menon, A. et al.

R.47-C.47 The state in India after liberalization/Gupta, A. et al. (eds).

R.47-D.87(2) The idea of India/Khilnani, S.

R.47-D.94 Whatever happened to class?/Agarwala, R. et al. (eds).

R.47-D.95 The vernacularisation of democracy/Michelutti, L.

R.47-D.96 The cost of living/Roy, Arundhati.

R.47-D.97 Timepass/Jeffrey, C.

R.47-D.97(2) As above

R.47-F.56 Forests, power & people: the political ecology of reform in South Asia/Springate-Baginski, O. et al. (eds).

R.47-G.51(2) Seeing the state/Corbridge, S. et al.

R.47-G.53 In the shadows of the state/Shah, A.

R.47-G.54 Global environmental politics/Rajan, M.G.

R.47-G.55 Experiencing the state/Vira, B. et al. (eds).

R.47-H.11 Environmental issues in India: a reader/Rangarajan, M. (ed).

R.47-H.12 Landscapes and lives/Sharma, M.

R.51-39 The retreat of the elephants: an environmental history of China/Elvin, M.

R.51-40 The river runs black/Economy, E.C.

R.51-B.21 China's economic growth/Cannon, T. (ed).

R.55-114 Islands and beaches/Dening, G.

R.55-115 Inventing Easter Island/Haun, B.

R.55-116 Paradise found and lost/Spate, O.H.K.

R.6-84(2) Africa works/Chabal, P. et al.

R.6-90(2) Global shadows/Ferguson, J.

R.6-91(2) The state they're in/Lockwood, M.

R.6-100 The new scramble for Africa/Carmody, P.

R.6-101 India in Africa: changing geographies of power/Mawdsley, E. et al. (eds).

R.6-102 Ordering Africa/Tilley, H. et al.

R.6-103 The trouble with Africa/Calderisi, R.

R.6-B.58(2) Famine that kills/de Waal, A.

R.621-11 Colonising Egypt/Mitchell, T.

R.624-15 Moving people in Ethiopia/Pankhurst, A. et al.

R.644-12(2) Corruption and state politics in Sierra Leone/Reno, W.

R.680-20 From enslavement to environmentalism/Hughes, D.M.

R.7-C.106 An inmperfect union/Finkelman, P.

R.7-C.107 The Great Republic; Vol 2; 4th ed./Bailyn, B. et al.

R.7-C.108 The grassland of North America/Malin, J.C.

R.7-C.109 Pursuits of happiness/Greene, J.P.

R.7-C.110 Exploration and empire/Goetzmann, W.H.

R.7-C.111 Conflict and compromise/Ransom, R.L.

R.7-C.112 The South and the politics of slavery 1828-1956/Cooper, W.J. Jr.

R.7-C.113 Colonial encounters in a native American landscape/Rothschild, N.A.

R.7-D.42 The measure of America/Burd-Sharps, S. et al. (eds).

R.7-G.25 Mandarins of the future/Gilman, N.

R.834(2) Decolonizing development/Wainwright, J.

R.840-21 Struggles of voice/Lucero, J-A.

R.90-6 Legacies and change in polar sciences/Shadian, J.M. et al. (eds).

R.91-34 Nunavut: rethinking political culture/Henderson, A.

R.91-35 Northern exposure/Abele, F. et al. (eds).

R.91-36 Nunavut: Inuit regain control of their lands and their lives: Dahl, J. et al. (eds).

R.91-37 Nunavik/Vick-Westgate, A.

R.91-38 Northern exposures/Geller, P.

R.91-39 Inuit, whaling, and sustainability/Freeman, M.M.R. et al.

R.91-40 Arctic environmental cooperation/Tennberg, M.

R.91-41 The Barents Region/Stokke, O.S. et al.

R.91-42 The Arctic: a history/Vaughan, R.

R.91-43 Uqalurait: an oral history of Nunavut/Bennett, J. et al. (eds).

R.91-44 The social life of stories/Cruikshank, J.

R.91-45 Never in anger/Briggs, J.L.

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R.91-47Negotiating the Arctic/Keskitalo, E.C.H.

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Study guides

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HAK3-22 Hakluyt Society, Series 3 Vol. 22.