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Frequently asked questions about M.Phil. Admissions

Frequently asked questions about M.Phil. Admissions

When do courses begin?

All the M.Phil. courses begin in the first week of October. It is not possible to join an M.Phil. course later in the year.

Is there a part-time option available for MPhil courses at Geography?

They are full-time courses. The Department does not offer part time M.Phil. courses.

I don't have an undergraduate degree in Geography and/or I did not receive my previous training in a UK university. Will I still be considered for admission?

Yes. Many of our students do not have Geography degrees, and over half come from outside the UK. If your undergraduate degree does not relate to the M.Phil. programme you are applying for, relevant work experience and proven academic ability can be just as valuable.

Can I apply before I have funding?

Yes. Your application will be judged on merit, not on your ability to pay for the course. If you are offered admission, the offer may be subject to 'conditions' you will need to meet, ie. financial, IELT's certificates at the required level and academic results before your admission is confirmed. Please be aware that funding deadlines are often a long time before the deadlines for applications.

I would like to discuss my research proposal with an academic member of staff before applying. Can I do this?

Please apply first. We receive hundreds of applications and it is not possible for members of staff to discuss details with all Masters/M.Phil. applicants before they are admitted. M.Phil. applicants do not need to suggest a supervisor on their application. The Department will allocate a supervisor to all M.Phil. applicants who are made an offer of admission. (Applicants for the MPhil in Geography do need to contact a prospective supervisor before making an application).

I want to continue onto a PhD after completing my M.Phil.

In your application for an M.Phil. you are asked to specify whether or not you wish to continue as a PhD student. You will not fill out a formal application to continue as a PhD student until the winter/spring of your M.Phil. course. Being accepted onto and completing an M.Phil. in the Department of Geography does not guarantee that you will be allowed to continue as a PhD student, you must reapply. See conditions for continuing.

After I send in my application, how long will it take to receive a response?

We cannot process your application until we have all of it, including transcripts, references and the additional material. Some MPhil courses will run a series of 'gathered field' assessments of applications. Final decisions on some applications will not be made until the end of May. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to applicants.

What are some reasons why my application would be declined?

The department is unable to respond to specific requests for explanations regarding declined applications. A few possible reasons for declining applications are listed below:

  • Your application has missing documents.
  • Based on the information in your application form and your research proposal, it is felt that the programme you are applying for will not be appropriate to your interests.
  • Your academic record and/or work experience does not indicate your suitability for the course.
  • There is no appropriate supervisor or expertise available in the Department (this may change from year to year because of staff leave or other changes).

Can you send me a course guide for the current academic year?

This website is designed to answer the questions about our courses. If you have any specific questions, please contact the Graduate office.

If I am too late to apply for admission; is there a chance that once the term starts a space might become available?

No, unfortunately not.