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PC – Linked Sartorius Balance Protocol

This method is particularly useful for weighing filter papers and loss-on-ignition samples.

  • Switch on the balance, the PC and the monitor. When asked for a password, ignore and just click on OK.
  • Once in Windows open up EXCEL by double clicking on ‘shortcut to EXCEL’ on the Desktop.
  • Once EXCEL is opened double click on Software Wedge on the Desktop.
  • Go to File in the Software Wedge Setup window and click on open. Select the file excel.sw1 and click on OK.
  • Go to Activate in the Software Wedge Setup window and select Test Mode. A new window will appear, Software Wedge – COM1.
  • Place your sample onto the balance to be weighed.
  • Select a cell in EXCEL where you wish the weight data to be placed. Click on weight in the Software Wedge – COM1 window. The weight data will then be transferred directly into EXCEL.

Data can be transferred from the balance into any EXCEL cell on a sheet, whichever is selected. Data can also be transferred onto a pre-existing EXCEL sheet and also one where calculations have been input to cells/columns.