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Instrumentation Laboratory

The Instrumentation Laboratory provides technical services, which are available to all members of the department and also visiting workers. These services complement those available through the Geography Science Laboratories and the Fieldwork Equipment Service. Both mechanical and electronic services are available, most importantly for the provision of prototype apparatus used in main-line and postgraduate projects. The second important activity in the Instrumentation Laboratory is the maintenance of instruments and apparatus for use in field studies so that they are in working order when issued to researchers or undergraduate field parties.

The use of tools and equipment by untrained staff is actively discouraged on safety grounds. This creates the need for a broad skills base provided by the Instrumentation Laboratory within the Department to cope with tasks previously accomplished by the researchers themselves. Since financial constraints prevent the development of prototype apparatus in the commercial sector, every effort is made to provide a professional facility using the minimum of resources. For this reason, many solutions use simple techniques and readily available components.

For use of the Instrumentation Laboratory, contact Adam Copeland (