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Sediment Archive Store


This store at Lord’s Bridge is an repository of sediment cores, spot samples, bulk samples and monoliths from important British and overseas sites worked on by members of the Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group over the past 50+ years. All of the archive material has been logged, and at present about 70% has been entered into an accession system. This work is ongoing. The Lord’s Bridge Catalogue is available for download. It provides details of the site, archive material type, physical size and owner for each item stored. An accession number is also provided if the material has been logged in the accession system. Items may be loaned or removed from the archive for bona fide research purposes. A loan/removal form is available for download. It is possible to cut and past items directly from the catalogue into the loan/removal form.


The Sediment Archive Store comprises approximately 200 linear metres of shelf space for the storage of archived sediments. The are fridges, freezers and a core examination area.

Health and Safety

Many of the archived items in this store are heavy and/or awkward to lift. It is essential that two or more personnel assist in moving these items, to comply with safe working practices.


Access to the store is strictly controlled by the University Estate Management and Building Service, but can be arranged through Chris Rolfe or Steve Boreham.