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Physical and Chemical Facilities

Sediment Archive Store - This store at Lord's Bridge is an repository of sediment cores, spot samples, bulk samples and monoliths from important British and overseas sites worked on by members of the Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group over the past 50+ years.

Chemical Store - This external store has been established for the secure and safe storage of chemicals away from the main department.

Drilling Equipment Store - This store provides secure storage for a wide variety of drilling equipment available for field work.

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory - This laboratory provides facilities for preparation of water, soils and sediments for various chemical analyses. It is equipped with a pure water machine, spectrophotometer, pH and electrical conductivity meters, ion sensitive electrodes, and a fume cupboard with a filtered exhaust. There is also a refrigerator for the storage of small samples.

Instrument Room -

Field Equipment Store - This store contains a wide range of items of field equipment.

Foreign Soils Store - This room provides facilities for the secure handling and disposal of foreign soil and plant material, required under the terms of our Foreign Soil Licence issued by DEFRA.

Malvern Room - This room provides facilities for laser particle size determinations and the analysis of magnetic characteristics of soils and sediments. It is equipped with a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 laser particle sizer and two Bartington Instruments magnetic susceptibility meters. There is also a Stellarnet Spectrometer for measurements of soil and sediment colour.

Museum Room - This room houses invaluable collections including wood thin sections, seeds, shells and example sediments.

Teaching Laboratory - This facility can hold practical classes and demonstrations for up to 30 individuals. The Laboratory contains various items of laboratory equipment, fume cupboard, a furnace, drying ovens and cabinets. This room is equipped with a range of high-power and low-power stereo microscopes for both teaching and research, a small pollen reference collection and modest computing facilities. The room is used for pollen counting and plant macrofossil and mollusc analyses.

Preparation Laboratories - These rooms provide sediment preparation and digestion facilities. Each room may be booked in advance. Equipment in each room includes an HF (hydrofluoric acid) capable fume cupboard with scrubbed and filtered exhaust, pure water machines, ovens, balances, whilimixers, centrifuges, waterbaths and sandbaths. Each room also has a refrigerator for the storage of small samples.

Sample Store - Provides short-term storage for sediment, soil and water samples.

Soils and Sediments Laboratory - This laboratory is situated in the basement of the Department of Geography. It is used for the examination, handling and analysis of raw samples, and for hydraulics (flume) work . There are four bench places which may be booked in advance. The laboratory is equipped with a large variety of sieves, sieve shakers, electronic balances, ovens and the Armfield Engineering Tiling Flume. There is also a refrigerator for the storage of small samples. The use of this equipment may be booked in advance.

The Cambridge Tephra Lab. - This laboratory is dedicated to distal tephra investigations, which includes the study of volcanic ash layers that are not visible to the naked eye, known as cryptotephra. Analyses are carried out on samples from a range of sedimentary environments, such as lakes, caves, peat bogs and marine settings.

Waste Disposal Store - This store provides for the safe storage of chemical and other wastes generated by the Geography Science Laboratories and its associated activities. The store is only accessed externally with all waste being removed fortnightly by the contracted waste disposal company Cleanaway. Cleanaway act through agreement with the University of Cambridge Health and Safety Division.