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Laboratory Equipment

Malvern Laser Particle Sizer – is a laser particle sizer used to measure the particle size distribution of soils and sediments. It allows for the measurement of particles ranging from 0.02µm to 3mm.

Balances – The laboratories have several extremely accurate balances, which read down to ten thousandths of a gram. These balances are connected to a personal computers, and can download data directly onto spreadsheets. This brings the advantages of speed, accuracy, precision, and the ability to handle a large volumes of data.

Armfield Engineering Tilting Flume – Hydraulics – The Soils and Sediments Laboratory houses a tilting flume which is used to simulate the flow dynamics of rivers. The gradient, discharge, depth and bed type can all be varied with relative ease. The flume also has a wave generator, which can produce pulses of varying frequency and amplitude to mimic lacustrine and shallow marine conditions.