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10th World Dendro Conference

World-Dendro 2018 Supporters

Reminder- Registration closes on March 31st!

The World Dendro Conference is a non-for-profit event, embraced within the charter of the Tree-Ring Society, and supported by the society's membership, participant registrations, and generous contributions by agencies and individuals with an interest in advancing tree-ring research and education.

Yet despite this advantage, between every 4 year conference cycle, the costs of organizing this event increases. In the end, when all the rents, labor, transportation, printing, and catering fees, etc.. have been paid, whatever balance remains is never more than a toast for all the many who volunteered to organize the event. However, in 2018 we want to break from this tradition (see: Fiscal Policy at the bottom of the registration tab on this website). If you would like to make a donation to the 2018 World Dendro Bhutan Foundation please contact Paul Krusic. Your donation will be used to offset the costs in providing financial support and services to participants; permitting us to charge less and offer more.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following groups and organizations for their contributions to the 2018 World Dendro Conference Thimphu, Bhutan.

Organizations contributing to the 2018 World Dendro Conference:


The Tree-Ring Society

A non-profit international scientific association dedicated to dendrochronological research and education. Membership includes a subscription to Tree-Ring Research, conference information, and conference discounts.

Regents Instruments Inc

Regents Instruments Inc.

Developer of WinDENDRO™ and WinCELL™, high performance image analysis systems and software, for precise and efficient measurement and analysis of tree rings, wood density and wood-cell anatomy. Regularly improved since their introduction in 1991, they are reliable analysis tools used worldwide..


UNDP Bhutan

Working together with the government and the people of Bhutan to enhance GNH, reduce inequalities, build resilience and empower the disadvantaged through innovative partnerships, and providing cutting-edge global knowledge, technical and financial resources.


SilviScan® Rapid Wood Analysis Technology

Instruments designed by Robert Evans for measuring many wood fibre characteristics for industry and science. Current applications include inventory of wood and fibre properties, rapid screening of families and clones, assessment of environmental and silvicultural effects on wood, identification of genes controlling fibre properties, and modelling of wood, pulp and paper properties in terms of fibre properties


WWF Bhutan

Caring and Investing in the conservation vision of Bhutan since 1977 by supporting local conservation staff to promote sustainable livelihoods, protect Bhutan's natural capital, and conserve the nation's immense biological diversity.


Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan

To ensure sustainable social and economic well-being of the Bhutanese people through adequate access to food and natural resources.


Department of Geography, University of Cambridge


Tree-ring Lab, LDEO, Columbia University

Dedicated to expanding the use and application of tree-ring research around the world to improve our understanding of past climate and environmental history.


Paul & Anna Charitable Fund

Supporting conservation and environmental education with small gifts and donations.