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Department of Geography


Geography and neo-vitalism

Wednesday 23rd November 2016, 2pm
Seminar Room, Department of Geography


Matthew Gandy and Michael Bravo are holding a half-day workshop on Wednesday 23rd November on the theme of “Geography and neo-vitalism” and would be pleased to hear from any staff or graduate students who might like to take part in the discussion.

We are especially keen to have representation across the discipline and beyond. Papers will be given by Matthew Gandy, Michael Bravo, Nick Hopwood, Sandra Jasper, Sarah Radcliffe, Adam Bobette, Rogelio Luque Lora, and Charles Pigott.

Geography and neo-vitalism

The neo-vitalist turn in geography raises many interesting questions across the discipline including connections with the geo-humanities and new fields of interdisciplinary scholarship. In recent years the works of Henri Bergson, Hans Driesch, and other thinkers have gained influence in debates over non-human agency, post-human subjectivities, and new concepts of nature. In this workshop we wish to bring together staff and graduate students with an interest in contemporary theoretical debates for this half-day event on Wednesday 23rd November, followed by dinner.

The workshop will be supported by Matthew’s ERC project “Rethinking Urban Nature” and by Michael’s Cryopolitics project based at SPRI.

Time, venue and registration details

Time: 14.00 – 17.40 followed by dinner at 19.00
Venue: Seminar Room, Main Building, Geography.

Please RSVP to Louise Kay <>.