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Department of Geography


GEOMED 2005: Poster presentations

The conference organisers invite offers of poster presentations in geomedical systems including but not restricted to the themes of the conference.

The intention to submit one or more posters should be submitted to Professor Robert Haining ( There is no deadline as presenters are advised to bring their posters themselves but if for some reason they cannot do so, then they can send them to the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, in advance.

Please note that posters will be presented vertically, with 2 per board, and around A3 in size (90cm x 55cm). There is no specified format or layout to the poster design.

Name: Nicola Batchelor
Institution: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Title: An assessment of the spatial distribution of Rhodesian sleeping sickness in a low endemnicity area of western Kenya

Name: Frank Dunstan
Institution: Cardiff University
Title: The use of spatial smoothing models in understanding the epidemiology of campylobacter infections

Name: Chantal Guihenneuc-Jouyaux
Institution: INSERM U170
Title: Misspecification of residual spatial structure in ecological poisson regression

Name: Michael Hoehle
Institution: University of Munich
Title: “Surveillance” – an R-package for developing disease surveillance algorithms

Name: Leena Inamdar
Institution: University of York
Title: Exploring the potential of GIS-participation in better understanding of public health issues (provisional)

Name: Peter Jones
Institution: Lancashire Care NHS Trust
Title: Mental health and geography: questions and issues for a mental health trust organised using Hodges’ four care domains

Name: Samuel OM Manda
Institution: University of Leeds
Title: Application and comparision of statistical models for multivariate spatial disease mapping

Name: Aronrag Meeyai
Institution: Imperial College London
Title: Examining the acute effects of an air pollution episode and socioeconomic position on health, in London, using a Geographic Information System

Name: Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi
Institution: Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Title: Clustering of childhood cancer in inner-city of Tehran Municipality: A GIS based analysis

Name: Rob Meyers
Institution: Public Health Agency of Canada
Title: Assessing the influence of land cover and environmental temperature on the incidence of West Nile Virus in Southern Ontario, Canada

Name: Aphrodite Niggebrugge and David Pencheon
Institution: Eastern Region Public Health Observatory, Cambridge
Title: Visualising spatial health data on line – what engages users?

Name: Aphrodite Niggebrugge and David Pencheon
Institution: Eastern Region Public Health Observatory, Cambridge
Title: Addressing health inequalities – does local action everywhere help meet national targets?

Name: Kim Procter
Institution: University of Leeds
Title: Measuring the obesogenic environment of childhood obesity

Name: Virginia H Rego
Institution: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Harvard Medical School
Title: Evaluation of clustering of prostate cancer grade and stage at diagnosis using tests for spatial randomness

Name: Dianna Smith
Institution: University of Leeds
Title: Potential Health Implications of Retail Food Access

Name: Su-Yin Tan
Institution: University of Cambridge
Title: Spatial analysis of the impacts of crime on health at national and regional scales

Name: Laurent Toubiana
Institution: INSERM – U707
Title: MapoFlash: a web-based Geographic Information System toolbox designed for disease monitoring

Name: Yong Yang
Institution: University of Southampton
Title: Spatial consideration for the individual-based simulation of infectious disease transmission