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Infrastructure, inequality and the neo-apartheid city

11th November 2021

This seminar series, supported by the Urban Studies Foundation, develops a conceptual analysis of an emerging urban regime – the neo-apartheid city, by analysing the role of infrastructure in facilitating political control through socio-spatial division.

Workshop information

Student Climate Action at Geography

October 2021

Student takeover

EuroDendro 2021

13-16th September 2021

The EuroDendro 2021 conference will cover the most fascinating topics in dendrochronology and beyond, involving archaeology, (paleo) climatology, ecology, wood anatomy to forest dynamics and ecology.

EuroDendro 2021

Research seminars

The Department runs a range of research seminars throughout the year.

Events at the Scott Polar Research Institute

A variety of events are ongoing at SPRI, including Museum exhibitions, public lectures, research seminars and Friends’ events.