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Department of Geography


Obituaries of staff and students

Please find below links to obituaries of staff and students from the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge.

If you know of an individual who should be featured here, please let us know.

NB: Please note that some of these obituaries are behind paywalls.

Prof William Balchin Student Professor of Geography, University College Swansea, 1916-2007
John Christopher Barringer Student Author, teacher and local historian, 1931-2013
Prof J. Brian Bird Student Professor of Geography, McGill University, 1923-2011
Margaret Blacklock Evans OBE Student Headmistress, Seven Kings High School, 1925-2014
Principal William Maurice Brown Student First principal of Faujdarhat Cadet College, 1910-1975
Dr Alfred Augustus Levi ‘Gus’ Caesar Student and staff University Lecturer, University of Cambridge, Fellow of St Catharine’s College, 1914-1995
Prof Sylvia Chant Student World leading feminist geographer, 1958 – 2019
Prof Graham Chapman Student and staff Professor of Geography, SOAS and Lancaster University, 1944-2014
Prof Richard Chorley Student and staff Professor of Geography, University of Cambridge, Head of Department, Vice-Master of Sidney Sussex College, 1927-2002
Miles Clark Student Sailor and Journalist, 1960-1993
Prof David Collins Student Professor of Physical Geography, University of Salford, 1949-2016
Prof John Terrence Coppock Student Ogilvie Professor of Geography, University of Edinburgh, 1921-2000
Prof Henry Clifford Darby Student and staff Historical Geographer, Head of Department, 1909-1992
Prof Frank Debenham Staff First Professor of Geography, University of Cambridge, Founder, Scott Polar Research Institute, 1883-1965
George De Boer Student Reader in Geography, Hull University
Dr Robin Donkin Staff Historical Geographer and Geographer of Latin America, 1928-2006
Dr BH Farmer Student and staff Geographer of South Asia, 1916-1996
Dr Jean Grove Student and staff Fellow of Girton College, glaciologist and historical climatologist, 1927-2001
Sir Peter Hall Student Town planner, Bartlett Professor of Planning and Regeneration at The Bartlett, University College London, 1932-2014
John Heap Student Head of Polar Regions Section of FCO 1975-1992. 1932-2006
Prof Leslie Hepple Student and staff Professor of Geography, University of Bristol, 1947-2007
Mr Donald Hewlett Student Actor, 1920-2011
Louise Hulton Student Maternal Health Campaigner, 1970-2017
Dr Hal Lister Student Arctic Explorer and Geographer. Reader at School of Geography, University of Newcastle. 1921-2010
Sylvia Law Student British Town Planner, 1931-2004
Prof Gordon Manley Staff Climatologist, 1902-1980
Dr Gerald Manners OBE Student Geographer, government advisor and charity chair, 1932-2009
Dr John H Mercer Student Glaciologist, University of Ohio, 1922-1987
Roy Millward Student Lecturer, University of Leicester, 1918-2016
Spencer Millham Student Teacher and Social Researcher, 1932-2015
Jean Mitchell Staff and Student University Lecturer, Historical Geography, 1904-1990
John Noble Student Baritone, 1931-2008
Prof Ray Pahl Student Sociologist, 1935-2011
Prof John Harris Paterson Student Professor of Geography, University of Leicester, 1923-1997
Prof Ronald Peel Student and staff Chair of Geography, University of Leeds, University of Bristol, 1912-1985
Prof Norman Pounds Student and staff Historian and Geographer, 1912-2006
Prof Norman Pye Student Professor of Geography, University of Leicester, 1914-2007
Prof Clifford Smith Student and staff Historical and Latin American Geography, 1924-2003
Dr Bruce Wilfred Sparks Staff Geographer and quaternary paeleoecologist, 1923-1988
Prof Oskar Spate Student Geographer and Historian, 1911-2000
Prof James Alfred Steers Student and staff Professor of Geography and Head of Department, University of Cambridge, 1899-1987
Prof David Stoddart Student and staff University lecturer, University of Cambridge and Professor of Geography, University of Berkeley, 1937-2014
Dr Marjorie Sweeting Staff University Reader, University of Oxford, 1920-1995
Ken Sykora Student Jazz guitarist, composer, producer and BBC Presenter, 1923-2006
Sam Toy Student Chair of Ford Motor Company, 1923-2008
Dr William Vaughan Lewis Student and staff University Lecturer, University of Cambridge, 1907-1961
Brian Ware OBE Student Life long Geographer, 1919 – 2008
Prof Robert Woods Student John Rankin Chair, University of Liverpool, Historical Demographer, 1949-2011