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Department of Geography


1964 Alumni Visit

1964 Alumni Visit

Over twenty Alumni who Matriculated in 1964 came back to see the department on Saturday 18th October 2014. The visit was organised by Paul Hopper (Downing), and the group had a buffet lunch in Downing College with Dick Grove as guest. Bill Adams (Head of Department) gave a short talk on the Department and the state of Geography.

Among other things, they discussed the Essay paper for the Preliminary Examination for Part I of the Geographical Tripos in June 1965. For the record, the questions invited an essay on one of the following subjects:

  1. The eyes of a fool are in the ends of the earth
  2. 'Every new university is, in a sense, a criticism of all the old universities.'
  3. Nothing hath a natural right to last.' (Wordsworth)
  4. Damn computers!
  5. Status symbols

Still interesting questions: still not easy to answer!