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Decolonising Cambridge Geography

Decolonising Cambridge Geography

Decolonising involves recognising that colonial structures and power relations remain embedded in University institutions, and that these structures silence and marginalise groups which historically have not been fully validated and included in teaching, learning and research. Decolonising processes seek to change these relations of power and how knowledge is produced and shared.

The possible avenues and concrete proposals for decolonisation in the Department of Geography have been discussed by a working group of undergraduates, postgraduates and staff members of the Department, in regular consultation with the wider Department community at well-attended Open Meetings.

Panel event, May 2021

At this event, held on 21st May 2021, Professor Bhaskar Vira, Head of Department; Geography was joined by alumnus Dominic Waughray (World Economic Forum); Professor Sarah Radcliffe, who convenes the Decolonising Cambridge Geography Working Group; and current Geography students, Matipa Mukondiwa and Victoria Ayodeji, as they discuss initiatives being taken to Decolonise Cambridge Geography.