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Annual Report 1998: Research in the Department

Research Groupings

The Department structures its research activity around several broadly-defined research groups which were defined explicitly in their present form for the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise. These have rich and varying themes, given the continually-renewed research community of about 150, the overlapping memberships of the groups, and their external collaborations within and beyond the University and the discipline. The main members of these groups are outlined below, and their research grants and published research output in 1997 are listed in the following sections.

The Geography of the Space Economy

This group includes Bob Bennett, Stuart Corbridge, Mia Gray, Alan Hudson, David Keeble, Ron Martin, and Linda McDowell. Some of its activities are linked to those of the ESRC Centre for Business Research, where David Keeble (one of its Assistant Directors) and Bob Bennett are particularly active.

The Geography of Development

Bill Adams, Bryon Bache, Tim Bayliss-Smith, Stuart Corbridge, Jim Duncan, Sarah Radcliffe and Bhaskar Vira create the core of this group, which has research interests in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Melanesia.

The Human Geography of Europe

This group has research interests ranging across western and eastern Europe, including historical geography in France, and economic, demographic and political aspects of the region's geography. It includes Alan Baker, Bob Bennett, Gerry Kearns, David Keeble, Ron Martin, and Graham Smith, who has directed The Post-Soviet States Research Programme in Sidney Sussex College from 1993.

Historical and Cultural Geography

Alan Baker, Jim Duncan, Robin Glasscock, Philip Howell, Gerry Kearns, Linda McDowell and Robert Mayhew form this wide-ranging humanities group.

Medical geography and population history

Andy Cliff and Gerry Kearns together create this group, and provide an opportunity for joint research with the Cambridge Unit for the History of Population and Social Structure.

Environmental issues and policies

Bill Adams, Tim Bayliss-Smith, Stuart Lane, Susan Owens, Steve Trudgill and Bhaskar Vira form a group with interests in environmental issues in both industrialised and developing countries. There are close links with the activities of the University’s Committee for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, which is based in the Department.

Monitoring and Modelling Environmental Processes

This grouping includes Neil Arnold, Bryon Bache, Stuart Lane, Clive Oppenheimer, Keith Richards, Tom Spencer, Steve Trudgill, and Ian Willis. Tom Spencer acts as the Director of The Cambridge Coastal Research Unit, which was created in the Department in 1996 to investigate problems of coastal zone management.

Environmental Change

Neil Arnold, Tim Bayliss-Smith, Philip Gibbard, Clive Oppenheimer, Tom Spencer, and Chronis Tzedakis form this group, which is closely linked to The Godwin Institute for Quaternary Research. The Institute has initiated an inter-Departmental research project on Stage 3 of the Quaternary, which is providing a framework for collaboration within and beyond Cambridge; it has been planning further projects that may include one on volcanicity and climatic change.

GIS and Remote Sensing

Andy Cliff, Bernard Devereux, Clive Oppenheimer, Stuart Lane, and Keith Richards, together with Gareth Rees from the Scott Polar Research Institute, form a group with interests ranging from applications of a range of satellite sensors and GIS procedures to epidemiological, land use, volcanological and glaciological studies, to digital and analytical photogrammetry and terrain modelling.

Research Grants active during 1998

Research Project
Principal Investigator and Research staff
Advanced Research Fellowship: Linking High-Resolution Long Continental and Marine Records of Quaternary Environments.
NERC - Fellowships
1/7/95 - 30/6/00
Total £165,908
Dr PC Tzedakis
Study of Active Volcanoes in the Kamchatka-Kurile Arc.
1/7/95 - 30/6/98
Total £8,124
Dr CM Oppenheimer
Geographic Diffusion of Ethnic Identity: United States 1840-1970.
Nuffield Foundation
1/10/96 - 31/12/99
Total: £4,992
Prof AD Cliff
Sustainable Communities.
Huntingdon District Counc
1/4/96 - 30/9/99
Total £71,279
Dr JH Smith (CIES)
Ms A Davies (1/5/98-30/9/99)
Taxation in England 1190-1620.
Leverhulme Trust
1/2/97 - 31/3/99
Total £107,413
Dr RE Glasscock
Mr D Grummitt (1/2/97-31/3/99)
Disease in War, 1850-1990: Geographical Patterns, Spread and Demographic Impact.
Leverhulme Trust
1/1/97 - 31/12/00
Total £88,686
Prof AD Cliff
Dr D Low-Beer (1/3/99-31/12/01)
Personal Research Fellowship.
Leverhulme Trust
1/9/96 - 31/12/00
Total £245,666
Prof RJ Bennett
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.
British Academy
1/10/96 - 30/9/99
Total £65,000
Dr R Mayhew
Floodplain Biodiversity and Restoration.
European Commission
1/12/96 - 30/11/99
Total £236,425
Prof KS Richards
Dr FMR Hughes (1/12/96-30/11/99)
Ms N Barsoum (1/6/98-30/11/99)
Mr AI Carpenter (1/11/98-31/10/99)
Mrs A McCann (1/3/99-31/8/99)
Patterns of Stress and Velocity in Glaciers.
1/12/97 - 30/11/99
Total £102,679
Dr IC Willis
Dr DWF Mair (1/11/97-30/11/99)
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of the Gas Plume of Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua.
1/5/97 - 30/4/98
Total £6,084
Dr C Oppenheimer
Automated Close-Range Photogrammetry for Determination of the Roughness of Flume Channel Surfaces
1/11/97 - 31/10/99
Total £106,817
Dr SN Lane
Mr D Smith (1/11/97-18/5/98)
Ms E Porfiri (12/10/98-11/10/99)
Particle Size Analysis.
University of Hull
1/8/97 - 31/12/98
Total £7,172
Dr T Spencer
NTFP Marketing in Eastern India
1/4/97 - 31/3/99
Total £49,120
Dr SF Corbridge
Mr S Kumar (1/4/97-31/3/99)
The Geography of Unemployment in Britain.
British Academy
1/10/97 - 30/9/98
Total £21,000
Dr RL Martin
Application and Testing of a Two Dimensional Sorting and Transport Model for Gravel-Bed Rivers.
1/10/97 - 31/3/99
Total £16,094
Dr SN Lane
Records of Central Government Taxation in England 1190-1690.
1/11/97 - 30/6/00
Total £100,903
Dr RE Glasscock
Dr CM Peterson (1/11/97-31/7/99)
PSA Sediment Analysis.
1/8/97 - 31/12/98
Total £661
Dr T Spencer
Alley Cropping as a Sustainable Alternative to Shifting Cultivation - Phase III - Honduras
1/12/97 - 30/11/01
Total £559,608
Mr MR Hands
The Geography of Private Shareholding: Mapping “Popular Capitalism” in Britain.
27/7/98 - 26/7/99
Total £33,557
Dr RL Martin
Mr D Turner (27/7/98-26/7/99)
Holocene Environmental Changes in South-East Thailand.
1/6/98 - 31/5/99
Total £24,816
Dr PL Gibbard
Relevance of Nigerian Farmer’s Responses to Dryland Farming Systems in Southern Africa and India.
1/2/98 - 31/7/98
Total £30,000
Dr WM Adams
Rural Poverty, the Developmental State and Spaces of Empowerment in West Bengal and Bihar, India.
1/9/98 - 31/10/00
Total £207,750
Dr SE Corbridge
Mr ME Srivastava (7/10/98-6/10/00)
Monitoring & Appraisal of Foreshore Recharge for Restoration of Intertidal Profiles and Flood Defence Management: Shotley.
UC London
13/12/97 - 12/12/98
Total £11,616
Dr T Spencer
Crouch/Roach Wave and Tide Contract.
UC London
1/4/98 - 31/3/99
Total £21,107
Dr T Spencer
Chemical Evolution of the Soufriere Hills Volcanic Plume, Montserrat.
1/5/98 - 31/10/00
Total £15,449
Dr C Oppenheimer
Participation in Japanese Environmental Policy Making
Japan Foundation
1/5/98 - 31/1/99
Total £3,000
Dr SE Owens
We are all Indians: Ecuadorian and Bolivian Transnational Indigenous Communities.
1/4/99 - 30/6/01
Total £125,398
Dr SA Radcliffe
Dr R Andolina (1/4/99-?)
Joint Research Programme with NAGREF
British Council
1/7/98 - 31/12/98
Total £3,550
Dr BJ Devereux
NMBAQC Sediment Sample.
Young Associates
1/7/98 - 30/6/99
Total £220
Dr T Spencer
Postdoctoral Fellowship: The Dynamics and Politics of Grazing Management.
British Academy
1/10/98 - 30/9/01
Total £68,000
Dr D Brockington
Sediment Analysis.
Environment Agency
15/8/98 - 14/8/99
Total £4,942
Dr T Spencer
The Future of India.
1/12/98 - 31/11/01
Total £63,639
Mr B Vira
Mrs S Vira (1/12/98-30/11/01)
Sediment Analysis
Coastal Research Ltd
19/8/98 - 31/12/98
Total £283
Dr T Spencer
Development Indicators, research cycle management, and sustained improvement in livelihoods of rural poor.
1/7/98 - 31/3/01
Total £89,995
Dr S Corbridge
Mr M Rew
Mr S Kumar
Flood Damage Survey.
Risk Management Solutions Ltd
22/6/98 - 24/7/98
Total £2,186
Dr SN Lane
Flood Damage Survey.
Risk Management Solutions Ltd
27/7/98 - 25/9/98
Total £4,922
Dr SN Lane
Russian Diaspora in NE Estonia, E Ukraine and N Kazakhstan.
Leverhulme Trust
1/3/99 - 30/11/99
Total £38,860
Dr GE Smith
Ms AP Bohr (1/3/99-30/11/99)
Dr A Ingram (1/3/99-30/9/99)
Ms P Morvant (1/3/99-30/11/99)
White Working Class Masculinity in Insecure Times
Rowntree Foundation
1/9/98 - 31/5/00
Total: £15,770
Dr L McDowell
Records of Central Government Taxation in England 1190-1690.
1/2/99 - 31/1/00
Total: £71,041
Dr R Glasscock
Epidemic History - GIS Programme.
Wellcome Trust
1/10/91 - 31/12/98
Total £115,496
Prof AD Cliff
Numerical Modelling of Flow Processes at River Channel Confluences.
1/10/95 - 30/9/98
Total £124,779
Prof KS Richards
Records of Central Government Taxation in England 1190-1690
1/2/99 - 31/1/02
Total: £226,719
Dr R Glasscock
1/1/98 - 31/12/00
Total: 1,000,000 euros
Dr P Gibbard
Remote Sensing of Land Use and Transport Interaction
1/1/99 - 31/3/01
Total: £125,000
Dr BJ Devereux
Organising NGO’s Transnational Advocacy
1/4/99 - 31/3/00
Total: £8,500
Dr A Hudson