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Undergraduate study

Geography is one of the most exciting subjects to study at university. We live in an interdependent world caught up in chains of events which span the globe. We depend upon an increasingly fragile physical environment, whose complex interactions require sophisticated analysis and sensitive management.

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Graduate study

The Department has a large community of postgraduate students. Many are working for the PhD degree, awarded on the basis of individual research and requiring three years of full-time study. The Department of Geography also runs a range of Masters/MPhil courses.

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People in the Department

The Department's staff publish regularly in hundreds of separate publications, and attract research funding from a wide variety of sources.

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Research groups

Research in the Department of Geography, arranged across six Thematic Research Groups and two Institutes, covers a broad range of topics, approaches, and sites of study. Our expertise, individually and in collaboration, is both conceptual and applied.

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Scholarship for black and mixed black heritage undergraduate students

1st October, 2020


Admissions and enrolment data indicate that black and black mixed heritage students are significantly under-represented in undergraduate geography programmes across the UK, and at Cambridge.

The Department is working proactively to address historic under-representation in the discipline. As part of our commitment to support inclusion, diversity and decolonisation in Geography, the Department is launching a programme of support and financial assistance for black British students intending to read for the Cambridge Geographical Tripos.

For an incoming undergraduate in the 2021-22 academic year, the Department of Geography is able to offer one scholarship award of £10,000 per annum, tenable for three years while the student pursues the Cambridge Geographical Tripos. The award can be spent on fees or maintenance.

The Changing Geography of Ill Health

26th November, 2020


The Chief Medical Officer of the UK Chris Whitty's recent lecture on 25th November on the Geography of Ill Health will be of interest to all geographers, but it is particularly pleasing to see it featuring some maps from our interactive online atlas, Whitty uses the maps to illustrate the fact that the areas with particularly high infant mortality in the past still have high levels of ill health today.

100 Years of the Scott Polar Research Institute

26th November, 2020


Today we have been celebrating the centenary of the Scott Polar Research Institute, with a day looking back at the past 100 years of polar research conducted at the Institute.

Although 2020 has been a year of unexpected challenges, the SPRI community continues to work together to continue the legacy of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his four companions who died on their return from the South Pole in 1912, and Frank Debenham, who was the driving force behind the founding of the Institute. We are very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds, and another 100 years of SPRI.

The Polar Museum recently unveiled its new exhibition, dedicated to the Scott Polar Research Institute centenary 'A Century of Polar Research', which you can also now view online.

BBC iPlayer - Animated Thinking: A Room in Mumbai

25th November, 2020


'A Room in Mumbai', a film collaboration between the University of Cambridge (Geography, Architecture, Engineering and Judge Business School), Calling The Shots, AHRC and BBC Arts is now available. This film is part of AHRC 'Animated Thinking' film series.

This film is about today's slums in India. In Mumbai, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) is building high-rise flats to house former slum residents, but this transition has adversely and radically affected the lives of women. The film tells the story of one woman in the process of moving to SRA housing. All voice contributions are based on real interviews recorded on-site.

The AHRC-funded Research Network Filming Energy (FERN), was led by Dr Minna Sunikka-Blank (Cambridge Architecture). Dr Charlotte Lemanski (Cambridge Geography) was a co-investigator, and Dr Anika Haque (previously Cambridge Geography) was the postdoctoral researcher on the project, as part of the GENUS research group.

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