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Undergraduate study

Geography is one of the most exciting subjects to study at university. We live in an interdependent world caught up in chains of events which span the globe. We depend upon an increasingly fragile physical environment, whose complex interactions require sophisticated analysis and sensitive management.

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Graduate study

The Department has a large community of postgraduate students. Many are working for the PhD degree, awarded on the basis of individual research and requiring three years of full-time study. The Department of Geography also runs a range of Masters/MPhil courses.

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People in the Department

The Department's staff publish regularly in hundreds of separate publications, and attract research funding from a wide variety of sources.

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Research groups

Research in the Department of Geography, arranged across six Thematic Research Groups and two Institutes, covers a broad range of topics, approaches, and sites of study. Our expertise, individually and in collaboration, is both conceptual and applied.

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Course changes 2020-21

31st July, 2020


Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and government guidance, we have had to make some changes to some elements of our teaching programmes for 2020-21 in order to mitigate against risks to health and to give students the best possible academic experience in the circumstances. We will continue to monitor and respond to the changing public health situation.

Please follow these links for further information for our taught programmes:

PhD students shortlisted for Glaciology award

10th July, 2020


Former SPRI PhD students, Andrew Williamson and Tun Jan Young, supervised by Neil Arnold, Alison Banwell, Poul Christoffersen and Ian Willis, were shortlisted for the 2020 IACS-IGS Graham Cogley Award "for their excellent papers published in the Journal of Glaciology over the past two years".

From approximately 70 student-authored papers in the Journal of Glaciology and Annals of Glaciology eligible for the 2020 award, the committee shortlisted nine papers from five countries.

Their papers use novel satellite remote sensing methods and field-based radar techniques to investigate hydrological and dynamic processes on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

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WIREs Climate Change - top-ranked journal

1st July, 2020


In the new Citescore journal rankings for 2019 from Scopus, WIREs Climate Change -- edited by Professor Mike Hulme - is the 2nd ranked journal in the subject area 'Geography, Planning and Development'. Its 2019 Citescore of 12.4 places it second behind Global Environmental Change in the 679 journals listed on Scopus in this subject area. It also comes in as the top-ranked journal in the category 'Atmospheric Sciences'.

The journal is co-sponsored by the RGS-IBG and the Royal Meteorlogical Society and Mike has been the founding editor of the journal since 2008.

Virtual Open Days - Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July 2020

30th June, 2020


This year's open days are Virtual Open Days on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July 2020.

Details are available on the University's website, where you can sign up using the booking form.

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