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Undergraduate study

Geography is one of the most exciting subjects to study at university. We live in an interdependent world caught up in chains of events which span the globe. We depend upon an increasingly fragile physical environment, whose complex interactions require sophisticated analysis and sensitive management.

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Graduate study

The Department has a large community of postgraduate students. Many are working for the PhD degree, awarded on the basis of individual research and requiring three years of full-time study. The Department of Geography also runs a range of Masters/MPhil courses.

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People in the Department

The Department's staff publish regularly in hundreds of separate publications, and attract research funding from a wide variety of sources.

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Research groups

Research in the Department of Geography, arranged across six Thematic Research Groups and two Institutes, covers a broad range of topics, approaches, and sites of study. Our expertise, individually and in collaboration, is both conceptual and applied.

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Jamie Arnaud joint winner of Dissertation Prize for 2021

16th September, 2021


Jamie Arnaud is the joint winner of the Historical Geography Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society Dissertation Prize for 2021, for his dissertation 'Roads to Improvement: The Construction of "Destitution Roads" by the Edinburgh Section of the Central Board as a response to Highland Famine, 1847-1850.'

Jamie is one of three prize winners who will be invited to present their work to the Historical Geography Research Group day conference for postgraduates in November.

Many congratulations to Jamie for this great achievement.

Ellie Fox wins 'best climate change dissertation'

14th September, 2021


One of our graduates from this summer - Ellie Fox (Fitzwilliam) - was awarded the 'best human geography dissertation' by the Climate Change Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society. Ellie's dissertation was a study of the processes of politicisation/depoliticisation within the French Citizens' Convention on Climate Change. Many congratulations to Ellie for this great achievement. Ellie is now commencing on a PhD at the University of Exeter.

September Virtual Open Day 2021

9th September, 2021


Cambridge Virtual Open Days are aimed at prospective applicants from Year 12 and Year 13 (or equivalent) and mature applicants (aged 21 or over), together with their parents or supporters. They take place over two weeks via the University's Virtual Tour.

Throughout the Open Days, you'll be able to find out all about the University and Colleges by accessing pre-recorded presentations and videos about courses, the Colleges and departments, University facilities, the application process, student life, and finance.

The Department is offering a live Q&A with Dr Harriet Allen and a group of current students, ready to speak to applicants interested in studying geography. The webinar will take place at noon on the 16th September.

To attend the event you will need to register in advance.

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Spectacular ice age landscapes beneath the North Sea discovered using 3D seismic reflection technology

9th September, 2021


PhD student James Kirkham has led a study, along with Neil Arnold and Julian Dowdeswell from SPRI, which used cutting edge 3D seismic reflection technology to discover spectacular ice age landscapes beneath the North Sea.

So called tunnel valleys, buried hundreds of metres beneath the seafloor in the North Sea are remnants of huge rivers that were the 'plumbing system' of the ancient ice sheets as they melted in response to rising air temperatures.

These ancient structures provide clues to how ice sheets react to a warming climate. The findings are published this week (9 September) in the journal Geology.

More information can be found on the British Antarctic Survey website, along with BBC News.

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