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Department of Geography


Research in the Department

Research in the Department

Research in the Department of Geography covers a broad range of topics, approaches, and sites of study. Our expertise is both conceptual and applied, and our goals as free ranging as policy oriented. Equally, we aspire for excellence through sustained specialisation, emergent exploration, and interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond the department. We achieve this through individual endeavour and informal collaborations, but also through thematic research groups and centres.

Currently, we host five intersecting research groups:

Natures, Cultures, Knowledges Group

Natures, Cultures, Knowledges

As our understanding of the concepts of nature has grown more plural, complex, and divergent, so too have our obligations and challenges to articulate the relevance, potential, and application of geographical analysis as a means to reveal more equitable and sustainable pathways for our globe's diverse societies and ecosystems.

Cambridge Cultural and Historical Geography Group

Cambridge Cultural and Historical Geography

The Cambridge Cultural and Historical Geography thematic group has research interests that span a range of topics in contemporary and historical demography, social policy, and cultural and historical geography.

Societies, Markets, States Group

Societies, Markets, States

Members of the societies, markets, states theme are broadly interested in how the traditional foci of political economy - the relationships between economies and markets, institutions of the state and practices of government - are challenged by the scale and complexity of contemporary processes that are highly uneven and profoundly geographical.

Environmental Systems and Processes Group

Environmental Systems and Processes

The research carried out by members of this Thematic Group is concerned with environmental systems, their processes, and their interactions in the present and past, as well as in the uncertain future. The research is interdisciplinary and underpinned by novel observational, experimental and computational techniques. Outcomes from the research include acquisition of new scientific data; new technologies; theoretical solutions, and improved performance of numerical models.

Glacial and Quaternary Science

Glacial and Quaternary Science

The research carried out by members of this thematic group concerns Earth's cryosphere and Quaternary palaeoenvironments. Earth's cryopshere is investigated using a variety of geophysical techniques, including ground-, ship, airborne and satellite-based observations, to investigate glaciers and ice sheets, to identify their environmental setting and to pinpoint the processes that govern their flow.

University research centres led by the Department are:


Scott Polar Research Institute

Our staff are also actively involved in other University wide ventures, including, CRASSH, Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Global Food Security Strategic Initiative.