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Molly Warrington

Molly Warrington

Retired University Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Homerton College

Human Geographer with particular interests in gender, social issues and the geographies of inequality.



  • 1993-2000: Principal Lecturer in Geography and Education, Homerton College, Cambridge
  • 2001-present: Department of Geography, University of Cambridge


  • MA University of Cambridge
  • PhD University of Cambridge


I have research interests in the field of social geography, with the focus of my work coalescing around social inequalities, particularly in relation to gender, and having a strong policy orientation. I have undertaken research into homelessness and the geographies of domestic violence in Britain, looking particularly at women experiencing domestic abuse in East Anglia, the evolution of the refuge movement and changing patterns of refuge provision through time and space.

A further research focus has been on the gender gap in education. I was co-director of a four-year research project (£444,000) funded by the then Department for Education and Skills. This project, working with around 60 schools across England, in a range of socio-economic contexts, looked at strategies addressing gender and achievement.

Research undertaken as part of this project spawned new work looking at the links between geography, social exclusion and class, and the extent to which education provides a route from exclusion to inclusion within Britain's 'new economy'. Liaison with project schools in the north-east enabled an exploration of aspirations among students from backgrounds without experience of higher education, whilst another project examined contemporary geographies of masculinity and femininity among groups of fifteen-year-olds in schools in rural, suburban, small city and inner city contexts.

Currently my research is linked to the Centre for Commonwealth Education, where I am engaged in projects exploring aspects of gender and education in East Africa and the Caribbean. Working in partnership with education ministries, NGOs and universities in Kenya and Uganda, I am leading a research and intervention project focusing on why some girls stay in school to continue their education against despite being from very poor backgrounds or living in communities where education for girls holds little value. Arising from a World Bank and Commonwealth Secretariat sponsored conference in Jamaica, I am also working with the government of Antigua and Barbuda on gender in schools, developing a programme which is currently in the process of being transferred to other small states within the Caribbean.


Selected publications

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Geographical Tripos (Undergraduate level)

  • Part IA Paper 1: Human Geography
  • Part IA Geographical Skills and Methods
  • Part IB Skills
  • Part II Imagining Europe