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# The Green Revolution as Philanthropy

For the last number of weeks, HistPhil - a web publication on the history of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors - has hosted a forum on the Green Revolution. In the latest post, Dr. David Nally explains how elite ideas about saving the poor and 'reforming the world' contributed to the making of the Green Revolution.

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# Book Launch: Dr. Michele Lancione 'Rethinking Life at the Margins'.

Book Launch: Dr. Michele Lancione 'Rethinking Life at the Margins'.

On Thursday 21st April at 4pm in the Geography Department Seminar Room we will host a special event, sponsored by the Societies, Markets and States research cluster, celebrating the launch of Dr Michele Lancione's new edited collection entitled 'Rethinking Life at the Margins. The assemblage of contexts, subjects and politics' (Routledge, 2016).

Dr Lancione will present the book followed by interventions from three of the book's authors, Dr Eszter Krasznai Kovacs (Cambridge), Dr Tatiana Thieme (UCL) and Dr Francisco Calafate-Faria (Goldsmith). Discussion will be initiated by Prof. Ash Amin and then opened to the public.

The launch will be followed by wine and nibbles in the Common Room, sponsored by our research group. All are welcome.

# Olga Petri's publication selected for Editors' Choice

Olga Petri, PhD student supervised by Dr Philip Howell, has had a publication nominated to be one of the five publications chosen by Miles Ogborn, Editor of Journal of Historical Geography to be highlighted in Editors' Choice. Editors' Choice provides a selection of content, hand-picked by journal editors.

The publication is called 'At the bathhouse: municipal reform and the bathing commons in late Imperial St. Petersburg', Journal of Historical Geography, Volume 51, 2016.

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# Sebastian Keibek wins new researcher's prize at the Economic History Society Conference

Congratulations to Sebastian Keibek, a PhD student at CAMPOP, who was joint winner of the new researcher's prize at the Economic History Society 2016 Annual Conference, held on 1-3 April at Robinson College, Cambridge. The title of Sebastian's paper was: 'The regional and national male occupational structure of England and Wales, 1600-1820'.

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# Global carnivore conservation at risk

Global carnivore conservation at risk

A new study confirms that the global conservation of carnivores is at risk. The paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports, models future global land conversion and estimates this will lead to significant range loss and conflict with local people in regions critical for the survival of already threatened carnivore species. Professor Nigel Leader-Williams from the Department is one of the co-authors of the study.

The study concludes that immediate action is needed to prevent habitat loss and conflict with humans in priority areas for carnivore conservation.

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# More on the 'Anthropocene'

At the recently held Anthropocene symposium at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen, Professor Philip Gibbard of the Department of Geography shared his view on the subject of the 'Anthropocene'.

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# The difference between the UK, Britain, the British Isles, the North and South of Ireland explained

Dr David Nally and the Ordnance Survey were asked by journalist Katy Harrington to help explain the meaning of various political-geographical designations such as the UK, Britain, the British Isles, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. How difficult could that task be? The result is a sort of Beginners Guide to naming "these islands"!

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# Rights to Nature Workshop

On 23rd and 24th June, the Department will be hosting a Workshop: Rights to Nature: Tracing alternative political ecologies to the neoliberal environmental agenda, sponsored by Geoforum.

The 'Rights to Nature' workshop aims to create a dialogue among scholars and activists working on the neoliberalization of nature and environmental policies. We will be discussing the relation between nature, capitalism, and politics, and the possibility of an alternative environmental political agenda in Europe. For further details, please see the Conference Webpage.

The workshop will be held in the Keynes Hall at King's College, Cambridge, on the 23 and 24 June 2016. We invite activists and scholars engaged in environmental movements in Europe to join us. Please email Elia Apostolopoulou ( or Jose A. Cortes Vazquez (

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# Undergraduate Open Days 2016

Undergraduate Open Days 2016

The Department of Geography will be opening its doors to prospective undergraduates as part of this year's Open Days, on Thursday 30th June & Friday 1st July 2016.

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# One Hundred Years of Coral Reef Mapping

Co-ordinated by Dr Tom Spencer and with strong Departmental connections, this display describes early reef mapping in the Central Pacific at the turn of the 20th century, the first detailed reef mapping, at Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef by Alfred Steers in 1928-1929 (remapped in the 1970s by David Stoddart), and recent mapping from remotely-sensed imagery in the Seychelles by the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit (Sarah Hamylton, Annelise Hagan and Tom Spencer). The exhibition is supported by key texts, taken from the Department Library's interesting collection of coral reef books.

The Periodicals Room, The Library, Department of Geography, 7 March - 22 April 2016. See opening times.

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