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Department of Geography

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MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies

Master of Philosophy Degree Course
Full-time, one year

University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Course aims

The course seeks to provide rigorous advanced training in the multi- and inter-disciplinary study of Gender. It is designed for those who wish to go on to prepare for PhD or further research, and also for students who want to enhance their understanding of 'Gender' by undertaking a one-year MPhil only.

The course aims to provide students:

  • with a range of intellectual and methodological approaches within Gender Studies and related fields
  • with the ability to interpret complex research publications effectively
  • with the ability to apply normative theories to substantive research topics
  • with independence, competency and the confidence to use a range of methods for gathering, analyzing and interpreting research material
  • the opportunity to develop their capacity to frame research questions, to construct appropriate research designs, and develop a thorough grasp of alternative approaches
  • the opportunity to develop an independent capability to manage research, including data management and the writing up of research as well as understanding codes of research practice and research ethics
  • an opportunity to develop skills in presentation of research and also learn how best to make use of constructive criticism