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Department of Geography


Welcome, alumni!

Welcome, alumni!

We hope that you have enjoyed your time at Cambridge. No doubt you have made friends through your College and the Department that you will want to stay in touch with. We hope too that you will keep in touch with us.

Alumni events

Festival of Ideas 2014

Festival of Ideas 2014

The Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2014 is taking place between Monday 20 October and Sunday 2 November. Geography is being well represented at a number of talks.

Alumni Festival 2013

Alumni Festival 2013

The weekend of 27th-29th September 2013 saw a variety of events around Cambridge for the Alumni Festival 2013, and Geography took part.

Alumni Festival 2012

Alumni Festival 2012

We were pleased to welcome back alumni at the Alumni Festival in September 2012.

Read about earlier events, including alumni talks given by former students of the Department.

Articles in CAM alumni magazine

We have assembled a collection of recent articles in CAM alumni magazine which feature the work of the Department and its members.

CAM magazine

Charity begins at home

From CAM 66, Easter 2012

Dr Emma Mawdsley says that the rise of China and India is changing the way the world thinks about international aid and development.

CAM magazine

Right to reply: Heroes frozen in time

From CAM 60, Easter 2010

Professor Julian Dowdeswell Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, discusses the achievements of Captain Scott and his colleagues.

CAM magazine

Safe as houses

From CAM 59, Lent 2010

Professor Susan Smith says that we should see complex financial instruments such as derivatives as the solution to - and not the cause of - housing market fluctuation.

CAM magazine

Cambridge's oldest PhD recipient

From CAM 55, Michaelmas 2008

A chance discussion at an alumni dinner led to 91-year-old Colonel Michael Cobb becoming the oldest person on record to be awarded a Cambridge PhD.

Pages of interest to alumni

Our main website contains a variety of pages hopefully of interest to former members of the Department. In particular, you might be interested to see: free e-mail forwarding is the free lifetime e-mail forwarding service for Cambridge Alumni. If you haven't already set your address, you can register now.

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We can now accept online donations. Read about how gifts help. Do contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect.

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